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  1. Hi, All. Soooo...I got accepted into nursing school in AZ. I started, then stopped and left my husband of 23 years (He came home from Afghanistan w PTSD, refused counseling and stared hurting the kids). I then left him and moved, settling into Columbus, OH. Now, here comes the awful part. My oldest son accidentally killed himself in Aug. We are starting to recover and I think that by the time I could get accepted into a program and start, I will be in a place emotionally and mentally, in order to be successful. Can someone please recommend a school for me to get my RN? I don't chemistry or nutrition and I don't have my CNA bu I do have most prereqs and experience in the healthcare field. Thanks, GFM
  2. greenfiremajick

    How do you deal with an ignorant co-worker? Humble me with your advice, nurses!

    " And yet the OP took an instant dislike to her -- apparently because she is quiet and more demure and not all bubbly and extroverted." and in the OP's post she also referred to the fact that she herself was def not a submissive, quiet Asian woman.....Tells me someone has an issue with being too demure, quiet, etc and immediately judged her like/dislike of this girl with that quality being the foundation of the judgment...
  3. greenfiremajick

    Accepted into two different health career programs...what to do?

    You started out this journey thinking about that delicious brand of candy (nursing) you wanted from the store....You know the one--that candy that you heard about from that lady that told you all about it...And then those other people that tried the candy, too. It sounded so tasty and satisfying! So you got your map out, planned out your route and started heading towards the store. Along the way there were detours (those PIA prereq's, difficult policies and departments to deal with like financial aid, business office, registration, etc), potholes (difficult teachers, difficulties with family, surprises like broken appliances and taking your kid to the ER or your dog to the vet), construction (the building of your academic transcript) and so on, but after two long, hard years of gripping your sweaty hands on to the steering wheel for dear life, you FINALLY made it to the store...... As you walked into the refreshingly air conditioned store, you looked around in wonder and saw all the merchandise lying there, just waiting for purchase. Finally, you spied the candy it took you SO long to get to (remember it's was TWO years of making your way to it). As you walked towards that luscious morsel of goodness, you began to think about the taste, the enjoyment, the wonder of it all. You even began to subtly worry that the candy might not be as good as others had foretold....As you shook those dancing doubts out of your head like bees buzzing in a window, all of the sudden, there was a woman standing in front of you, stopping you in your tracks. This woman was full of possibility, it seems. She had a breath of fresh air with every gesture and promises were waiting in her hands and on her lips, as she offered you something new...She began to describe the different tastes and the wholly brand new look of the packaging. The motion of her hands was reminiscent of hopefulness as strong as a teen that knows he can change the world; one act of kindness at a time. You began to wonder....Was it better? How many others had tried it and were satisfied? Would I be satisfied? Would I wonder if I should have tried the first piece of candy I worked so hard to reach, or should I try something completely new and fresh, sitting right in front of me? Quick! W/out thinking, which one did you choose? So..........is there anyway to objectively simplify this decision? Do you stick with what you've wanted and worked so hard for? Or do you take the alternate path? Aw, heck just throw in the towel and become a lion tamer or monkey wrestler!!! My vote would be for nursing. If you do rad tech, there's not many options (what is there--nuclear tech, MRI, what else? I can't remember right now)...I know there's a few, but hardly none when compared to nursing (sales, case mgt, all the different specialties, research, education, NP, flight, etc. and so on)..... I wish you much luck on your path and making a decision that you will be satisfied with. One more thought: There's a LOT to be said for perseverance and sticking with what you know is the right choice after you've made it.
  4. greenfiremajick

    Thinking of becoming a nurse

    From what I've heard, a lot of nurses go through the hypochondriac thing; especially while in school!
  5. greenfiremajick

    regretting nursing school??

    your comment made me think of how a person could go out and get some it certificates, or a bunch of other ways they could make decent, or really good $ without going into a job that's full of poop, death, and disease. so either the op isn't really aware of what nursing can be like, or she has not fully understood her own motivations, etc and has that drive to really be a good nurse and hasnt admitted it to herself...lol
  6. greenfiremajick

    regretting nursing school??

    never mind
  7. greenfiremajick

    ADN class of 2013

    http://www.roommates.com might end up being your best friend....
  8. greenfiremajick

    ADN class of 2013

    Crossing my fingers for you! The closest one to my house is about 13 miles and then one that's 45 miles and then another at 70. I saw somewhere in my ppwrk that there's a chance I may do a clinical or two in Mexico. We're close to the border, but I didn't realize we could do that....And I've already started to ramble off topic, so I'll stop for now!
  9. greenfiremajick

    Hairstyles for graduation

    Yeah-I'll get mine done like that, too!!!! LOL
  10. greenfiremajick

    Hairstyles for graduation

    on youtube, i saw a video for graduates of cochise college. they all show modern students in caps in their grad pics
  11. greenfiremajick

    the nursing identity

    You crack me up. Not that you didn't have intelligent, articulate things to say....Just some of your stuff was hilarious!!!
  12. greenfiremajick

    Pharm, help!!!

    could i also have it, as well? please? i start on aug. 22nd. tborg2010 at ymail dot com
  13. greenfiremajick

    6 weeks into school we start clinicals! How on earth

    We start ours at 8 weeks, in.....
  14. greenfiremajick

    Using a Littmann 3200 Electronic Stethoscope for nursing school?

    I live in a smallish town with only one hospital. There's only one scrub shop I know of, but I'll ask them.....I can also make it to the "big town" occasionally so maybe I'll have a better shot, there. Thanks for the suggestion, RK.
  15. greenfiremajick

    Tough skin with a side order of a grain of salt please?

    Only if you make it wear floppy hats....And then post it on youtube.
  16. greenfiremajick

    Using a Littmann 3200 Electronic Stethoscope for nursing school?

    I'd like to hear the replies on this, as well. I am considering buying a more expensive elec steth because I have a harder time hearing than the average person.....