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First let say a big thank you to Sue for letting me cry a little on her shoulder and talking to me this weekend. I did not want to post that I was taking the CPNE for a second time just in case I failed it. Well guess what I failed it again. I went to Utica and I must say that it is a very nice place to do your CPNE at the CE CA was nice. What I did learn about my self is this I went in this both time with little self confidence and not knowing how to handle stress. I had a total panic attack and destroyed myself on this. I will take time to really learn me and get my stress and self confidence where it need to be and then I will take this test again. MY goal is to have it done by August.So for those who did not pass do not look at this as a negative but find the positive, and if need be we always have a great cyber family that truly understand this exam.


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You are so brave. So you know for sure it was your nerves? I will support you in any way I can. Patricia on th EPN was a third timer and passed.It sounds like you had her same issue.Best of luck to you and get those nerves under control. Patricia ended up takin Valuim 3x a day and she went to Utica and aced it.God Bless you for your effort.:heartbeat

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I am so glad you're not giving up!! *hugs*


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I am sorry you didn't pass. I think you will figure out how to get control of your nerves and be successful the next time.

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I would definately look into getting your panic under control. Once you get that taken care of, you'll do fine. Panic destroys self confidence. Good luck!


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Good for you not giving up- keep you chin up and know you CAN do this!


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Best luck to you tbone! I admire your commitment. ~Hugs~ :icon_hug:

Honey, I know that I kid around about more cowbell, more Xanax, but you know what? I had that vial of alprazolam nestled in my little scrup top pocket and took 1/2 before each PCS and a whole one before the labs.

I failed first time around. So you failed the second, too. Nu? You'll nail it the third.

And ask your PCP for an anxiolytic. Seriously. Better living through chemistry.

(BTW, you can cry on my shoulder any time.)


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you are a trooper! i look up to you and admire your qualities. traci


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There is nothing wrong with a bit of chemical assistance to control increased anxiety, especially if that anxiety is so overwhelming that you can't think straight. Talk to your doc, or your NP and get a one time script for ativan, valium, xanax. Try one out ahead of time to be sure it doesn't zonk you out. Meds make me too goofy so I am trying the yoga, relaxing breathing route. Also have increase cigarette smoking by 50% but I wouldn' t suggest it.:smokin: I am testing Feb 27-March 1. PM if you need TLC for the next try.


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People like musicians who perform sometimes take beta blockers to take care of the fight-or-flight feeling if you don't like anxiolytics. I can't take them...damned asthma...

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