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30, female, happily 5 years, mother of two beautiful girls!

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  1. How do you know....?

    I am curious if you know which option number tests for what? I always do option number 1, but after going back to work and being off narc restriction, they started doing an occasional option #3. Her reasoning was it being needed to check for fentanyl...
  2. There is no way it is safe to have a pt pushing on her own. At our hospital we are always at a 1:1 ratio unless they are very early cervical ripening inductions!!! Everything else we watch one on one. I can see possible taking 2 if needed, depending ...
  3. Pre- employment drug testing

    When I got my job I was taking my chronic pain meds, and had PRN xanax for anxiety. I was no longer taking the xanax except for rare cases (maybe once in 6 months?) but told them anyway. I had a doctors note stating I had been on my maintenance pain ...
  4. Any ideas? Please help!

    I just wonder why they didn't fire me day one, yannow? I would be happy to go back to work with my co-workers. They know ME and they know this doesn't define me. Some of them aren't so nice but alot are and I look forward to earning their trust back.
  5. Any ideas? Please help!

    Thanks everyone. I know recovery is #1. My post was more centered on whether anyone had any experience with the facility not firing the person right after admission to diversion, letting them be on leave and get treatment and get into monitoring. And...
  6. Any ideas? Please help!

    On June 25th I was taken out of work by my manager. I was told there was a "red flag" about narcotic pulls, etc. I caved immediately and admitted I had diverted and wanted help. I am a chronic pain sufferer, on pain meds and had been very stressed ou...
  7. Postpartum hemorrhage kit

    Hmmmmm, very interesting to read what people use in their *kits*. Our PPH kit is just a med kit we are required to have in the room once in active labor. It has 800mcg of cytotec, 10mg IM pit, methergine (0.25mg I think?) It might be a good idea to h...
  8. Part-time L&D RN residency (Seattle)

    There really isn't anyway to train into a specialty unit part time, at least not effectively in my opinion...you have to get alot of time and alot of patients day in and day out to get a good orientation and learn all you need to know...But that is o...
  9. How did you know you REALLY should be a nurse?

    I became a nurse ONLY to be a L&D nurse. I did fine in clinicals, it is helpful to learn all aspects of nursing, but as soon as I was out of school I went directly to women's services. You don't need to be interested in other aspects of nursing, ...
  10. Pbds

    This is a computerized (usually) assessment tool that many hospitals use. For regular employees they use this as a tool for orientation. They test you before you begin work. If you used to work med/surg, the test they give you will be on med-surg nur...
  11. I just wanted to say I totally love this forum and have been *hiding out* and reading forums since I was still in nursing school. I posted a few times here and there and always got great answers. But just reading thru posts has given me a wealth of i...
  12. Chaperone or not during exam

    Where I go that is the same, the is always a second person to observe so that both are protected.
  13. Easy...?

    I must preface that I am a good test taker. I also did 200 plus test questions a day and took a three day intensive study session. I got the minimum amount of questions. Nothing too hard. Nothing too memorable. I got 5-7 "check all that apply", I got...
  14. What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    My next girl child will be called Sunshine Daydream. Call me weird, but I choose to give my child a name I like and find unique. And remember, someone made all these names up at one point, its not like there are a set number that are OK, and the rest...
  15. What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    If some "power that be" tried to tell me what I could or could not name my baby, there would be big trouble. That is not legal!!!!