no random drug testing

  1. i'm a 20 something year old new nurse. I haven't smoked weed in a year and a half just for this career. I think it's ridiculous to not be able to smoke outside of work. I'm wondering if there is any place I could work where they won't randomly drug test. It's to the point that I'm considering picking a different profession because the quality of my life is more important to me than running around in a maze set up by corporate america trying to make a little bit of money. I heard even if i move to a state where it is decriminalized or legal I still may lose my license if I come up dirty on a random drug test. pre-employment tests are no problem.
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  3. by   Katsmeow
    I really doubt it..... But you never know
  4. by   ChristineN
    I am not familiar with any job in healthcare that doesn't have the right to perform pre-employment drug screens as well as randomized drug screens. I would not chance it. Is smoking pot really more important to you than a job? I don't necessarily agree with the pot laws either, but I love nursing and there is no way I am going to jepordize my job.

    For what it's worth I have known people that work in home health that are regular pot users that have never gotten caught. Still way too risky if you ask me as if their boss decides to crack down and they get caught they could have restrictions placed on their license or even lose their license all together.
  5. by   VictoriaGayle
    Even fast food places make you agree to random drug screenings. So I doubt a change of career will help. Even if they don't do a pre employment screen, almost all employers have something in your giant package of paper work saying you agree to submit to drug tests if requested, as a term of your employment.

    If you moved to a state for it to be legal, it would depend on not only state BON but also facility, to let you smoke. Even if BON says its ok your facility can still test for it. You would have to search for their policy, obviously asking is a bad idea. Even a place that doesn't fire for marijuana might prefer a non smoker if all other aspects are equal.

    Not to mention you would most likely need a script.

    From what I've seen the only types of jobs that don't do drug tests are a few minimum wage jobs, under the table jobs, and upper management in some fields.
  6. by   Alisonisayoshi
    You can't really smoke pot. It's basically that simple. I worked for years in the loose environment of casinos before I decided to pursue nursing... Couldn't smoke pot there either... Randoms, pre-employment, even sin city drug tests. Heck I once waited tables at a Denny's and I had to take a pee test to work there! It's the way of the world, employers like sober employees. Now I know tons of people find ways to get around it but in nursing it can really mess up your career (it can in casinos as well actually) to fail a test. Not so much at, say, Denny's or Taco Bell.
  7. by   MrChicagoRN
    Ridiculous or not, that's the way of the world. Many places test only for cause, but a positive result may result in a report to the BON.

    Your an adult, if you really want to smoke weed that badly, maybe you need to look at why it's so important to you to be free to smoke.
  8. by   Meriwhen
    There's almost no workplace--especially in healthcare--that won't randomly drug test you. How often you get tested, who knows? You may go for long periods between tests, or you may be tested multiple times in one month. You may get advance notice, or you may be told one morning to immediately report to HR.

    And even though THC may be legal in some states such as CA, even having a script will not protect you against disciplinary action from your employer for a positive drug test. They are entitled to deal with drug test results as they see fit...that's something that you agree to once you are hired. And BONs don't smile upon THC use, even here in CA.

    I won't tell you to give up the wacky backy, nor will I pass judgement. But if smoking THC is that important to you, you may want to consider a career in another field.

    Best of luck to you.
  9. by   Pepper The Cat
    Come to Canada. No drug testing here.
  10. by   copeRN
    Also none in some rural hospitals in Maine. I work in Maine and we don't have random testing nor did I have to pass one before I was hired. In Portland, ME, where the hospitals are much bigger it may be different. But in the smaller hospitals its not a requirement.
  11. by   duskyjewel
    Wow. I find this thread INCREDIBLY sad.
  12. by   Welsley1969
    I hope I never get sick in Maine or Canada. I can't imagine a health care employer not drug testing. I would hope that they would want clear minded/competent nurses on staff.
  13. by   Pepper The Cat
    Just because we don't have Big Brother watching our every move doesn't 't mean we all come to work high. We are still responsible professionals.
  14. by   Butterfly6890
    Quote from duskyjewel
    Wow. I find this thread INCREDIBLY sad.
    Agreed. Is pot REALLY that much more important than your CAREER? Wow.