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  1. Imafloat

    OMG, I cannot believe it...I need PICU interview tips!

    Make sure you let us know when you hear something! I got all caught up in your thread and I'm wondering how it went.
  2. Imafloat

    Ask a question till reporting nurse can't answer one

    It drives me nuts when they don't pay attention to what I'm saying because they're asking questions that I'll answer by giving them report.
  3. Imafloat

    Quick question

    I'm putting together a resume and I've held 2 nursing jobs in the same hospital. How do I handle this? I'm a member of float staff now, but worked in a unit before this.
  4. Imafloat

    What should I ask while shadowing a NICU nurse?

    Make sure that the questions you ask you know why you are asking them. The nurse you are following is just a person doing their job. They aren't evaluating your interest in the Nicu, they know you want to be there, otherwise you wouldn't have applie...
  5. Imafloat

    Is it made of acid? Fire? Cactus stickers?

    I teach my students and orientees, blood pressure before temperature. They question me, and I tell them, you'll see...they get the temp and totally get it.
  6. Imafloat

    Full Circle, My First Year of Nursing

    I've now been a nurse for 6 years! I come back and read this article sometimes when I'm burned out, because it takes me right back to that time. I've left the NICU, because, get ready for it....... I was BORED! I'm still at the same facility, just...
  7. Imafloat

    Have you ever witnessed a Miracle?

    I have and miracles are what keep me going sometimes.My patient for the day was a 3 week old former 24 weeker with necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). He was septic as well. He may have weighed 2 pounds. We were getting KUBs every 4 hours, because his b...
  8. I don't have a problem with all new grads. I was once a new grad too, a new grad who absorbed everything like a sponge, who didn't tell the veteran nurses that what they were doing was wrong, who saw things that were different than she learned in nur...
  9. Imafloat

    What do you think constitutes insubordination?

    There was a PCA on my old unit like this. I worked in a level III NICU. Once I had a surgeon call and tell me he was on his way up to do a rectal dilation on a patient in 10 minutes and to gather everything. I went to the nursing station and the P...
  10. Imafloat

    Does anyone take Topamax for migraines?

    I was on it for migraines. It stopped the migraines, but I had to go off of it. My side effects were that I felt like I was starving all the time, numb/tingling hands and feet, mental dullness, and I couldn't find all of my words when I needed them...
  11. Imafloat

    Johnson & Johnson commercials

    I am pretty jaded when it comes to the negative politics and crap at work, but I love the reason I went into nursing. I love seeing those cheesy commercials, because they go through the hard walls of my heart, to the tender place and make me proud o...
  12. Imafloat

    liability insurance and nurse organizations

    NSO is who I use and recommend. I've read on here of nurses needing their services and they have always come through. As for associations, what is your specialty?
  13. Imafloat

    Magnet Designation

    I truly believe Magnet is a way administration can pat themselves on the back for a job well done. The patients can't even tell the difference between, housekeeping, nursing, respiratory, even doctors, do you think they understand what magnet status ...
  14. Imafloat

    Staff Satisfaction / Turnover

    Our facility was nominated for the best workplace for working mothers award. The survey for that came the week before my employee (dis)satisfaction survey. I had no idea and was leaving anyway so I was very frank in my answers. Oh my, was there pi...
  15. Imafloat

    Staff Satisfaction / Turnover

    Call me evil but when faced with those questions on a survey I looked to the most brown nosing, administration favorite, know it all, in your face, smug nurse on the unit and matched my demographics as closely to hers as I could.