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  1. natalie

    NYC nurse volunteers

    If you are able to give some time, go the New York State Nursing Assoc. site below. They are linking with the Dept. of Health for volunteers. http://www.nysna.org/
  2. natalie

    A great read

    This is a five part article written by a Minneapolis journalist. I'm sort of speechless. It's a powerful, heart-wrenching story. http://www.startribune.com/breathless/
  3. Over 80% of America's nurses never joined/affiliated with ANA. This is in it's 100 year history. When you wonder what ANA was trying to do in all those years, wildtime, do you wonder about the rest of the nurses that never united? How much accountabi...
  4. natalie

    union vs non union

    And another: http://politics.yahoo.com/politics/features/us_newswire/20018/0801-147.html Good Prevails Over Evil, Says United Food and Commercial Workers International Union ------------------------------------------------------------------...
  5. natalie

    Call for ANA Candidates for 2002 elections

    The majority of ANA members are staff, bedside nurses.
  6. natalie

    Ontario Nursing Shortage

    Ontario update: http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/ContentServer?pagename=thestar/Layout/Article_Type1&c=Article&cid=997221672172&call_page=TS_News&call_pageid=968332188492&call_pagepath=News/News The response: http://www.t...
  7. natalie

    Black Wednesday for B.C. Nurses

    B.C. updates: http://www.nationalpost.com/news/updates/story.html?f=/news/updates/stories/20010803/national-615023.html http://cbc.ca/cgi-bin/templates/view.cgi?/news/2001/08/09/bc_health010809 http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/ContentServer?...
  8. natalie

    Questions re: MAR's

    I work in a small hospital that has does not have the resources to purchase up-to-date computerized order entry software. We've switched over to computer physician order entry regardless, with our old system, in an effort to reduce medication errors....
  9. natalie


    Members are made up of Fortune 500 CEO's. Part of Leapfrog's mission statement: "The Leapfrog Group's goal is to mobilize employer purchasing power to initiate breakthrough improvements in the safety and overall value of healthcare to American con...
  10. natalie

    Violence and nurses article

  11. natalie

    "Warm and fuzzy" nurses

    I thought this was well-written and ugh... saw some of myself in the article. I used to think I could save the world but am now happy to say I've shed that delusion. Now I'm just an old nurse b*tch, so to speak. http://www.nurseweek.com/firstpers...
  12. natalie

    From the Eyes and Ears of a Nurse

    Michele, That's a great article to re-post here. This one just came out: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/ap/20010717/pl/medical_mistakes_1.html Government Makes Hospital Suggestions By ANJETTA McQUEEN, Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (...
  13. natalie

    Universal Healthcare

    I have not read any hostility into Cdn's reply to you, Kday. I have, however, had an earful of yours. Perhaps you could respond to postings other than "don't give me this junk" or >sigh "Call me callous, call me whatever"
  14. natalie

    Universal Healthcare

    Dplear, I agree with you in principle, but the waters get muddied. I had read an article sometime back re: smokers. The article stated that these people were responsible for paying their fair share of healthcare and much more, done through the taxes ...
  15. natalie

    Speak Up for Contraceptive Freedoms for Americans

    Yes, our President "Shrub" wants to do away with BCP coverage but continue to cover Viagra. This guy's killin' me. http://www.ohio.com/all/2001/April/12/docs/024204.htm
  16. natalie

    "Outside agitators" at Brockton strike

    This article put a big lump in my throat! I sent the seniors a thank-you as a nurse, even though I'm from New York. If any one else would like to, the address is: msac@bu.edu (Mass. Senior Action Council)