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No Raise In Years in LTC Facility


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Hey my fellow nurses and CNAs I've been working in this Nursing home for 3 yrs. as a CNA. And we haven't had a raise since I've been there. Other workers that have been here longer than I have say its been 5 years or more since they've had a raise. Okay I can understand the word "recession" BUT this is the thing. In the last maybe 2 years they have been spending money like crazy. They have redone our dining room, remodeled their offices, bought new furniture for the facility. But this is the kicker they just turned our Alzheimer's Unit into a "Skilled Unit" and they are totally upgraded this hall, I'm talking 2 flat screen TVs in each room, new beds, new closets, new EVERYTHING!!!!! I estimate they have spent maybe $750,000-$1,000,000 in the last 2 years. On top of that they have made what I like to call "made up positions" for Nurses and CNAs. They even started to make CNAs and Nurses work short and go home early d/t "budget". I'm just sick of working like a dog and not getting paid for it. It just seems to be some foul play with this money spending, and lies to why what can't have a raise....I want to find some answer to this but I'm kinda lost as to where to start, who can I contact, who can I find to do some digging and find some answers. I live in TN. Please Help.

Id start looking elsewhere. Dont complain or burn any bridges, make sure youve got some good references and go find a new job that values the hard work you do. This place will continue with what they are doing as long as they can get away with it. If there is a mass exodus of staff, they will get the message.

Welcome to the world of LTC's. That.s why they have such a high turn a round. And they can pay as low as they want or not give raises. Basically when you go in to a LTC's you know your not going to get a raise. And sending people home early well that's Censes. How many beds you have to how many people and yes it ties all in to the so called budget. And that money is grants from the gov to help the home with up grades or remodels. But if you think the people who run them are not getting rich your wrong. I have always hated the politics of the LTC's . I would really start looking for another job. Good luck.. These are my thoughts use them as you wish


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Wage freezes are happening everywhere. I have a friend who works for the state, he hasn't had a raise in 3 years.

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"It just seems to be some foul play with this money spending, and lies to why what can't have a raise....I want to find some answer to this but I'm kinda lost as to where to start, who can I contact, who can I find to do some digging and find some answers. I live in TN."

I'm not sure I understand the question...whoever owns/manages your facility has the right to spend their money as they see fit. What is it that you want to dig up?

Look at it this way: healthcare is a very competetive field. Many facilities are vying for your healthcare dollars. If your facility is perceived as antiquated and run-down, you will start to lose patients/residents. Then the REAL lay-offs and cutbacks will happen.

You are an employee and are not in a position to designate how your facility's $$ are spent. Your choices are to work there or not.

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Have you asked for a raise yet? Have any of your co-workers successfully negotiated a pay raise? I was complaining to a co-worker years ago about not getting raises with my reviews. My co-worker told me I would just have to "ask" for a raise, since this place didn't do them routinely. So I prepared a letter to my supervisor and asked to meet. In the letter I typed up a list of things I was doing above and beyond on my job (they want to see results), and how many years it had been since I last got a raise. I asked for $1.50 more an hour and got $0.50 at the time. You've been there for three years, that shows some loyalty also. Be bold- the worst they can do is say no.


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They do yearly raises where I work at but it's nothing to write home about. The raises are usually something like a measly 0.30 cents more an hour. Oh well. I don't plan on being there full-time any more than two years from now....

Health care workers who haven't seen raises in a few years can have difficulty understanding the difference between capital improvement expenditure and payroll expenditure. Capital improvements--all of the remodeling and unit reconfiguration that you're seeing--are not at all related to payroll and raises. They come from separate budgets, as well as from separate sources. Capital improvements are intended to increase the value of the property and improve service delivery. It secondarily increases the businesses value as a service provider as well, by updating equipment and structural conditions. The money for this is acquired separately and budgeted separately from other expenditures such as payroll. Payroll has a life of its own. Chances are that you and your coworkers haven't seen any raises in the last few years for the same reason that most of us haven't: recession.

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LTC facilities just use nurses and spit them out. I have known some RNs who have worked in them for 18 years or more, and due to so-called 'budget cuts' were basically sacked ('let go' is the phrase managers like to use).

I will never, ever work LTC again, not after having 65 patients and 5 carers to look after & supervise. That was my last shift in LTC.

The managers don't care how many extra hours u work, or how good u r with the patients. One place I worked at (just for one shift to fill in), the other RNs told me they rarely saw their NMs, they were just left messages to do this and that.

The way I see it you can either confront them re a pay rise, or stay there and I would be looking around for another position. And don't use them as a referee - I wouldn't.

It's really your choice in the end to put up with it, or make the effort to find another position. Because I tell you, my gf that got 'let go' after 18 years (she was also a very experienced palliative care RN), was absolutely disugusted at how she was treated and swore she would never go back to LTC, though she loved the patients, knew all the families, worked extra hours, was on different committees, helped organise memorial services, etc. She did all and everything.

And she also told me a week after she left, they hired a green trainee RN who they could mold & manipulate how they wanted.

Management, especially NMs will have no loyalty towards you. You should be looking after number one if you don't want to or can't fight the system.