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  1. Write your congressman and more...

    kday: You mean to say Jesse Helms just isn't doing it for ya over there in North Carolina?? Go Libertarians! Yes I am going to start e-mailing and/or writing my representatives. Can't hurt.
  2. Being proactive at work

    To jan56ice: I am so sorry this has happened to you. Our hospital has this Integrity Compliance Committee and hotline where employees can supposedly call a 1-800 number and file a complaint or report a violation anonymously. They harp on this stuff...
  3. Nurses Week--What did you get?

    Oooooooh! We got cookies, M&M's, and ice cream brought around to each unit and served by administration. I was off and missed it, but my friend who works in the units said our new CEO came around and didn't even speak to the nurses. Great suppo...
  4. Being proactive at work

    We've all been discussing our shared frustrations with our jobs, the profession of nursing, and our unwillingness to stand up for ourselves, so what can we do to start making a difference?? I'm talking about on the local level at our own facilities....
  5. Every time I think about that whole nurse as sexual object persona I get so pissed off. I have never gotten sexually aroused at work caring for patients and I doubt anyone else has either. Where do they get these crazy ideas?? I'll tell you why t...
  6. member rating

    I don't understand the rating system either and want an explanation. Is it a popularity contest, a rating of the member's knowledge or what? How do you think someone would feel if they got a 1 star rating?? I think the whole thing is petty and furt...
  7. What can you do with your pay?

    I'm an RN at a medium-sized hospital and my boyfriend is a respiratory therapist. 1. We live in a working class neighborhood and own a new (small) house. Could afford better but are trying to live below our means and save money for early retirement....
  8. Is school nursing for me?

    I am interested in becoming a school nurse but wondered what qualifications are best? I have eight years experience in oncology, ICU and ER. Not really much peds experience. Can any school nurses fill me in on what it's really like to be a school n...
  9. Can you believe this??

    I also heard that there has been a big stink with anti-choice pharmacists refusing to fill prescriptions for RU486. Anyone know more about this?
  10. central line dressings

    I'm not quite sure I follow what happened. Did the doctor specifically write an order for the dressing change to be done without a 2X2? Or did the order simply get transcribed incorrectly? I'd do some investigating. Some doctors are kinda anal ab...
  11. Nursing and Euthanasia?

    When I was in nursing school, I did my senior paper and presentation on a similar subject. Mine was more about living wills and people's right to decide whether or not to have life support and/or nutrition removed. I took care of a patient during my...
  12. What Freaks You Out?

    Sorry about all the edits to the last post - I was playing with the smilies.
  13. What Freaks You Out?

    The one procedure that really freaked me out and almost made me pass out was watching a neurosurgeon insert a ventriculostomy drain at the bedside. The patient was fully awake (think "Hannibal"). The doctor was standing at the head of the bed, dril...
  14. Alternative meds? You'll never believe this one!!

    This doesn't really have to do with alternative meds but more with patients from way out in the country. I had lady once ask me to unplug her IV pump during a thunderstorm. She was afraid she'd get shocked from an electrical surge!!!
  15. Swallowed Coin ?

    Yeah, we had a woman in our ER one night who had also swallowed a quarter. She and her husband were celebrating their anniversary (without the kids around) and were playing the drinking game Quarters. She slammed the drink AND the quarter. Her hus...