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  1. sealford

    Given the boot 2 weeks before graduation

    I was ecstatic when I got the news!
  2. sealford

    Given the boot 2 weeks before graduation

    I just wanted to post an update on this. After a long, uphill battle, I was able to appeal their decision and it ended up being an easy win (took less than 5 minutes). I was even told by the staff at school that they did me wrong, and the instructors who were responsible for me getting the boot are no longer employed at my school. I was issued a huge apology and will be allowed to finish my 2 weeks of clinicals. At first, I was told that I would have to repeat all of the classes for that semester, but once I was able to show proof of what was said to me, things changed quickly and I'm now responsible for just the capstone. It only took 2 years....:)
  3. sealford

    Given the boot 2 weeks before graduation

    I already tried to appeal it. There was no academic or clinical dishonesty involved. There have been a few other students I know who had a similar situation happen in the program, and they ended up switching careers.
  4. Long story short, last November I was brought into my advisor's office and was told that I could not complete nursing school. Naturally, I was livid, since I only had 2 weeks of clinicals left. I was told that I could return, but when I tried to do so, I was then told that I could not ever be allowed back into the program because I received an F in my last class instead of an incomplete. My grades were pretty good for nursing school, which is why I am even more upset about this. Anyway.....I was reading where some people with similar situations took the LPN NCLEX instead. I live in NC; does anyone know if this is actually possible? From everything I read online, in order to take any NCLEX exam, you have to have proof of graduation. While not exactly thrilled about the LPN route since I was supposed to be graduating with my BSN, it is certainly better than just sitting idly by, letting my education completely go to waste. Any help would be very much appreciated!
  5. sealford

    voice recorders

    I'm a huge fan of the Livescribe pen. I bought it during my undergrad days and fell in love. It records the lectures and you can go back and listen to it as well as converting your written notes to PDF files. I have the one that came out a few years back, but I believe they have a new WiFi one to use with the iPod/iPad. Also, you can search your lectures for specific words/phrases (which is good whenever you have moments in which you just completely get in a daze...very easy to do in nursing school!).
  6. sealford

    Just Curious- Any double majors out there?

    Double majoring in nursing (BSN) and Literature with a minor in physics.
  7. sealford

    Any luck with Michael Linares SimpleNursing

    Interesting that you ask...I was talking with someone yesterday who mentioned the website to me and she said that it is awesome and that her instructors highly recommend it. I usually just use YouTube, but the reviews for the site seem to be very good.
  8. I think that most of us, if not all, have days like this. Just remember, you went into this for a reason. I know sometimes it's hard to remember what that reason is when you get depressed, but I know the reason is still there. I'm sure that once you are done, you will be able to relax a lot more and focus your energy back on your family. Nurses are known for being compassionate, but who is there to help us when we need some compassion? I've learned that we really have to be there for each other, because people on the "outside" can't fully understand what we are going through. I've had days that made me want to scream, but I got through them. This site is invaluable as far as support goes. Yes, you may find the occasional butt-head here, but it's generally more of a positive place for us to vent, get help, etc. If you ever need to talk, there are plenty of us who would listen. I think you already took a good first step by posting your concerns.
  9. Oh, this takes me back to last year! I was accepted into my school's program last January for the following fall semester. I really had no idea what to do to prepare, so I mostly went to amusement parks over the summer as well as worked. What I also ended up doing was researching some good study guides for my classes, such as the Straight A's and Made Incredibly Easy series, which have been extremely useful in my current classes, like Patho/Pharm and Med-Surg. If possible, see if there is a Facebook group for your class, and maybe you can go ahead and establish friendships with your classmates. Also, if you are able to do so, try to talk to people in classes ahead of you, so they can fill you in on some of the nitty gritty. That is what I did my first semester, and it helped me a lot as far as what the teachers and courses were like and how hectic the schedule can get. If you are feeling really anxious about it, try to review some of the dosage calculations, but only do the basics. Honestly, the math part is really not all that hard as long as you are able to simplify it. That was the thing that I was scared the most about it but I've scored 100 on my med tests. We are here for you if you need any of us!
  10. sealford

    First Day of Nursing School

    Oh, I remember that day! I am starting my second semester tomorrow, so I'm not that far ahead of you. It will be a day that you never forget. Just remember to figure out where your classes are early on, so you won't have to rush. Make sure you get a good seat and always read the "suggested" material. Let us know how it goes.:)
  11. sealford

    First Day of Nursing School

    Who's ready for another semester?
  12. sealford

    First Day of Nursing School

    All right guys, this semester is almost over! How are you all doing?
  13. sealford

    A Day in the Life: Measuring Magic

    This made my night!
  14. sealford

    First Day of Nursing School

    How is everyone doing? Our semester is already halfway over, and I can hardly believe it. We've done about half of our assessments, and they've all been a blast. We have had two major tests, 2 medical terms quizzes, and a pop quiz. Overall, I feel pretty good about everything. How is everyone else holding up?
  15. Now, we have all heard of the "On Old Olympus" bit as well as the X-rated methods for remembering the 12 cranial nerves, but the one that I use kinda sticks with me for some reason so I thought that I'd share it with you guys. Here goes: One of our two timing adults found very good values at home. Also, 3, 4, and 6 make eyes do tricks. You only have 1 nose, so that is olfactory. 5 fills the face and makes you taste. 7 moves the face. 8 fills the ear, so it's acoustic. 9 and 10 on the chin. 11 and 12 stick out your tongue, and then you're done. I hope that this helps someone. I found it very useful this week in my neuro/mental status assessment.
  16. sealford

    Where do YOU sit in class?

    I sit right in the front row. Then again, I always have. I use a Livescribe pen to record lectures, and it helps a lot by sitting in the front row. Also, the teachers can tell that you are interested (some people like to sleep in the back). Of course, that is not to imply that all people who sit in the back sleep; some people just stay focused better in the back. But there's always at least that one person who nods off.