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leslymill has 28 years experience and specializes in Med/surg,Tele,PACU,ER,ICU,LTAC,HH,Neuro.

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  1. leslymill

    Gving all the meds all at once?

    I too want to thank the OP for posting this topic. It is by far one of my favorites debates to read so far. We are all a little wrong. We are all alittle right. The standards are in the middle and we all have the goal to stay as close to them as possible to make the shift smooth and the pt care outcomes productive.
  2. leslymill

    Vaccinate your kids, or go to JAIL?!?

    I understand your feelings of infringment but there is a legal way around it called home schooling or signing the waver. The school is run by tax payer dollars and those laws and regulations (agree or not ) come for to protect the interests of that money. It surly would be worse if all the kids came down with the chicken pox or polio.
  3. leslymill

    unsafe MD

    I agree he had no idea how to treat the hypertension and diabetes, but some of these patients were so out of control they needed a consult. It was hard to get him to address these problems. This was probably the only time some of these folks even saw a doctor.
  4. leslymill

    Docmentary "The Bridge" and Suicide

    I lived under the Golden Gate Bridge on Fort Baker for a few years and the stories about the bridge were predominantly about suicide. There was also a cliff on the other side of Fort Baker that was used. I almost fell off it once, but some friends grabbed my leg...I lost a shoe over it. One time I had a neighbor commit suicide with a gun and I got a little or a lot depressed and petitioned the Lord. I was a bit suicidal in my arguments with Him and the GGB came to my mind. I said," So Lord you think your Grace is sufficient for me? Well ,what if I jumped off that bridge, there is a very slight chance that I would survive, but Lord would I get you to listen to my side of the story!!! ( arguing with God is sometimes liken to arguing with an uncompromising solid rock). The Lord promptly said. Let me show you something. This is what you will jump into if you do that. Suddenly the room was obscured with dense darkness...thick and bleak.. I turned around and there was that cursed dragon in the room with me, the real source of my sorry. Just there doing nothing..but there was no door out and I was trapped. This was bad but neither of these frightened me as much as the fact that the LORD WASN'T THERE TO ARGUE WITH. I ran outside into the warm sunlight took a deep breath and never looked back I was so scared I was trembling like a leaf.. This is the saddest thing about hearing these stories for me.
  5. Well the whole POOP pod is a naturally occurring culture medium. Seems with all the tests for other diseases that are needed, the very fact that the proceedure is offensive and embarrassing to many, that maybe a probiotic culture is feasible if the proceedure becomes more in demand. ( I feel a tad crude in that this thread is somewhat facinating...)
  6. leslymill

    Ceu Cruise

    I think these are more and more common. Especial since the "Vacation"...opps I mean " Medical Conference" is a total tax right off. Why do you think most medical conferences are in New Orleans or Las Vegas.?
  7. Well maybe those who decide to go to work Monday should chant the songs Arbeit Mach Frei or The Dachau Song. Make a plaque for the front door of each and every Finnish Hospital like Nazis did for consentration camps. Ntions should get more civilized not more barbaric.
  8. leslymill

    NA's not professionals

    I thinkl the whole problem is disrespect. The CNA was talked down to and made to feel like she was an insignificant pee-on. My proof. Why does the manager need for the OP to reveil the name of the CNA. She can't even remember who the team member was that she treated this way. Managers are always telling us to respect eachother so why can't they.
  9. leslymill

    Held Down and Forced to Take The FLu Shot

    If you read it all. Two employees WERE apparently forced and held down to take the FLU shot, but they refuse to pursue charges. This unfortunately makes us wonder if these two employees are being forthcoming with the facts. Most of us here know exactly what we think we would be doing if any employer tried to force us to do anything against our will .......and that is RUN out the front door looking for a lawyer.
  10. If this treatment becomes popular they might have to make modifications. Can you imagine a poop processing plant to isolate the desired organisms into a oral preparation? Sounds almost Sci-FI. Oh and don't forget this. Oh Antie Em :icon_eek::icon_twisted:. Merry Christmas to you:Present1:. I want to take time out during this Holiday Season to thank you personally for your life saving POOP donation for my transplant proceedure. :icon_mrgreen:
  11. I am sure all those Finnish nurse refugees could find a job just about anywhere in the world if they are willing to learn a second language.( which I hear most Europeans do anyway.) As we say in the US ..give me liberty or give me death. I would rather be thrown in jail.
  12. leslymill

    Harrassment on the Job

    Sounds like the mobbing thread. The wicked can't rest till they see someone fall. Good move............. leaving. Fighting this behavior is draining and frankly is a stinky cloud that never really goes away.
  13. leslymill

    NA's not professionals

    I agree referring to them and us as licensed and unlicensed staff is more professional than professionals. In my opinion CNAs are professionals. That is just my opinion. Medical Assistants refer to themselves as professionals on their websites and they have less training and similar training than CNAs. I think LPNs are professionals though we are taught differently. To me, professional is an attitude not a title anyway.
  14. ICE CREAM CONTAINER.... No ice cream for me tonight.. I could understand that fear. :imbar UMMM yes officer??? that??? ..that is a new flavor of non frozen ice cream....WANT TO TRY IT??????...yummy:rotfl: .
  15. leslymill

    Shift Change on Med-Surg

    I am surprized that JCAHO is requiring a primary care approach over a team approach which is what they are doing. I am surprised your still reporting like a team instead of primary, I thought most places had switched over. I prefer giving report on the patients I am responsible for so if their are questions I am first handedly right there to answer them.
  16. leslymill

    Held Down and Forced to Take The FLu Shot

    I hate it when people wont press charges due to all the mental anguish and fear of some kind of retalitory mobbing, but I suppose you can't blame them....Even if they could get rich and quit their job. I just wouldn't want to work for a place with a hidden mentallity like that. What do they do to grandma when the door is closed???

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