Disappointed with my nurse last night

  1. Long story short: I was having terrible side effects from a prescribed diet pill. My husband finally convinced me to go to the ER after having s/s for the past 2 weeks that has gotten progressively worse. So the nurse asks me why I'm here and I tell her my story.Then my husband interjects and says " She knows better than to take this stuff, she is a nurse". After he said that, the nurse began berating me to doing such harmful things to my body and stated my husband is right and that " You should know better". She went on and on about it and even stated " If I was your friend, I would have kicked your ***". She said I get no sympathy because I'm a nurse. She said it in a joking way but I still didn't appreciate it. Not only was I in pain but I also felt stupid for taking something that I knew had possible harmful and undesired S/E. As soon as I muster up enough energy I plan to report her. I just don't think nurses should be judged for why they are in the hospital whether it is their fault or not. The point is I was her patient, not a nurse and I all I needed was quality care and not her two cents. Speaking of quality care, she never scrubbed my hub when given meds and just kinda all over the place. I've worked in the ED for a short time so I know it can get pretty crazy. I just think she should have least did the basic things to try to prevent infection. Anyway, I just needed to get that out.
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  3. by   netglow
    Aw come on Crazy. Your just PO'd because you did something stooooopid and you are sick and fussy too because of it. You ought to kick your husband's behind for ratting you out. It's he who should know better.
  4. by   twinmommy+2
    Sometimes I think its moments like these that are teachable when we need to tell patients, nurses or not, that what they did was not the best and they need to make changes. I think I'd be on my hubbys butt after that though cause I've told him not to say anything about my nursing status, but I've worked ER in all the hospitals for a 15 mile radius around my house so they tend to know me anyway.

    But yes, basic swipe of the hub is in order and should be brought to someones attention.
  5. by   Orange Tree
    It sounds like she found herself in a very awkward position and did her best to lighten the mood. Maybe she should have taped your husband's mouth shut, instead.
    The swabbing should have been done, of course, but the being "just kinda all over the place" complaint sounds like a reach.
  6. by   BSNbeauty
    Net- you are right. I was in pain and wasn't in a Joking mood. Hubby got yelled at. He always breaks this rule .
  7. by   Mulan
    Maybe you should have gone to your PCP's office instead of the Emergency Room.
  8. by   Tait
    I am sorry that anyone felt it was ok to berate you for a decision. I don't think it was necessary.
  9. by   BSNbeauty
    Quote from Mulan
    Maybe you should have gone to your PCP's office instead of the Emergency Room.
    I just started a new job and didn't have insurance
  10. by   LillyBud
    I am not sure why everyone is on the defense for your nurse...but I think she was in the wrong. Sure, maybe she was trying to joke with you and lighten the mood, BUT sometimes we need to remind people that when you feel like sh*t, you are in no mood for it. Instead you want someone to care for you. She should have maintained a more professional attitude. Like "ah, well even the best nurses still make mistakes every now and then". Oh well. What is done is done. I actually don't think you should report her though. I think if you felt that she was out of line, you should have said something to her then and there and given her the chance to correct it. Unless she was very cruel to you, I'd let this one slide.
  11. by   Sun0408
    Agree with lillybud on this one.. But I do have to ask why you wouldn't speak up and question her re the IV ??
  12. by   sissiesmama
    I hate she felt the need to talk to u like that. I would have been chapped - even if she was joking or whatever, it wouldn't have hone over well with me either.

    Anne, RNC
  13. by   SDgirl2013
    I think that is completely wrong and very unprofessional! I couldn't agree more with Lilly. I'm not sure if I would go as far as filing a complaint, but if a survey comes in the mail or you get a call from the hospital to check on you and ask how your care was, I would for sure mention both the inappropriate comments and the lack of infection prevention. Sorry you had to be kicked while you were down, hope your feeling better
  14. by   turnforthenurse
    I agree, I don't understand why other posters are in favor of your nurse...I personally think her behavior was highly unprofessional. Especially that comment, "if I were your friend, I would kick your ***." Even if she was supposedly "joking," that would not have gone well with me if I were in your situation.

    But I also want to know why you didn't speak up when she didn't scrub your hub. I definitely would have said something, right then and there.