Newbie--intro and questions


Hi everyone! I am Jenna! I am starting nursing school in the fall (Middle of Sept) and was so glad to find this forum! I am sure we can be a great resource to eachother!!!!

I had a few questions...

Are you getting your LPN? RN? BSN? (Me--BSN)

What kind of nursing do you want to go into? (Me--L&D)

Have you already taken pre-reqs or are you doing them at the same time? (Me--I already took them all so just nursing classes and clinicicals for me--thank goodness!)

Are you nervous? (Me--YES!!!!!!!!!)

Well, anyway, it was great to find you all and I look forward to getting to know everyone! Anyone else from Washington state or the NW area?

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Welcome, hippienurse! :)



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Welcome to Allnurses! :balloons:


a kindred spirit



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A kindred spirit indeed! That is one of my fave lines of all time--I have it on my checks! :lol


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Hi! Welcome. I have my ADN but am working on the BSN very slowly (been 15 years now. LOL). Currently working in med-surg trauma. I took all pre-reqs and co-reqs prior to starting nursing school. I'm finishing up the co-reqs prior to entering a RN to BSN program.

Yes, I was quite nervous.

Good luck!!!

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Welcome Jenna!

I'm getting my BSN. Prereqs were done a year ago. I start back to school in about 3 weeks. Congrats!



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i'm getting my adn and hopefully will graduate may 2005. my dream job would be in labor & delivery but i think i want to work my first year in med-surg. i took most of my pre-req's before i started my nursing classes. all except microbiology and i am taking that this fall semester along w/med-surg. i couldn't imagine taking all those pre-req's right along with the nursing stuff. :eek:

:nurse: 2be2005


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Hi Jenna! And welcome!

I'm a LPN working toward my BSN.

I hope to eventually go into surgical nursing (I think).

98% of pre-reqs are done. I have 6-8 credit hours in cultural diversity and electives due still, but they are scheduled right in with my classes.


am I nervous? Somehow, no, not really. "Anxious" to get started is more the word. I've been in school now for 4 years and find that I am bored if I am NOT there or studying! :)

Good Luck to you! :)


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Welcome! I'm an LPN student. Not terribly nervous anymore, except right before a test. :chuckle I've been in school for a month now.



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I am in an ADN program and start my Nursing classes this fall. I took all pre-req's allready. Actually I need a 3 credit elective and some gym credits but other than that I am done. I will take an online class for my elective, and for the gyms I hope to fit in golf or raquetball or something to reduce some stress as I go.

As far as being nervous...I don't get nervous about such things. Nor should you....if you made it this far in life you already know how, what, where and when you need to do certain things to succeed. Nursing school is know different. Study hard, pay attention to small details and you will be fine.

With all that said, I think it's time for my afternoon Valium...:p

Good luck and best wishes, dave


Welcome to the board! I am in a BSN program and have completed all of the prerequisite classes. After I graduate, I would like to work in the NICU. I will be entering nursing school next month and yes, I am very nervous but at the same time excited.

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