Nursing And Celebrities..........


Just curious if any of you guys have encountered any celebrities during your nursing career and if so how often did you meet one????

Where they easy to care for????:uhoh3::uhoh3:

Tks for sharing your story.

TazziRN, RN

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I've taken care of local celebrities and they were easy.

A very well-known actor and his wife took prenatal classes at my facility; they were very very gracious.

FlyingScot, RN

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My "brush with greatness' was quite awhile ago but was interesting. We have an annual expo where I live that is attached to a celebrity. One year his son was jumping on the bed at their hotel room and fell lacerating his head. My hospital was notified that they were coming in and of course made a BFD out of it. They cordoned off the Ambulance entrance and one of the trauma rooms (1cm lac by the way) and had the police to provide security because apparently the hospital "swat team" (security) wasn't good enough. We waited and waited and they didn't show so I went out to help in triage which was completely backed up with a line out the door (major childrens hospital in large urban area). So about 15 people back in line was this woman with really awesome hair which we all noted. She waited her turn in line and was finally seen in about 40 minutes. She comes up to the window and we look up and realize it's the celebrities wife (she is extremely famous too). DOH!!!! She too was as gracious as could be and never once complained about the wait. She had simply carried her son into the walk-in entrance like everybody else and even wondered what was going on that so many police were there. LOL. I'll never forget that.

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We have a lot of wealthy people in the area, so local millionaires, some politicians, but no other types of celebrities.

And the ones we have had, most were really nice. Some just are over self-important and make a lot of demands.

Kyrshamarks, BSN, RN

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I have a cousin that is a semi famous TV actress. Anyone over 30 would rmember her. She played a families mama...and then played a nurse on tv...anyone guess her name?


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I took care of a very famous doctor. the doctor was very nice but his wife was nuts. She wouldn't allow me to touch the patient.

CseMgr1, ASN, RN

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I had a member of a (then) popular rock band admitted to our hospital after he fell ill during a concert. A very nice guy, but very sick (one of his kidneys had stopped functioning)...and I had to put a #16 Jelco in him! :o He was soon transferred to a well-known clinic out of state for a nephrectomy. My husband, who was a big fan of this band went bonkers, when I told him who it was (no HIPPA back during the 70's). I felt bad because not only was this man so ill, but also because I had to stick him with what was equivalent to a ten-penny nail! :uhoh21:


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I took care of a famous author in their home for a few weeks and it was a wonderful experience. They really didn't need an around the clock RN, but could afford the pleasant convenience.


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I have taken care of several baseball players' wives. Some were very nice. Some were spoiled brats. A local TV celebrity was a real jerk, but his wife was very nice. As far as I am concerned, if they were in my group of several patients, they recive the same care as the teen on MA...the very best I can give. I don't like it when people think they are "special" or are very demanding due to a status or "know the higher-ups". I do think a "celebrity" would need special considerations for their privacy. That is part of providing individualized, patient-centred care. The worst patient I was EVER involved with was the wife of a hospital administrator. She called hubby, because the nurse who bathed her, didn't adequately dry between her toes and was sure to tell all who entered her room who hubby was. I needed a job, but would've loved to tell her "So what?" I was the charge nurse and had to pass this nut's c/o's onto our gushingly accomodating manager.

bagladyrn, RN

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I've worked on units that have had celebrities admitted several times. I don't vie for the assignment as other want it and I really don't care who my patient is. As someone else said, all my patients get my best care.

On a couple of occasions I have, unfortunately been embarrassed by the behavior of my fellow nurses when a celebrity or their family member became a patient on my unit. The gushing, giggling and peeking was completely outside of what should be presented as professional conduct. Asking for autographs went WAY over the line!

Please, if a nurse must swoon - do it in the break room and then get your professional manner back on.

woody62, RN

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When I lived in NYC, I worked at a hospital that had a special floor for the celebrities. We also admitted some Medicaid patients to our unit so that no one could complain. I took care of a former governor, who was a real sweetheart, although his brother, who was also a governor, was a real jerk. I also met a Prince of the Church, when he visited a patient of mine. And several other 'stars'. But the biggest one I ever had the pleasure of meeting was Jackie K. She was a visitor to a surgeon who was a patient of ours. She was very gracious. I left the job and never had the pleasure of meeting any more celebrities. Most of the celebrities were pretty sick and their families were generally very nice. And many of them had food bought in for all three shifts comprised of things none of us could afford. But we sure ate well.


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I took care of a very well known singer from the disco era, was an awesome pt, kept a low profile,not demanding at all

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