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Not that you ask your co-workers their ages but......

Do you work with many nurses in this age group? If so, where do they work??????

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There are 2 RN's where I work in their 60's - we're in the OR of a military hospital (they're both civilians though, not military). Why?

Have seen nurses in this age group at both LTC and private duty home care. I would never ever recommend LTC to anyone no matter what the age. I do recommend private duty home care. Of course, if you need a good paying job you won't get it doing private duty home care.:crying2:

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I work with several nurses in their 60's. We are a mother-baby/antepartum/GYN floor. One of my favorite 'mentor nurses' was a midwife in Africa for many many years and has probably delivered more babies than most of our OBs. :up:

Well, aren't you all curious? Most of us will need to work to these ages. Otessa is wise feeling it out.

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I work with a few in their 60's but they are all retiring very soon. I haven't ever worked with anyone in their 70's. I work in a SICU/CVICU. Some of my coworkers in their 60's have been there for over 30 years. I don't know how they could work in that setting for so long -- that won't be me, for sure!

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I work with 2 nurses in their 60's and 1 nurse in her 70's in LTC. They seem to handle the work well. Some of the residents they have known for years outside of the nursing home. I know that the nurse in her 70's went to school with some of the residents. I think it is kind of nice for both the resident and the nurse.

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My friend is in her 60's and works in the PACU (day surgery center)

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My friend is in her 60's and works in the PACU (day surgery center)

This is a great setting for those nearing retirement. I had outpatient surgery a couple of years ago and I was chatting with some of the pre-op nurses (they knew I was an RN) and one of them made the comment that same day surgery was "where old ICU nurses go to die." LOL :lol2:

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My husband's sis has worked in LTC for 30 years. Her 70th birthday in next week. She is a NA in LTC. They only concession she made about 5 years ago when she went full time night shift because there is less lifting. She is still going strong. I wimped out at 59 and stopped working.

I work in methadone maintenance and being under 40 I'm practically the baby of the clinics! The majority of the nurses are in their 40s and 50s but we have quite a few in their 60s. I'm actually lucky to have gotten my job because th preference is for nurses with years of chemical dependency and or psych experience. The only thing that stinks is that most of the nurses came from the hospital psych and detox units and have tons and tons of seniority over me. I don't bother to worry about what days I have off or when i'm going to get vacation because I'm always last!

We also have nurses with physical ailments that makes it impossible for them to work the bedside. As long as your hands work and you have a mouth to talk and your faculties you can work as long as you please. We had someone in their 70s retire earlier this year after over 40 years of service. She could have kept on indefinitely but I guess she just wanted to retire.

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