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We're lucky where I work- we have city police in our E.R. at all times, and our security arrives quickly if we have problems. It's almost as if they like responding.


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I remember back in the 80's I had a gunshot victim and the perp threatened to come to the ICU and finish her all of us. Our hospital notified the police and they sent an officer to 'work' with us...dressed in scrubs and armed to protect us and apprehend the perp if he showed up... I was tickled to death. :)

Nowadays hospitals are very blase about threats like this. >>They tend to ignore. It is so wrong. We get one scrawny unarmed senior citizen for a security guard if we're lucky...LOL!

Maybe it's time we push our state orgs and lawmakers to push for laws with some meat to them...nurses should not have to live and work in fear. :(

Agree violence is everywhere. I would like to see the facilities take more responsibility...they act like it's part of our job to be abused and threatened. :(

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