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pockunit ADN, RN

Emergency; med-surg; mat-child
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ED RN. Experience as Med-surg float covering burn; CV surgery; adult/child BH; uro; peds/PICU; L&D; NICU; PCCU; general surgery; rehab; neurotrauma; MICU; ortho. Previous RN experience in a public health clinic. Do you have a patient? I might could take care of them.

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  1. "I'm really looking forward to improving my time managment skills."
  2. pockunit

    What's the BEST nursing shoes?

    Footprints.com lets you try shoes out for a while, and they carry Berks and Dansko for sure. I think also Algeria (Alegria? can't remember). Great company and really good trial policy.
  3. pockunit

    "The Good Ol' Days!"

    It is AMAZING to me how casual adoption used to be.
  4. pockunit

    "The Good Ol' Days!"

    My grandmother had her own syringe kit and was responsible for cleaning and sharpening the needle. Glass syringe, steel needle. She had a cape as part of her uniform! Red and black wool. In her day, pneumonia was a dx the nurses could make just based on how a pt sounded. When she was elderly and broke her hip, she insisted to her nurses that her roommate had pneumonia and they just brushed her off. Then the roommate's sats tanked and they sent her for cxr. Sure enough. She was working when penicillin first came into use. She was OBSESSED with inspecting our BMs. If you flushed before she got a look, holy man, watch out. I also have my grandfather's sphygmomanometer; it's a box about 2 feet long that opens up to a 90-degree angle, and is full of mercury. I also have his scope, which had an honest-to-god bell on it, no diaphragm. I love old medical equipment. Can you imagine doing what we do without plastic, for instance??
  5. pockunit

    Tell me about your "brain" or "cheat sheet"

    So I have this one that I've been using, and it's working okay but I know it will change depending on what floor I'm on. Right now, though, it gives me the down & dirty that I need for basic care. If anyone likes it, feel free to use it and change it as you see fit. It takes up a full sheet of paper, which I don't like, but old eyes being what they are, well... 3pt brain.doc
  6. pockunit

    Nurses with nose piercings?

    I was thinking about this last night, and I wondered: do you wear a wedding band? a cross or crucifix? Do you color your hair? Those are cultural constructs. Are they wrong simply because another culture doesn't do them? By your light, it would seem so. It simply isn't possible to "practice your culture at home." One's culture is a part of them. You might as well ask them to leave their hands at home. Not *liking* different cultures is another discussion entirely, and one we must all be careful of committing at work. It doesn't matter if you approve of someone's culture, it's still valid and important to them. To dismiss it out of hand (as, I suspect, a white person in America), is incredibly short sighted and bad nursing. I like to think that isn't what you were meaning to imply.
  7. pockunit

    March of Dimes: Less than 39 weeks

    I love seeing this. Our first was alleged to be 11 lb so an section was offered. She was an 8.5# SVD. Our third was born right on the dot at 37w, and was also 8.5#. The doc might actually have been right if she'd been two kids later :icon_roll . Kids 2&3 were both homebirths, so no induction possible anyway and that's how pockspouse and I wanted it. The rush to deliver is a mystery to me. I think either docs don't educate their pts on the risks, or the pts don't believe them, and I don't know which is more worrisome. It's one thing if the pt delivers at 37w on her own, but for a doc to induce because she's tired of being pregnant is appalling. Sure, we have NICUs, but that doesn't mean we should be filling them with near-term babies. Besides, 37 weeks isn't even that bad, from what I've seen and heard. It's 41/42 that deserve the sympathy.
  8. pockunit

    2 yr ADN students..question on IV's and blood draws

    I'd love to practice on real arms but we can't. We can d/c and flush as LPNs, but we can't do IVPs, starts, or do BD.
  9. pockunit

    Using my nursing skills on vacation.

    OH, and wait for the bladder spasms before you d/c it. You have to have the full experience or it doesn't count.
  10. pockunit

    Using my nursing skills on vacation.

    Oh, hell, theatrical. I'm a fan but I'm not rabid. Well, I get foamy over Viggo from time to time . . .
  11. pockunit

    Using my nursing skills on vacation.

    I wish I'd taken advantage of my foley and watched the entire LOTR series.
  12. pockunit

    Summer reading - Any suggestions?

    They aren't novels, but are wonderful narratives nonetheless: Sherwin Nuland's books on pathophysiology, How We Die and How We Live are always high on my recommendation list. More of a medical mystery series is anything by Burton Roueche, though they may be out of print. Eleven Blue Men is a good start. He was a reporter for the New Yorker for ages and wrote great pieces about weird medical things in NYC.
  13. pockunit

    I did it!

    Thanks! It was hard, though, because we are officially down to 8 from the 24 we started with in the fall. If they can get into/pass their repeat classes this summer, we'll be back up to maybe 12-15, but to be down that much in a year is pretty depressing. It's so weird to not have anything due.
  14. pockunit

    I did it!

    I like how this looks: pockunit, graduate practical nurse. I'm still waiting for the state to get my graduation information from the school so I can get my ATT, but I am DONE with this first year. I didn't realize how wound up I was until today when we finally got to leave and go out to celebrate. We all just kept sighing and feeling relieved. It feels GOOD.
  15. pockunit

    Suggested Nursing exam help Books

    I lovelovelove the Illustrated Study Guide books. I have the RN but I'm getting the PN for my boards. It's by Mosby, and it's really, really great. It's pretty much just the bullets, which is just what I'm looking for. There's a CD with lots of questions along with the few at the end of each chapter. HIGHLY recommended.