Nurses targeted for real estate agents?


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I found got this postcard in the mail today targeting nurses, saying that they would make good real estate agents. I've never seen this marketing angle before.

Front of postcard:


Back of postcard:


Have any of you gotten anything like this in the mail? What do you think about it?

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Reword that "Nurses are pretty amazing! Nursing is all about caring and dealing with challenging situations. Buying a burger is a big deal. It can be stressful. We want a clerk who is trained to weigh up all the options. Super-size or extra cheese? We CARE about your burgers!

Never read such a total bunch of asshattery in all my life!

Would you like fries with your blood transfusion?



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All I can say is, they must be pretty hard up for real estate agents!!! :rotfl:

(I got something similar once, except it claimed I would make a great insurance sales person!)

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You know you've hit a new low when the nursing job market is worse than the real estate job market.

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Heh, why not?

We ARE experts on "customer service" now, right? :uhoh3:



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My friend, an excellent nurse, decided he had had it with nursing. He got his broker's license. He didn't last at all. He told me that with two children, he could not make it at all. He made less than $12,000. He left real estate and took a position that his wife got for him through her connections in the business world. I told him how upsetting I found this, because he was undoubtedly one of the best nurses I had ever met.

The come-ons that I usually get are outright ads targeting me as a nurse, to buy some service, usually insurance or credit cards. A credit card with a nursing theme is just what I need when I am in one of my lack of employment modes.

This makes me giggle because of all the real estate agents that are going to school with me to get nursing degrees right now.

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That's pretty unbelievable. Are they THAT desperate?

My mother was a real estate agent and she left because a lot of the people she met were so damned self-serving. That and she'd stay up til 1 AM making goodies for an open house.

I've never made salmon spread and deviled eggs for patients before.

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Prior to the big bust around 2006-2007 ish, many RNs I know bought multiple houses and flipped them. Out here in the West Coast houses were going for $450,000 for a 2,300 sq ft house. RNs breaking six figures a year isn't strange out west, so they would take out loans and end up owning 2-3 houses at a time. They would then flip the houses a few months later. Now with the big bust many lost tons on their investment homes and had to short-sell the properties. I also knew a PA that was doing the same thing. So it doesn't surprise me that real estate agent and nurse can go hand in hand.


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I've never made salmon spread and deviled eggs for patients before.

I take it you don't work in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, etc then?? LOL :lol2::lol2:


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I bet if you were to respond you would get a reply on how they could train you (for a fee). Most likely some diploma mill. This would have to be about the worst time to be a real-estate agent. They probably have one for just about every profession.

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Agree probably some diploma mill.

However, there is a good point there though .... many successful real estate nurses are ex-nurses.

Food for thought :)