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  1. TreehuggerRN

    D.o.n addicted to narcs

    Sounds like a bad soap opera. I don't see how he/she gets away with disposing of narcotics alone, usually a pharmacist has to go through a specific process to do this, and in the presence of a nurse.
  2. Well, that's just too bad. Just because people need to vent doesn't mean it's justified. It's kind of like kicking a dog because you're frustrated with something else. Or coming home and abusing your child because you feel stressed out. Some things are just plain wrong, no matter how you cut it up.
  3. This attitude works both ways. People who have no understanding act like losing weight should be like flipping off a light switch. It isn't that cut and dry. That's the problem.
  4. What I find most disturbing (and heartbreaking) about this thread is the vile attitude and utter contempt a lot of nurses seem to have for fat people. Not only that, some of the comments confirm that just because someone has a title after their name does not mean they know what they are talking about, as many of the assumptions and tacky comments and stereotypes reek of IRREVOCABLE IGNORANCE, not to mention a total lack of compassion for a fellow human being. You fat bashers should be ashamed of yourselves. You also need to educate yourselves. Not all (or even most) fat people are selfish gluttons who eat themselves into oblivion because they want to make it hard for "you" to care for them. Their problems-including their weight-often go much much deeper than you apparently are capable of understanding. I'm sorry to be blunt, but this really makes me angry.
  5. TreehuggerRN

    An RN who has a BS vs a BSN does it really matter?

    In the long run, no, but a BSN may help you get your foot in the door over a new ASN.
  6. TreehuggerRN

    Med-Surg Nursing Incredibly Easy?

    I've been offered a position on the med-surg unit (nights). The pay stinks (really bad) and I'm totally not a night person at all but I need the experience and am excited about doing a good job. I've been warned I'll feel overwhelmed at times, but right now I'm looking forward to the excitement and finding a system that will help me really show my stuff out on the floor. I'm eager to do well. My plan is to use med surg to get my foot in NICU (I hope.) How about a PDA? What about books that would be helpful to have?
  7. Well, well, well... www.wsbtv.com/news/21677645/detail.html
  8. I called and actually got an interview this evening. It was the DON/NM and director of the rehab unit. They want me to come back tomorrow for a "peer interview." They did tell me to not expect I'd be making anywhere near what I'm making at my current job, which worries me. They commented on how nervous I was and I told them it is just my nature (and it is.) I have a prescription for Xanax but I really do not like taking it, though while my hands were flittering around and I was chattering like a fruitcake I realize I probably should have for this interview. I will for tomorrow's interview. They commended me on my enthusiasm. I was asked what team work meant to me and they said they really liked my response (I said something about building each other up and sometimes catching something else one of your co-workers missed and fixing it without announcing it over the loud speaker...) The NM said they actually had one applicant respond that teamwork to her meant that people would help her when she was behind. I guess that's not what they wanted to hear. I was so nervous when I left it was hard to catch my breath (I do suffer from panic attacks), but the people there were very nice and welcoming. Thank you to all who have offered advice. I also noticed that where I work now, the DON's attitude toward me is definitely different. I can't help that, I have to think of my own future and personal growth.
  9. TreehuggerRN

    Please use some common sense on Facebook.

    We recently had an inservice and this was one of the topics. Not very smart.
  10. TreehuggerRN

    Please don't expect CNAs to

    Two people shouldn't even be lifting a person that big. Your facility needs a lift.
  11. It's hard to leave something when it never started in the first place, isn't it?
  12. I've got it so easy at this job (most of the time) that I feel guilty taking a check. I'm like the nurse on stand-by, I've been a life saver to them more than once when there has been a call-in or a crisis on the weekend. I'm here at work now looking on the internet and they never give me any grief over it. The DON (who is a he, by the way) says that hospital is awful, but I learned from a co-worker his NM position was phased out and he didn't want to work the floor so that is why he left. I know I would not make as much at this hospital, but I think the experience would be a lot more than I'm getting here. I'm wondering if they would let me work PRN?
  13. With no acute care experience I feel the time has come to expand my horizons. I applied to a hospital in my neighborhood and got a call back to come in for an interview. I know the DON used to work at this hospital so I asked about working at this hospital. "Oh, you don't want to work there...I was a nurse manager there and it's one of the worst hospitals I've ever been in. You need to stay here with me and help me run this place (then had to add) you're one of the best nurses we've got." I asked some of my co-workers and got a different response. Several of them have family members employed there or know someone who is employed there and not one of them told me anything negative. I know just because I've gotten an interview that doesn't mean I'm hired, but I hate the guilt trip being put on me. What would be worse is if I got this job and it didn't work out and I'd come back with my tail between my legs looking for my job back and it wouldn't be there. Beside the advice to follow my heart and all that, anyone been in a similar situation?
  14. TreehuggerRN

    What have other nurses done that have freaked you out?

    We have an older lpn who's charting kind of makes you cringe. She charted, "Resident had skin tear to right elbow and I fixed it." This is just one example.
  15. TreehuggerRN

    Unreasonable family members in the nursing home?

    I think it's pretty rotten to call up administration and tell a lie, like the old creep who called up and said he came in at 10:30am (when it was 8:30) because it would add drama to his assertion that his wife had been sitting in poop since 5:30am.
  16. TreehuggerRN

    I should have gone to med school! (rant)

    I know how you feel. I was just talking about making a choice between family and career and that I just couldn't abandon my children. So, yes, I feel like I settled as far as a career goes but I'm trying to make the best of it.