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I am "Facebook friends" with a large number of my nursing peers. I am often quite surprised at the behavior I see exhibited by them in so public a place. I see: 1. Lots and lots of foul... Read More

  1. by   anotherone
    I don't have a facebook or any other such thing. . What I hate is when other people post pictures of me on their facebook. I don't have any pictures out there of me falling over drunk in bars or topless but I still hate it for some reason. I mean normal pictures. lol . I almost never let people take a picture with me in it.
  2. by   anotherone
    Quote from Bortaz, RN
    People keep yelling "freeeeeeeeedoooooooooooooooom!" and "Wolverinessssssssssssssssss!", but they always leave off the part about freedom requiring responsibility. You, as a nurse, have the right to get drunk and screw around all you want. No one (well, not me at least) is questioning your rights to do as you please. But with those rights comes the need for acting responsibly. If you're posting boob shots and pic of you puking up your Margarita...and have your employer listed on the're setting yourself up for a crisis of your own making.

    I don't go to my friend's page looking for this stuff. It's right there on my wall because they chose to share it. The minute you choose to share something, it's no longer private information. That nurse dropping F-bombs about our manager never even considered that I could ruin her life by simply hitting the "share" link under her post on my wall. Then the other 30 coworkers from our hospital that are on my friends list would see it....what are the chances that at least one of them is either 1. A snitch or 2. Friends with the manager, and would immediately show it to them?
    Puking up a margarita while IN your scrubs in the break room is one thing but so what do boob shots have to do with being a nurse. NOTHING. much ado about nothing in my opinion. Too many people want to shove there views/useless opinons and morals down everyone else's throats.
  3. by   Bortaz, RN
    Quote from anotherone
    NOTHING. much ado about nothing in my opinion. Too many people want to shove there views/useless opinons and morals down everyone else's throats.
    Pot, I'd like you to meet Kettle.
  4. by   pockunit
    Quote from Hygiene Queen
    Also, has anyone noticed that there are more folks here at AN using their actual picture as their avatar?
    I see this mostly with the younger nurses/students/CNAs, etc. and I think it's dangerous!
    I sure wouldn't complain about school politics and horrible instructors with my picture tied to my post!
    I think it may be a degree of blurred boundaries, insensitivity to exposure and a dash of vanity.
    But I'm just so damned good looking!
  5. by   Bortaz, RN
    best looking honey badger I've ever seen.
  6. by   Hygiene Queen
    Quote from pockunit
    But I'm just so damned good looking!
    You guys crack me up...
    Though I should really update my hairdo...
  7. by   Bortaz, RN
    The photog wanted to do a retake on my pic, but I just couldn't sit there anymore.
  8. by   sweetlilguppy
    Quote from redhead_NURSE98!
    Because it wasn't ON his Facebook. That guy made it EVERYONE'S business when he commented on a local newspaper article as his name, "Registered Pharmacist at Yickety Yak Yak Medical Center in Pueblo, Colorado." And it was a little more than checking in at a bar or posting a picture holding a margarita. He was spewing multiple vile comments and making threats towards a particular segment of society. Frankly he sounded mentally unbalanced, and I wondered if they wished to have their name associated with that sort of behavior.
    Ok, I guess I didn't catch the newspaper part. Sorry about that. I suppose I should read more thoroughly before opening my trap.
  9. by   anotherone
    Unless you make your living out of your views, whether they are offensive to most or not , maybe you should just keep everything to yourself. Co workers or not. An ex friend, mother, father, ex bf/gf, wife, husband is just as likely to air you dirty laudry, as a co-worker .... What about that? So much stuff is subjective. WHat is an offensive picture to one is not offensive to some. Going to bars in your scrubs ( remember that post) to some is disgraceful, others don't bat an eyelash at that.
    My own opinion is that your job, especially a NURSING JOB, doesn't own you. Teachers, nurses, police men, military members, pt/ot, drs go drinking, maybe even cross dress. Has little to do with whether they can do their job or not.
    And why would you ever "friend" your boss. that is just asking for trouble. the less they know, the better. lol
  10. by   nursejoan1
    I say stop worrying so much about what other people do. You are wasting negative energy on something that is none of your business in the first place. It's their journey not yours. And please don't say it makes all nurses look bad. That is an over generalization and if you are a good nurse and keep your side of the street clean it just won't matter. Worrying about what they do, or how they act is a waste of your time and energy and will only make you resentful and angry. Focus your positive energy on good things and good thoughts and life will be so much better!20 minutes ago - Like - 2
  11. by   sweetlilguppy
    well said!
  12. by   DeLana_RN
    Although my avator is really not me (honestly), I find myself becoming more and more cautious about my posts here (and my profile has become increasingly vague over the years). We're all (well, most of us anyway) real nurses here, and not too long ago I recognized a nurse I used to work with based on what she posted about.

    So yes, you can't be too cautious on any board.

    As for FB: I just don't do it
  13. by   Do-over
    Quote from Bortaz, RN
    best looking honey badger I've ever seen.
    From what I've heard, however... Honey Badger don't care.