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  1. What to do after being fired.

    kay, i feel for you i really do. It sucks being the victim of other people when you yourself has done nothing wrong. I would keep on trying places LTC's and so on. And never talk bad about your last employer. But don't you want to get revenge on t...
  2. shoe recommendation

    New Balance, Skechers Performance, Reebok, and shoe inserts, work for me.. but mostly trial and error when it comes to shoes. There's also a thread about shoes on this very page i do believe. Called Nursing Shoes and Footwear in The Nurse's Thread. G...
  3. Boy I'm awful as a nurse

    Don't beat yourself up over it. As a new nurse everyone doubt's themselves sounds to me your a great nurse or will be a great nurse in time. Just remember if it takes you to read the MAR 3 times then do it... slow down speed will come in time. Like...
  4. Just joined ANA full membership, which includes MO state, but

    Try MONA on Facebook I'm sure there is someone that can help on there. Good Luck.. Anthony
  5. No hospital job after working LTC? True?

    Depending where you live. I started out in a LTC / RCF and Moved in to Psych at our local State Ran Hospital. And all the while i was trying to get in to a hospital. I was tired of being just a babysitter to the people as well as my own aids under me...
  6. Whats Tele?

    Tele is Telephone. I thought they had Tele's in Ireland or is it England? kidding lol. It's what everyone else said i was just trying to be funny.. Anthony
  7. Help! I suck at math!

    Have you tried brainetics, I have teacher friends who swear by this program and it's not just for kids it's for adults as well. I'm not promoing the sight. I'm just saying and i also have a few nurse friends who took the course to get better on their...
  8. Public Service Announcement

    Karma Here, Hey all you AN folks out there, You know it's summer time.. Some of us have elderly people in our life Family, Friends, might even be the people next door. Elderly people can't cool down like the rest of us so do yourself a favor Chec...
  9. Credit check along with background? *****??

    See according to what has been handed down. Your credit to an employer tells them the type of employee you may be. It's all crap and it's a way for Corporate America to violate your private life. Why do i say this.. Well what if your husband had an I...

    The End ...This Is The End . My Only Friend The End

    Touch Me... . Come On Come On Now Touch Me Babe Can't You See That I'm not afraid. Big Doors Fan Here kinda grew up on Santa Monica Pier

    Alabama Song.. Oh show me the way to the next whiskey bar oh don't ask why.
  13. I hate to be the bad guy here. But don't you think it would be best if hospitals didn't pray over a loud speaker. Not everyone shares your religion kinda like a moment of silence. And i agree with Flo. It's hard now a day's to know what is proper an...
  14. Help: Interview with the director of nursing.

    First of remember they are like you and put their scrubs on the same way you do. I think you know how to act Don't get nervous just answer the questions she or he gives you. Interview her as well. Ask her questions sound interested. Remember you have...
  15. The case of the missing pens: A rant and an idea

    This reminds me of a joke about pen's Here we go... Planning to cash her paycheck, a nurse walks into a bank. She reaches into her pocket to pull out a pen to sign her check. Instead of a pen, she finds she has pulled out a rectal thermometer from...