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I was just offered a NICU position on the unit where I recently completed my Practicum! Thank God!

I accepted it, of course. It's the fulfillment of a dream...going right into the NICU as a new grad. It's also a bit frightening!

A million thanks to God, my sweet wife who supported me through school, and all of my friends on for their steady advice and support.

Time for some PF Chang's or something to celebrate! So good to be employed after so long with no job while in nursing school!

congrats!!! take deep breath.....and remember some fancy little treat for the two of you.....take care

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Congratulations and best wishes!


congrats! May this position be all you had hoped for!!

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Congratulations! :monkeydance:

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I officially started my career as a NICU RN today. Though it was just general hospital orientation, it was the first step to starting on the NICU, which I am avidly looking forward to. 7 more days of general orientation till I can report to my unit!

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How exciting! :yeah:I am also a little jealous because I have to wait about 2 months to begin my NICU career. Please keep us posted throughout orientation. I wish you all the best!

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After the long, drawn out years and a set-back or two during nursing school, it seems like everything lately has been just whizzing by. In the blink of an eye, I graduated, got my ATT, was offered this job, took and passed NCLEX, and now have started's all been a blur. :p

Good luck to you~

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Too bad "God" doesn't look over the rest of us, too.

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