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Anyone else having issues with this new site. I just found that they listed my self report for August as non-compliant late when it was turned in on September 1st. That was well within the on time... Read More

  1. by   Ash2213
    Well I am officially freaking out. I was looking over my COC form from Wed to input the COC number into spectrum. I tested at CareNow in the evening and they do not use online COC, they use the original carbon copy one. I was looking over it, and noticed she checked "no" where it says temp between 90-100 degrees. There are 2 boxes, one in front of the "yes" and one right after, but in front of the "no" - that is the no box. and it says "no, enter remark:"
    No remark was entered because I am positive my sample was the right temp, saw the cup light up myself and it had just come out of my body. I am not sure what to do... She was an aloof collector, kind of yawning and coughing the whole time.. it was about 8 in the evening. I wonder what is going to happen? Since she did not enter a remark, I hope they call to verify with her? Do they even do that?? OH MY GOSH I just do NOT want this to cause MORE selections! I am so over it all. I have nothing to hide so I will comply all the way to the bank but good grief. I guess my lesson learned is to check the heck out of that carbon copy they give you....people testing us sure don't know that they can screw up our lives with one wrong box checked.
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  2. by   Ash2213
    Well, my test was negative. I was never contacted about the temp box being checked no. I guess thank goodness, right??
  3. by   barbs23
    here's a fun one: on saturday i checked in and then saw the "not selected" screen. carried my phone and some other things to the couch and oops i hit the activate test and confirm. call affinity who of course said i was expected to follow through unless i talked to my case manager who, you guessed it, doesn't work saturday. that freakin drug tested ended up costing $93 (for some reason). i miss recovery trek.... i would have never accidentally self tested on recovery trek. my case manager later told me if it happens again tell her and she will excuse it but really sucks that there was no way of knowing that then and they couldn't reset it. most expensive button i've ever pushed.
  4. by   Big Blondie
    That's bs. They could've canceled the test.
  5. by   Kel65
    It is to easy to accidentally hit that self test button.
  6. by   Ash2213
    What a joke, they totally could have cancelled the test. Goes to show you it's all about the $$$. Ridiculous. It's a sad day for people in recovery. These affinity and recovery trek companies profit off of those at their lowest.
  7. by   catsmeow1972
    My personal (and probably paranoid, or maybe not) suspicions are that if you follow the money trail, you will find that the people that profit off of Affinity and RecoveryTrek also likely have dirty hands in The running of some of these programs.
    I think Merriam Webster uses IPN/PRN/PNP/TPAPN, etc as the definition of conflict of interest.
  8. by   whitmil
    I will be done with the program in 1.5 months left. I would love to help anyone who needs support or guidance through the program!
  9. by   Recovering_RN
    Quote from whitmil
    I will be done with the program in 1.5 months left. I would love to help anyone who needs support or guidance through the program!
    Let us know how the completion process goes for you. If you are officially done on the exact date 3 years after your contract start date, or if it drags on. And let us know how you knew you were done; an email, a letter, or simply trying to log on to check in and not being able to.

    I've heard of people whose contract end date came and went, and they were still having to check in daily and take the drug tests weeks later!