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  1. newway

    Punished for good time management (Vent)

    My suggestion is do more charting in the patients room, and less at the nurses station. when you chart in the nurses station you ppear available . when you chart in the room you appear busy.
  2. newway

    Does anyone recommend Prep-U?

    from mid Feb. till June 17th when I took the Nclex
  3. newway

    time it takes to show up on IL. BON????

    Thank you for the replies. This is so BS it is hard to even apply with a lic. number
  4. I took the nclex RN 6/17 (passed in 75) waited about a week for the results. I mailed it the next day but still haven't shown up on IDPR website yet. I know IL. is slow, but how long has it taken others from IL.
  5. newway

    Does anyone recommend Prep-U?

    prep u was required for our class. it is good and the only study material i used. passed in 75 no review class. it is just lippencotts questions. it is nice that it works on your phone anywhere you have wifi
  6. newway

    First day reality check

    did you work full time during your pre req's? if so you can most likely pull it off. you will have no life besides work and school but it can be done. I work full time and do just fine. in fact i was the only A in the class my first semester. my advice is dont watch any tv, and cary notecards in your pocket. you will be surprised how many opertunities you have to look at them.
  7. newway

    Want to start a nursing career..

    if you already have a bachelors get a bsn it will be about the same amount of time.
  8. Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner. The problem is that almost all hospitals are owned by corporations, and the number one concern of any corporation is profit. When I entered my prerequisites for nursing in 2009 it seemed like a wise choice compared to the ups and downs in construction I was used to. Now I am not so sure. The hospital where I work now has a habit of hiring workers in 0 hr positions then working them 30 to 40 hr a week. It is pure abuse of a soft job market, and " part time status". I work .9 (three 12’s) and just had my paid time off reduced. They told us it would put us more in line with their competition. I felt like saying if all you are doing is meeting the competition what is keep here? but I graduate with my RN next spring so I didn’t want to rock the boat.
  9. newway

    Working full-time throughout nursing school

    I am a patient care technician. It is basically a CNA with a little extra in hospital training to do things like EKG's DC (discontinue) Foleys and IV's. in the ER you may also be asked to things like irrigate small wounds casting and put stirrey strips on something superficial. It is most likely the same thing as your hospital calls a nursing assistant II. I think the NA II job would be more beneficial IMO. I Honestly think I learned more working as a tech than I did in clinicals. In clinical you are assigned a nurse who may or may not like teaching, and who may or may not trust you. At work you can seek out the nurses who like to teach. I remember asking one nurse about a chest tube once. She spent the next fifteen minutes explaining the in and out of it to me. I never got anything close to that in clinical. We unfortunately had a very poor theory instructor. Our class was her first class she ever taught theory to, and we kind of paid the price. In additions to being a tech I did have another advantage and that is that my wife is an RN working on her NP. So I had a live in tutor I could ask questions to at any time. Working is not for everyone. I had a classmate that was working three 8 hour shifts a week and had to cut back to just two because she was failing. If you do get a job try to get in the flex department. It is a little harder because you never get the same patients, and have to get to know all the differences of each department, but you will also get the broadest view. If you do get a tech job you will also be comfortable working with patients in clinical, and know most of the terminology such as C&S, UA, Bipap, due to void and such. My biggest advice is stay out of the drama and negativity, and if you are not getting what you need from your instructor seek other sources. For me I left theory at first break the whole second half of the semester because she just read from the book and I could do that at home. So instead I had the book in one hand and my laptop in the other and anything that wasn't clear to me I just goggled. Sources like pubmed and mayo clinic puts things in very understandable terms. It is always good to hear things from a second source, and that is what a good instructor will do but it just wasn't there in my case. Best of luck
  10. newway

    Working full-time throughout nursing school

    I am in a similar boat. I work full time Thr,Fri,sat, 12 hr nights. Just took my final for the first semester and was the only overall A in the class. there were other that didn’t work at all and just got C’s. It is all about how you apply yourself. Mind you I had no life besides work and school but in three more semesters it will hopefully all pay off. I have been saving up my pto so this next semester I plan to only work two days a week when there is an exam. Plus working full time at my hospital as a tech qualifies me for four grand a year in tuition reimbursement which more than pays for my CC expenses. There is also no obligation to work any amount of time for the money after graduation.
  11. newway

    Dilemma! Should I change schools??

    i just have to ask. why will you be getting a free waiver?
  12. newway

    School starts tomorrow!

    O.P same here and I feel the same way. we have our CNA check offs, and medical abbreviation test the first day, and a med math test the second week. if we don't get 100% by the start of the third week we are out of the program. so yes they put allot of pressure on from the start. I am told these two years will fly by. we shall see. good luck
  13. I would try for a hospital job. Being CNA in a acute care is very different than long term care. I just have to ask why would you prefer ltc for CNA? I have worked both, and prefer the hospital setting. In LTC your responsibility is mostly toileting, and feeding, where in the hospital you can add to that specimen collection, vitals, EKG’s, and charting. In addition you will get used to the hospital routine, and be an internal applicant when looking for an RN job (a big plus) That being said a hospital position is not the easiest to land without experience, and any CNA experience is better than none.
  14. My wife has been working on this for a couple of weeks, and I want to help her out and get going in the right direction. her original one was coacertation of the aorta but now she feels that is wrong. what are your opinions? she is going for her NP now ( I am very proud of her) Thanks in advance :)
  15. newway

    Nurses targeted for real estate agents?

    I bet if you were to respond you would get a reply on how they could train you (for a fee). Most likely some diploma mill. This would have to be about the worst time to be a real-estate agent. They probably have one for just about every profession.
  16. In reality both are good choices; it all depends on one’s personal situation. So neither one should be saying to the other you are making a bad choice. It sounds like you are doing some wise planning. I do question some of the people going to private bsn’s schools for the tune of $60,000 or more all on student loans, but it is their choice.