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adampricecna has 4 years experience and specializes in Geriatics.

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  1. adampricecna

    LPNs being used as ADONs

    My Facility LTC: DON-RN ADON-LPN Staffing Coordinator(over all nurses LPN and RN)-LPN and my DON is NEVER ON-Call.
  2. adampricecna

    Confessions of a Nursing Student

    plz watch :)
  3. Hi, So i'm in nursing school and I just started. I keep hearing that "Med-Surg" is SOOOO hard. But what exactly is Med Surg nursing and why is it supposedly soooo hard, what's so hard about it in nursing school. I can't seem to get a clear answer. Med Surg is not until the end of the LPN program I'm in, but I need to know whats the big whoop.
  4. adampricecna

    Years of CNA experience helpful?

    IT WILL HELP YOU, once in school, I'm currently in a LPN program and my being a CNA for 4 yrs has helped me. The familiarity with the whole "nursing" technique is extremely helpful. And if you were paying attention to the nurses you were working around for 8years it will help you. Mind you I've only been in this program for 3 weeks and I already see the help it can be.
  5. adampricecna

    Cna code blue protocol

    You would think that it would be okay for a CNA to do CPR because 9 times out of 10 WE FIND THEM DEAD!!!!!!
  6. adampricecna

    Cna code blue protocol

    Hey I've been a CNA for about 4 yrs. working in long term care. I work 3-11 and I was making my last round at about 10:15p, when I walked into a pts. room to provide care to him. I called his name but he didn't answer so I walked to his bed to see that he wasn't breathing. I also listened for breathing and checked his pulse and got NO response. My first thought was FULL CODE or DNR I usually have this memorized but he was a new pt. so I wasnt at all sure. So I screamed into the hall for the charge nurse....no one came. So I had to make a QUICK decision...look for the nurse or try to save this man's life. So I ran to the Nurses station pulled his chart and saw "FULL CODE" in red letters. I picked up the intercom but couldn't use it because someone at another nurses station hadn't hang it up from the last page. So I sprinted down to the pts. room with the crash cart, turned on the call light and dragged him onto the floor and started CPR I was screaming into the hall during the chest compressions, about 2 mins later another CNA ran into the room, I screamed go and get the nurse. In about 30 sec later every nurse and CNA in the building was in the room. My charge nurse took over, his oxygen level got up to 94 and EMS came and took him away. He later died at the hosp. But that next morning I was called into the DON's office for what I thought was gonna be a "good job" speech but she actually wrote me up for "not following protocol" she explained to me that I should went and found the nurse before I took matters into my own hands. I explained to her that I could NOT find anyone and I also couldn't page because of the intercom malfunction. I'm CPR certified so thats why I did what I did.....was I wrong what is the protocol at other facilities PLEASE let me know.
  7. adampricecna


    Secretly my DON told me she hired me quicker because I was male.
  8. adampricecna

    Throw it on the floor?!

    Its okay to throw it on the floor....BUT this is NOT protocol!!!! its okay to do thing quick. As a CNA you have to take shortcuts...BUT you better know whats right if it comes down to it
  9. adampricecna

    Do LPN's have to give baths like CNA's do?

    Well to become an LPN you do have to pass patient care skills (bathing, dressing, and changing pts.) LPN are trained to do this but most dont have to cause of CNAs but when CNAs arent available YES the LPN can do this.
  10. adampricecna

    Is it more or less stressful to work PRN??

    I wouldnt suggest a PRN position with a new CNA because you are new to the game and its kinda hard to work with a vast majority of pts. that you are not experienced in
  11. GOD that is a dream job for a CNA, so you have to do is find a LTC facility is will allow u to only work 8hrs per year so your certification will stay current. You need this evidence when you renew your license....GOD I WISH I COULD HAVE THAT JOB!!!
  12. adampricecna

    should I have done an incident report?

    I would have did one just to be safe, then I would've suggested a psych eval.
  13. adampricecna

    I hate nursing..

    Im a CNA and I can't wait to become a nurse, Im so passionate about it....but if thats not really what you want move on....
  14. adampricecna

    Question about skills test?

    when I took my skills test we use an actual person, but for skills like peri-care we used to dummy........
  15. adampricecna

    My first code

    yeah the nursing home can be kinda dull and boring sometimes but when I hear CODE BLUE over the intercom everything gets exciting.