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Addictions/Mental Health, Telemetry
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LisalaRN99 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Addictions/Mental Health, Telemetry.

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  1. LisalaRN99

    I Did It! I Earned My Master’s in Nursing Informatics

    I enjoyed reading your article! I am starting my last practicum in my online MSN program in Nursing Education. It has always been a career goal of mine to teach nursing in some capacity. I believe going back to school for my MSN is going to be ...
  2. LisalaRN99

    Nurses secretive about getting another job

    Maybe Karen is being secretive because she also knows that nurses are very good at gossiping about each other and she is tired of it!
  3. LisalaRN99

    8 or 12 hour shifts

    Yes, we are exhausted, but I was exhausted doing five 8 hour shifts. I'd rather have the four days off!
  4. LisalaRN99

    8 or 12 hour shifts

    Nursing is my second career. I worked a "regular" job, 8 to 5, monday through friday. Then I became a nurse. Then I learned the pleasures of three 12-hour shift a week, with fours days off every week. Awesome! Before I was a nurse, I did feel like I ...
  5. LisalaRN99

    New grad, please Help with med surg organization!!

    Really? You are able to stick to this schedule? I have 6-8 patients....most times only 1 Patient Care Assistant for the 17 bed floor. I work on a medical/psych unit. My preceptor told me to spend only 7 minutes with each patient for assessments. It ...
  6. LisalaRN99

    psych/med surg

    I admire your stamina! Take care you don't burn out!! Having said that, I think to keep yourself fresh in med/surg while working psych will serve you well in your career!
  7. LisalaRN99

    New to Travel Nursing

    Thank you for this information! And also thank you for the information about pantravelers.org!
  8. LisalaRN99

    New to Travel Nursing

    Where do you return to as "home" between assignments? A family member's home? Just curious, since I have a mother who lives nearby, but her place is too small for me to move in.
  9. LisalaRN99

    New to Travel Nursing

    Oh my goodness! I do not understand any of this! I have a lease on an apartment for 8 more months. I have been working with a recruiter from Supplemental Health Care. I was told I would only get travel pay if the position is greater than 50 miles f...
  10. LisalaRN99

    New to Travel Nursing

    So I started looking into Travel Nursing instead of returning to my old employer after medical leave. I may be starting just within my own state, and possibly not even 50 miles away from home. I realize that would not be travel rate, but it's a star...
  11. LisalaRN99

    Starting over after relapse

    Hi everyone! You may have read my post under General Nursing Discussion. I've had a bad 2 years with my disease of alcoholism! Not only do I have difficulty staying stopped, even after an "expensive rehab for a month", to quote my manager, but I ...
  12. LisalaRN99

    Lost Job on Medical Leave

    Thanks! I don't have any fight in me at this time! I have friends and family encouraging me to see a lawyer. I just want to get well and attempt to put my life back together! I am also applying for positions outside the organization since I have n...
  13. LisalaRN99

    Lost Job on Medical Leave

    Hi all! I just found out that I have been replaced in my position while I am still on General Medical Leave with 60% pay! I emphasize General Medical Leave because it is quite different from Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). With FMLA, your emplo...
  14. LisalaRN99

    Snow & calling out of work

    I've never had to deal with snow! I live in south Florida and have had to go into work for hurricanes. We have to pack a bag, sleeping bag, snacks, etc and both shifts must come in before the hospital is put on lockdown ahead of the impending storm....
  15. LisalaRN99


    Thank you to all who responded! Things are rolling right along, whether we speak or not! I have no intention of going to management because she's not being nice to me!! I just want to work to flow! It takes all types in nursing!
  16. LisalaRN99


    Thank you Jadelpn! The way you called it is how it went down!