Anyone here who hate the holidays?

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  2. I love the holidays. Is there anyone here who doesn't?

    Please share your most dreadful or most memorable holiday stories.

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  4. by   nguyency77
    I loved the holidays when I was a kid.

    Not so much now, because of this ridiculous Black Friday nonsense. Every year, some poor retail worker gets trampled to death because some moron decided that a new iPad was clearly more valuable than a Walmart cashier's life.

    Honestly? Does anyone need a Kindle Fire THAT badly? Who needs ten flat-screen LED TV's? Do people really have so much time and money on their hands? I don't think anyone here on AN is like that, but it appalls me that some grown adults are prepared to fight other grown adults for a Squinkies playset.

    It's disgusting how greedy people get and how little regard some have for a human life in the name of doorbuster sales. "No big deal-- I just trampled the Walmart greeter, but it's ok! At least I got all my Christmas shopping done!"

    I feel bad for all the retail workers who have to be away from their families just so others can have a chance to buy cheap items as if the world were ending. I refuse to perpetuate this ridiculous behavior. I will never, ever go to a Black Friday sale.
  5. by   JDZ344
    I do not like the holidays much.
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  6. by   dirtyhippiegirl
    Going to be my first holiday without my mom. Was poking around Walgreen's the other night and found a very soft blanket -- I immediately thought "mom would love this for Christmas" and then remembered that I won't be buying her anything for Christmas.

    I bought the blanket for myself instead.
  7. by   Benedina
    Love any and all holidays, the smaller and sillier the better. I like to cook crepes for candlemas, light a campfire on midsummer's eve, and read spooky stories on Halloween. (WORLD'S SHORTEST GHOST STORY: "He reached for the matches, and the matches were put into his hand." Swiped from somewhere.)

    Our limit on Christmas gifts worked just fine: one nice thing each, meant to be fulfill a dear wish of the kid. In addition: one book, maybe one CD or DVD. Period. If I couldn't afford such things, I would have settled for something handmade. A woman on NPR just described the dollhouse her parents made during hard economic times, with a tin can elevator worked by yarn, and that sounds unbeatable to me.

    Some friends have had tragic events during the holidays and they understandably take no more pleasure in them. I probably wouldn't either, but life has been kind to me in that regard. Next week all my kids will be in town for Thanksgiving, and, for me, life just doesn't get any better than that.

  8. by   PacoUSA
    I don't like the holidays much anymore. Ever since my mom passed away in 2001, Thanksgiving and Christmas have lost their meaning quite a bit. I have been dating someone for several years now who is originally from another country that does not celebrate Thanksgiving at all, so working on Thanksgiving (including Black Fri) is something I don't mind doing at all. My favorite part of the holidays has been New Years Eve, because for me it means all the holiday nonsense is over. Christmas this year may be a little different in that I will be part of their family now, so perhaps it will be as special as it was when I was a kid. Let's see!
  9. by   lovingtheunloved
    I detest the holidays. I have no family, and it really sucks when you're bombarded with how much of a "family" time it is.
  10. by   BostonTerrierLoverRN
    I'm gonna look up "Holiday" on Wikipedia, I remember that word from my youth,
  11. by   eatmysoxRN
    I enjoy the holidays although in the past I typically set my ideas too high and spent time being disappointed. This year I am going to try to merely enjoy time with family and friends. And probably coworkers for my measley $2 extra pay.
  12. by   CT Pixie
    Hate holidays, but put on the brave face for my kids and husband who live for them.

    My dad died on Easter, my grandfather died on Christmas Eve and my grandmother died on Thanksgiving day. (Their anniversary was Thanksgiving day, well, they married on Thanksgiving day and every year after they celebrated on the holiday not the actual date). My most favorite pet was dx's with cancer a few days before Thanksgiving and we had to put her down the day after Christmas. I think of all the major holidays in the year I have either had a close friend or family member die or we buried them either a day before or a day after the holiday.

    Nope, not a fan. I always wonder who'll be taken from us as the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays approach.

    But as I said, I try as hard as possible to seem like I enjoy the holidays for my kids.
  13. by   tokmom
    Not as much as I used to. It's too commercialized. Remember when even the gas station was closed? You filled up your car a few days before. If you forgot the whipping cream on the way to the relatives, you went without, because everything was closed.

    Christmas didn't start until well after Thanksgiving. I really miss those simplier times.

    I'm with one of the posters when it comes to 'stuff'. Why do people fight over TV's and silly gadgets that will be tossed in the closet in less than a year? The only Black Friday I go to is a local grocery store that has clothing, electronics. They have a really good sock sale, lol. That's my black friday.
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  14. by   That Guy
    Holidays never really meant anything to me as a kid. As my family size slowly starts to reach zero, it means more and more to me to see the ones I care about. My GF is really getting me into the Christmas spirit now too. She gets so excited for the smallest things, like putting up our tree, looking at and hanging all the ornaments that we got as kids, and actually having the time to spend around each other and making christmas cookies for the family and my ER. That is the holidays to me. I doubt we get each other anything this year other than a small little fun present, and that is all I can ever ask for.
  15. by   DSkelton711
    I want to love the hoidays, but with people shopping til their dropping on Black Friday for stuff, while others struggle to keep themselves warm makes me more sad than happy. Rather than "stuff" or "things", I just want to be with family/loved ones and relax as much as possible.