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Hi everyone! Just curious to see what you received for nurses week and from whom?

From management we got a name tag halyard with company name imprinted, a heart that has imprinted logo that has a retractable string for holding keys, a plastic cup from Coke that says Caring is Thirsty Work, A full dinner of New York Strip or Chicken breasts off the grill, ceasers salad, veggies, sides, dessert, and a beverage. I thought it was pretty nice of them, It was free and available to everyone, incl. family, visitors, patients, and all employees so it was like we were all celebrating today.

My Mom is proud that I'm a nurse and she also is a card nut, so I received a Hallmark from her.


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Well let me see--from the hospital I work for the whole hospital received denim shirts with the company logo, from our union we got a lanyard to wear our name badges on, I won a t-shirt form our union, from the nursing education dept. we got a pen on a rope with the theme for Nurses Week 2001 and that's it!

Better than at the last hospital I worked at --we got NOTHING! :D

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A licencense plate bracket that touts the Corporation, Ice Cream, and the usually shitty staffing we always have.


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for hospital week, all staff got a barbeque luncheon (the best part being watching the administrators sweating over the outdoor grill while cooking for all of's 90+ degrees in 'Vegas these days...)

all staff got a small 'personal sized' battery-powered fan, with the saying, "it's cool to work for...."

OUR department nursing administrators shelled out for stainless steel "swiss army type" folding knives with about 14 blades/tools, that are engraved with 'Nurses' Day 2001"----- very, very nice!!!

several docs brought lunches, bagels, donuts, flowers...

:-) Haze


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Our hospital combined Nurse's week with Hospital week. "That way, no one will feel left out"...we got ice cream, breakfast served by admin, a parking lot bbq, a free lunch, and fruit/veggie trays delivered to the various departments by the CEO, CNO.


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.........I got a rock............


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Oooooooh! We got cookies, M&M's, and ice cream brought around to each unit and served by administration. I was off and missed it, but my friend who works in the units said our new CEO came around and didn't even speak to the nurses. Great support we have, huh?


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I just started working for a home health agency. They sent me a card and are having a free food open house day on friday.


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One wilted rose.


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Our hospital also made it "Staff Recognition Week - formerly known as Nurse's Week" so no will feel "left out"

My hospital does this all the time and people seem to have real bad attitudes. When our nursing staff got the magnet award and got to choose between some pretty lame gifts - our NAs, HUCs, and techs were all pissed off. In the bathroom, there was a posting about "Staff Recognition Week" and someone wrote "It is still Nurse's Week" and then someone else wrote "who cares?" I work with a bunch of babies.

Anyway, we got a huge cake, also food every day that is themed, like Mexican one day, Subs another day, etc. Also, every day we have a drawing for some pretty cool prizes, such as one month without having to take call, gift certificates to restaurants, movies, and massages. Overall it's kinda nice. They did away with the corny shoelaces thank god.


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A heavy tote bag with the hospital logo on them, inside were two pads of stationary, a pen that writes black, red, blue and green, a highlighter, and a permanant black marker. And of course candy. Rolos, scittles and m&m's. Gave it all to my 5 year old. I have a beautiful nursing bag my mom got me for christmas. I have all the pens I need, use my own report sheets I made that work for myself and rarely eat any candy.

I'm just not too much into nurses week. It is my thought that it would be much better to give me the respect a nurse should have year round, to give me the tools and resources to do my job instead of tote bags and candy. In a way I do appreciate the thought behind it, yet I find it to be a bit hokey, and would much prefer being valued year round.

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