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I looked for information from our legislature.

There it is defined in STALKING.

See if you can find anything from your state's site.


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What an awful thing to happen to heart goes out to you and also to you and your friend's family, Zoe.

Makes us want to carry little tape recorders around with us we can prove the threats we get. If you believe these people are still after you, take the necessary steps to evade them, including asking for a LOA if necessary, and visit a relative for awhile. Better safe than sorry. :(

I agree with everyone about notifying everyone you can about this...and also notify your state nursing association. Several states are enacting laws against threatening nurses for the reasons you cite. it happens more often than we know...hospitals hush this stuff up. :(

Post traumatic stress is not uncommon following something like this. Be aware and get some you have an employee assistance program? Agree any therapy you need for this should come under workers wishes, you will be in my prayers for sure!!

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Such a horrible event to endure, not only losing a patient, but also the threat. Check and see if your place of employment offers a program for employee assistance. Many places do. You can get free hours for legal aid, counselling,... both are expensive--especially legal aid. But if you get ahold of the right person, they will help you and costs could be turned around to your employer.

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That is terrible, and although I have nothing to add to the good advice here I want you to know you've made me look at this job in a new way. I don't think my hospital would have done anything more than yours, and I'm sure there are people living around here nutty enough to do it, if given reason.

Makes me wonder why we stay in this profession. We are all at risk, and have no backup.


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l'm a new graduate ans while at school we were warned that the profession that we are going into is very violent, we get more abuse than the police force.

The government in Australia is looking into trying to rectify the situation, giving the police more power to do things is one of them.

But l didn't really get the picture of what it meant till now, l still want to be a nurse, as l think that bad things can happen no matter where you are and what you can do.

l will always try to dwell on the good things that happen in my job.

l'd check out what the police had said about not being able to do anything, there must be something you can do.

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Oh my gosh. I am so very sorry for your trauma. I can only repeat...get a lawyer. Please consider counseling too.


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I think I would consult my own attorney. Maybe consider filing civil if criminal charges are not possible. And absolutely demand an escort to your car.

I can't believe you were not escorted. You may or may not get anywhere legally with the 'brothers" but your employer has a legal obligation to you.

Yea, see a lawyer see what she says. You have a right not to be scared to go to work or come home.

You are in my prayers. Bless you and your sweet babe.


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You might after talking it over with your attorney consider taking this to the media.


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The first thing you need to do is to get a restraining order against these people. But, remember, it is only a piece of paper. Check with the local court system on the procedure for how to do it.

If inclined, purchase a gun, get training on how to use it, and develop a mindset that you are justified in using it against another person if that person is threatening you or your loved ones. If not a gun, at the very least a large can of mace or pepper spray.

Do not rely on 911 or the police to protect you. If their response time is more than 5 seconds, it is to long. Plus, the Supreme Court

has ruled that the police are not required to protect the average citizen.

Learn to live in condition yellow. Watch everthing, do not allow youself to get trapped in area where there is no 2nd way out. Watch for cars following you. You must become very aware of your surroundings.

I wish life did not require these precautions, but, we live in a time when person on person violence seems to be the rule rather than the exception. I could go into a long tirade on the decline of morality and personal responsibilty, but I think most people know about it.

If you would like to talk, or get hints on personal safety, just PM me.



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Originally posted by 3rdShiftGuy

It's a shame that threats like that can't be prosecuted. (Many an abused woman has died because you have to wait until they kill you before they can do anything).

Just curious what are your expectations of the hospital at this point. If the police can't do anything????

Your state doesn't have a law against terroristic threatening???? Or are these people in jail????


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I was in a threatening situation when I worked in an ER in another hospital. I called our security, when they weren't there in 5 minutes, I called 911. Our local police STILL got there before our security did. Suddenly, the pt and friends that had been giving such a hard time were extemely complient and didn't give me any more problems. Funny how 2 men with guns on thier hips can make people soooooo much calmer. I, however, got in trouble for calling 911!!!! My point is, I will always call the authorities from now on. I, unfornationately could not trust my employer to keep me safe.

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Assault is the crime of threatening someone, and is prosecutable. Good luck.

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