Blood SupplyNow One Day in most Blood Banks.....

  1. Hospitals, blood banks grapple with critical blood shortage

    Hospitals across the nation are experiencing a blood shortage so severe that some are postponing non-emergency surgeries. An official of America's Blood Center says some hospitals have only a one-day supply.

    Miami Herald, Jan. 15, 2003
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  3. by   cindyln
    I would love to donate but the Red Cross won't take my blood because I lived in Germany prior to 1982. They are worried about mad cow disease but didn't have a problem taking my blood for 10 years before they made this reg. They are missing out on alot of military and their family members blood donations now.
  4. by   memphispanda
    I have tried to donate blood...I have good blood! I have terrible veins though. You know it's bad when the blood bank people can't stick you. *sigh* I don't mind going and trying--especially in winter because the long sleeves cover up the bruises. Anyone have any tips for what I can do/suggest to them to make it easier? I know to be well-hydrated and all. I just seem to have invisible, small, rolling veins. I only have one "good" arm too since my left arm veins got hardened from infiltration.
  5. by   baseline
    I am a regular blood and platlet donor.
  6. by   howie122832
    Just donated 2 weeks ago! My next donation date is March 3rd! I'm a regular donor!
  7. by   Nurse Izzy
    You know, it's sad - I am a regular donor and the last time I tried to give, the girl doing the stick had no clue what she was doing and completely blew my vein - I have great veins - they don't roll and they pop up wonderfully - even a non-trained person could get my veins that's how good they are. I even have scar tissue buildup in my right arm now because I've given over two gallons of blood. Problem is that since she blew the vein she wasn't able to finish the collection and that bag was wasted (so my efforts were for once for naught) and now I'm not eligible yet...bummer...

    Thanks for the vent!
  8. by   sunnygirl272
    am a universal donor..unfortunately, no longer qualify to donate.
  9. by   caroladybelle
    I don't qualify to donate.
  10. by   Tookie
    we have similar problems here - shortages - nly a days supply
    They have had to cancel elective surgery at times because of lack of it (well thats waht they tell us)
    Australians at this stage still donate their blood voluntarily
    Am frequent donor - so is daughter
    Son cant yet as he peviously worked at abbitors driing summer a yer or so ago
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  11. by   -jt
    <Hospitals across the nation are experiencing a blood shortage so severe that some are postponing non-emergency surgeries.>

    Ive stopped donating my O-neg for a while. I know that doesnt help the problem but I just cant watch it get thrown away.

    Last week I had an admission - elderly John Doe - looked like he had dark hair - until it moved - spent 2 hrs de-licing him - cutting his hair with the tiny scissor from the central line dressing kit & one little plastic comb. No other equipment available to me to do this job. Supervisor says "do your best". He was found "sleeping it off" on a subway platform. But actually, he was frozen - temp 82. (Youd think with all the alcohol in his blood, he wouldnt be able to freeze). Cops said he lives on the streets but would evade them whenever they tried to pick him to get into a shelter & out of the cold. Anyway, his feet are frost bitten - must be amputated, his liver doesnt work - appears to be end stage cirrhosis, nobody knows how long he was hypoxic for - hes still unresponsive except for a little decerebrate motion to pain, ventilated, on dopamine, coded twice - But hey, we saved him (to die of liver failure). And then gave him 12 UNITS of O negative blood. Now hes in renal failure too & probably wont make it thru the weekend. No surprise.

    My other pt - DNR - actively dying from multiple myeloma. Wasted away & Unresponsive. Hypotensive - family insists on no vasopressors. Is on a vent that family wants removed - issue is going to the ethics committee for decision because pt didnt have advance directives. In the meantime, he has an order for 2 units PRBC - O neg. Family wants the man to go in peace & doctors are pumping a scarce blood supply into his dying body.

    And they wonder why they have a shortage? Until they use it more responsibly, they arent getting anymore of my blood to throw away like this.
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  12. by   colleen10
    The "Central Blood Bank" here in Pgh. gives away tickets to baseball and hockey games to each doner, has drawings for vacations, etc. to drum up business. The most recent drawing is for a brand new PT Cruiser. They have it parked out in front and one lucky doner will get to drive away in it.