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  1. KarmaWiseRaven

    Need a Job?

    You know i have thought about moving to the Dakotas. I love biking through North and South Dakota And the winters are no different then MO. I have friends who just moved to the Dakotas because of work one is a Heavy Equipment Operator and landed him a job in no time. I don't know how the nursing field is there. May Call for some research. or someone who does research.. Oh greenfire your the research girl tells us what you find lol.... Anthony
  2. KarmaWiseRaven

    What to do after being fired.

    kay, i feel for you i really do. It sucks being the victim of other people when you yourself has done nothing wrong. I would keep on trying places LTC's and so on. And never talk bad about your last employer. But don't you want to get revenge on those Nurses? it would make you feel better but might land you in worse trouble. And i know what being black balled is I live in a rural community myself and i have friends who are so called black balled for No reason just because they didn't fit in. You may want to think about going out side your town even if it's 45 mins a way you might have a shot there. Thats what my friends did and they landed great jobs One is a school nurse and loves it and has never looked back I'm sorry this happen to you really but don't let it get you down. Have a great 4th of July. Think outside your box and outside of your town. Good Luck.. I'm sure your a good caring nurse... Anthony
  3. KarmaWiseRaven

    Job Satisfaction Declining for Nurses, Survey Says

    Really i thought it would be much higher. I read some where they said over 3000 nurse's leave the field a day. that's retiring and quitting. Some people leave do to health and most believe it or not leave under mental health issue's never to return. Well i always thought you had to be a little off to be a Nurse. I mean look what we deal with day in and out. I have worked at a few place's were you check you Lic at the door and you were always in fear of losing it. Now that the economy is bad employers know they have you where they want you and if you don't like it another one will take your place and they can charge lower wages cut benefits and blame it all on the economy. And the nurse to people ratio is crazy in it's self I was reading on here on a thread that this nurse and 4 aids have 20 people a piece to take care with no help insight. That's crazy and the state say's it's ok. I hope things do get better for everyone... Anthony
  4. KarmaWiseRaven

    shoe recommendation

    New Balance, Skechers Performance, Reebok, and shoe inserts, work for me.. but mostly trial and error when it comes to shoes. There's also a thread about shoes on this very page i do believe. Called Nursing Shoes and Footwear in The Nurse's Thread. Good luck... Anthony
  5. KarmaWiseRaven

    Boy I'm awful as a nurse

    Don't beat yourself up over it. As a new nurse everyone doubt's themselves sounds to me your a great nurse or will be a great nurse in time. Just remember if it takes you to read the MAR 3 times then do it... slow down speed will come in time. Like tra10 said Congrats... Shake it off and move on... Anthony
  6. Try MONA on Facebook I'm sure there is someone that can help on there. Good Luck.. Anthony
  7. KarmaWiseRaven

    No hospital job after working LTC? True?

    Depending where you live. I started out in a LTC / RCF and Moved in to Psych at our local State Ran Hospital. And all the while i was trying to get in to a hospital. I was tired of being just a babysitter to the people as well as my own aids under me. I have seen many of my Co-workers get pick up at the local hospital and who are now RN's. Speaking to a Nurse Recruiter of the hospital she said i had no acute care under me and it would almost impossible to get in to the hospital. Then in her same breath said Do you know anyone who works there that might help to get you in. The Hospital has a stepping stone program. I would of loved to gotten in to that program. They pay for you to go to school to become a RN and you have to sign a 2 yr contract with them. So depending where you live and how many people you know in the hospital your trying to work at depends weather or not you shot yourself in the foot as far as working in a LTC first... Anthony
  8. KarmaWiseRaven

    allnurses.com hits over 500,000 members today!

    Karma it's Site Not Sight.. One is to see and one is to read... I stand corrected sorry for the misspelling of words... Anthony
  9. KarmaWiseRaven

    Whats Tele?

    Tele is Telephone. I thought they had Tele's in Ireland or is it England? kidding lol. It's what everyone else said i was just trying to be funny.. Anthony
  10. KarmaWiseRaven

    allnurses.com hits over 500,000 members today!

    Wow 500,000 Members.. And i still can't be a AN Guide lol. Congrats to all who make AN. I love this sight. I have learned a lot on here and there's never a dull topic well almost never. And Kudos to the Founder, Admin's, and Guides, for making this such a great site. Let's hope for another 500,000..... Anthony KarmaWiseRaven
  11. KarmaWiseRaven

    Help! I suck at math!

    Have you tried brainetics, I have teacher friends who swear by this program and it's not just for kids it's for adults as well. I'm not promoing the sight. I'm just saying and i also have a few nurse friends who took the course to get better on their math score for there TEAS Test and they flew past the math because of that program. Here's the sight if your interested.. https://www.brainetics.com Good Luck... Anthony..
  12. KarmaWiseRaven

    Goodbye food pyramid; Welcome "My plate"

    Can you tell me where my 2 Big Mac's and Fries and a Lg DR Pepper with my Hot Apple Pies go on that plate? Kinda confused... TY ... Anthony
  13. KarmaWiseRaven

    Public Service Announcement

    Karma Here, Hey all you AN folks out there, You know it's summer time.. Some of us have elderly people in our life Family, Friends, might even be the people next door. Elderly people can't cool down like the rest of us so do yourself a favor Check On Them. Yes Check On Them. Make sure Air is working. When you go over to your parents, grandparents, and even next door look at them make sure they have water and stuff. Look we all get busy.. I know life work family but take time out and look around you. Often times we hear of old people dying because of the heat or the winter cold. Were Nurse's so let's take time and check on people even if you don't know them who knows you might make a new friend. The little time you take might just save a life and that's what we do best..... Anthony KarmaWiseRaven
  14. KarmaWiseRaven

    Credit check along with background? *****??

    See according to what has been handed down. Your credit to an employer tells them the type of employee you may be. It's all crap and it's a way for Corporate America to violate your private life. Why do i say this.. Well what if your husband had an Illness and it effected your credit. Well to them your a risk no matter what. Same with auto insurance a poor credit score to them means you might cost them money because according to their study people with bad credit or questionable credit according to them is more likely to get in to or cause an accident you think I'm kidding about this look it up. I hope this doesn't effect your job or getting a job. They think and feel if you have poor or bad credit you are likely to get in to Medication trouble either by dealing the med's or stealing or even taking them yourself. They feel if you have money problems and a bad credit score means you have money problems or poor money management you can't make the bills and you will do anything to fix it even lie cheat or steal from an employer. This is what the world is coming to. I hope you get your job and everything is ok. I myself hate doing credit reports for jobs i think and feel it's none of their business.. I wish you luck..., Anthony
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    The End ...This Is The End . My Only Friend The End
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    Touch Me... . Come On Come On Now Touch Me Babe Can't You See That I'm not afraid. Big Doors Fan Here kinda grew up on Santa Monica Pier