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  1. 2BRN123

    Not doing what I was hired for

    so how did the meeting go?
  2. Since I can no longer edit my post I'd like to add Tanning to the list of nonsensical but legal crap that people do that negatively impacts ones health but employers aren't running around testing people for to manage health insurance premiums. When my non-smoking peers have to stop binge drinking, tanning and eating at fast food restaurants then I will surrender my qualm, to whatever nicotine test I'm prescribed to.
  3. 2BRN123

    CCAC Spring 2013

    The hospital programs can be pretty flexible, especially if you get the college courses out of the way first. Pretty much any program you participate in, you will have to take A&P 1 and 2 at the same school because different colleges structure the courses differently. Even though you are taking A&P 1 at CCAC, you can still go to a hospital program and take A&P 2 at CCAC and then transfer the credits in later.
  4. I've heard of nicotine testing and I think its a total load of bullcrap. I am a "light" or "casual" smoker. I can go an entire shift without smoking.... or not smoking before work. Regardless I would fail a test for nicotine. I have no issue with employers imposing rules regarding to smoking "on campus" or coming to work smelling of smoke. One's appearance (including odor) and activities on the clock are 100% the concern of an employer. Believe it or not, many people, myself included, despite being smokers can manage appropriate professional decorum. Shocking, I know... Until employers begin imposing rules and limitations for casual alcoholism or poor diet which MANY MANY non-smokers participate in and still very negatively impacts those individuals health care needs and costs without impacting their ability to perform, I will still think its a load of said bullcrap.
  5. 2BRN123

    "working" when you're off...

    Yeah... I think those are the replies she gave an "honest thanks" for.
  6. 2BRN123

    Direct Entry MSN or ABSN without chemistry?

    Why don't you just retake the chemistry?
  7. 2BRN123

    need support

    or.... to an accelerated BSN since you already have a BA and then do an MSN psychiatric focus... if that's an interest of yours. A Masters degree in Counseling + an RN license does not give you license to prescribe therapeutic devices or medications, order referrals and may not allow you to practice independently. Depending on where you end up working you may just be seen as a counselor who happens to have an RN license or an RN with a masters degree in something else but not really be able to unite the two. Ex: Earning a masters degree in engineering + an associates degree in architectural studies would not allow you to to obtain licensure as a practicing architect, earning a PhD in education and a nursing license does not qualify you to be a clinical nursing instructor. Nursing scopes of practice between education levels differ from Psychology and counseling scopes of practice in the same education levels. Combining the two won't necessarily take you to the place you want to end up (not really sure where that is). Basically what I'm trying to say here is try your best to figure out what you want to do in the end, just because you have a grab bag of credentials doesn't mean employers or Licensure boards are going to acknowledge them all. Since debt is an issue, look at it this way: Is it more reasonable to pay off Bachelors and Masters on a counselors pay... or Bachelors Masters and ADN on nurses pay. Just some thoughts.
  8. 120 is baby talk. Check this out: ABB Speed Stack at Bodybuilding.com: Lowest Prices for Speed Stack One of the best selling pre-work out energy drinks on the market. 250mg PER SERVING. NOS products are up there... Fast Twitch.... all wildly popular pre-workout drinks packing 200+ per serving. We sell some powdered mixes at our gym that are upwards of 400. I used to "enjoy" a 1/4 - 1/2 bottle of Fast Twitch before my workouts. Didn't make me feel to crazy if I drank alot of water along side. It honestly got to the point that I couldn't get up in the morning without drinking a pot of coffee (no joke, a pot). Thats when I decided to call it quits and oh were those withdraws miserable. Its really shocking to me that people can just drink this stuff and then go about their daily lives, studying, going to work. Even after a 1/4 bottle of Fast Twitch and a 1.5 hour long grueling workout I would still have trouble sleeping.
  9. 2BRN123

    "working" when you're off...

    That seems a little extreme ^ I think OP is entitled to be proud of themselves and their work. Not sure how we read that they're trying to be the "center of attention". This "working when you're off" stuff happens pretty much to everyone I know that works in any specialized area.... that isn't a paper pushing office job. My mother is a prime example. She has been working in litigation for over 20 years and any time anyone needs a title transferred, a support order modified, a divorce settled, a DUI handled..... every Tom, Dick and Harry is ringing her phone for "advice". My uncle... a contractor. Broken dishwasher? Ceiling caved in? Pipe leak? Circuit breaker? Clogged flue? everyone and their mother is calling him for ..."a quickie fix". Free-loader culture is everywhere, OP you're not alone. It's especially difficult with family and close friends.... and spreads like a virus once something emergent happens to one of THEIR best friend... and THEIR brothers kid... and so on and so on.... then you're known as the "go-to" person. But you're NOT the go to person... the only thing you want to "go to" is BED! I agree with another poster that said to work on your go-to lines. "Thats really outside the scope of my practice, I recommend you call Ms. xxx" or whatever. I do hear ya on this: Isn't it odd how Lawyers are over priced sheisters, cops are out of control jerks, nurses are lazy and over paid, contractors are liars and crooks...... UUUUUUNNNNNTTIL: They get a parking ticket...or an infection....or a broken window.... and want someone to help them for free...
  10. 2BRN123

    PA RN to BSN online schools????

    Well, some "online" programs still require that you participate in proctored tests on campus....I think Pitt offers their Rn to bsn program online via satellite campuses but you still have to come in occasionally for labs and stuff. I've heard Chatham and rmu can he fully online (both are Pittsburgh area)
  11. 2BRN123

    PA RN to BSN online schools????

    Where in Pa?
  12. "I think if the hospital offers a permanent job on a unit (not on float pool) after the internship, we have to sign a year contract." So if they offer you a job you have to take it and sign a contract? or you can decline? I think you need a 100% yes or no on that. Really scope out the details of this program before you make a decision. Are other people intending to proceed with employment after the internship? Is the program architected to be a training program with the possibility of long term employment? An orientation to hire situation would be an all together different story, as .... you'd be walking away from a job you were hired to after x amount of time. I'd really make serious inquiries into your employers expectations of you before you make a decision either way, as... you might not really have anything to worry about...or you might.... nobody can say though until you know the specifics of the situation you're in.
  13. 2BRN123

    I really dislike Blackboard...

    And actually it does matter if they like it or not, since their tuition is paying for it.
  14. 2BRN123

    I really dislike Blackboard...

    I HATE blackboard. Moodle ftw!
  15. 2BRN123

    UPMC Mercy class of 2014

    Didn't you all start this week???? HOW IS IT :D : O
  16. Nobody can say whether or not you will get accepted into the program with the arrest record and charges. Many schools will accept students with criminal records....however... clinical sites and future employers may not allow you to participate in their program/employment. Depending on whats on your record the BON may not give you a license. But nobody here can speak to what they will say to you... only those entities can. Honestly talk to the school and see what they say....BEFORE you take all kinds of classes only to find out you may not be eligible for clinicals.