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  1. by   Kimbsntobe
    I stumbled on AN doing a nursing school search about six months ago and I feel I learn so much....almost all the comments are helpful and its fun to share comments I will continue to come back
  2. by   AZ_LPN_8_26_13
    I've been on allnurses since about '08 when I first became a nursing student, then became an aide in Dec '09, and I am now an LPN. I plan on going LPN to BSN starting soon. Every step of the way I've gotten valuable perspectives, help, advice, and info from here that I couldn't seem to get anywhere else. Especially about local education options and opportunities. You would think that former schools and programs would do a better job of keeping in touch - it shouldn't be all on me but that's the way it is I guess. When I want to find out what's out there both school wise and job market wise I usually check here first

    PS: I usually don't use allnurses to "vent" at least not too much ;-) because I don't want to risk having a current or potential employer or school find out about it - everyone's different I guess
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  3. by   BSNbeDONE
    Just because....why else? "If you build it, they will come". I don't know who said that but somebody did. Oh, and I just happened to have spent a minute or two in nursing.....and counting......

    Seriously, where else would a nurse or student go to get the hardened truth about anything nurse-related, even when "you can't handle the truth!" (Jack Nicholson in "A Few Good Men")

    Coming here has caused me to stop looking for greener pastures at other facilities and start looking at the bluer skies at home!
  4. by   SweettartRN
    I don't visit near as often as I used to. It seems if you have a mind, think outside of the box, then you are treated as if you are a pariah rather than a lemming willing to follow everyone over the cliff.

    I registered back when I was in nursing school, but I have found better and more insightful discussions with non-anonymous users on Facebook. It seems that people are quite as willing to be so hateful when you know who they might really be.
  5. by   Hygiene Queen
    I was looking for a decent forum for CNA's... and then I found the ghost story threads and I was hooked

    This board is also one of the most active I have ever seen.
    Sometimes, the replies can come in so fast... there's just so many darn people here that actively post at any given time.
    Look at other boards. What? Hours, days... weeks (?!) between responses?

    It's pretty entertaining here and educational too.
  6. by   Bortaz, RN
    I was drunk and surfing the web, you see...
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    Initially because I was looking of moving from the UK to US and now in Canada but still hooked and as you can see a staff member as well as passing on my experiences in moving countries
  8. by   LisalaRN99
    I have been here off and on over the years. I enjoy getting points of view, new perspectives, advice, information. It's a time killer during downtime at work, too! Yes, I do have a nurse with some downtime....rare, but still there!
  9. by   MotherRN
    At first, because I couldn't find a job.
    Next, to vent after I finally did find a job.
    Afterwards, to share my crushing disappointment when the job ended abruptly.
    During the time between jobs, to learn about different specialties by reading the posts of those who work in them. PRICELESS!!!
    Once I found the right job, for entertainment and community.

    Thanks for 'being there' fellow allnurses's ops!
  10. by   GitanoRN
    I'll echo what she said... Aloha~
  11. by   ruler of kolob
    To amuse myself... This place is funnier than The Onion!!!
  12. by   nursefrances
    I first found AN when googling "what are the best shoes for nurses?"

    After graduating I came back to say "Yay! I graduated" and joined AN at that time.

    Two years later after a crazy day at work, I had an email from AN and read some funny stories about doctor/nurse mishaps. I laughed so hard that I cried. I really needed that. I was hooked.

    On my days off after a few shifts in a row I regularly came to AN with coffee cup in hand, flannel pajamas and fuzzy slippers in place and connected with my fellow nurse friends. THEN I discovered the breakroom and other friends who appreciated sarcastic humor. It's been history ever since.

    I am glad I googled about shoes for nurses in 2008.
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  13. by   imintrouble
    I first showed up because I was in so much trouble.
    Nobody would give me better advice than somebody who was a nurse.

    I keep coming back because it's just plain entertaining.

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