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  1. Staffing Rant...

    so- i work on a rehab floor in a medium size hospital. i do 2X16 qwkend and tomorrow morning we will have 2 nurses; 1 pca and 15 pts... mind you the charge I will be working with is "restricted" in physical labor due to "injuries" so I know she wil...
  2. What is your least favorite kind of med-surg patient?

    Anyone with allergies to Toradol, Demorol, Motrin, Codiene, Tylenol....etc and on the button every 1 hr 50 minutes for thier 2 mgs of IVP MSO4. Oh, and complain that the Ms. Dash didn't come with thier tray and can I have a diet coke, my bed needs ...
  3. Just cancelled contract-LPN-RN

    with the college network - Call it buyer's remorse followed by some not so postive feedback. Well, that and 5400 for a bunch of study guides seemed absurd even with "guarantee". :uhoh21: I am looking for opinions :) regarding the best distance ed...
  4. college network

    I just signed up and am looking for anyone that used them vs. just going straight through excelsior for the LPN-RN program. What did you think? Thanks in advance - :) Kate
  5. male labor and delivery nurses

    Me too: 3 kids, homebirth, midwife - I controlled who saw my cootchie and when. There was a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally hot debate on this a couple of years ago on the board. A male LD nurse was part of the discussion. Look through the archives and see ...
  6. "college network" lpn-rn

  7. Lansing nurses:

    Just wanted to tell you thanks for all the great information. Now time will tell. Kate
  8. "college network" lpn-rn

    have any of you used them for their study guides? LPN - RN? what did you think? Thanks, Kate
  9. Britney demanding background checks for her L&D nurses..

    the part about "serving" her is what really chaps my #@%. please - someone - kill me now.
  10. Lansing nurses:

    We are thinking about relocating our family to Lansing. I suppose I am looking for general info regarding hopital nursing in Lansing: where you work, neighborhoods you like and why, cool things to do with the kiddos - really anything : ) Any help/a...
  11. Durango Nurses : )

    We are looking at possibly moving to Heartwood Co-housing in Durango. I am an LPN with hospital experience and am willing to do staff relief or home health. Thanks in advance - Kate
  12. Med-Surg Topic of the Week .... Nurse to Patient Ratios

    I think so... On our floor the most we get on days is 7 - and that can be insane if you have a patient on peritonial dialysis...or someone who needs suctioning or a really needy family... or a lot of diabetics... or a lot of pain meds.... The acuity...
  13. Game: Name that smelly drug

    Hands down - Mucomyst.... Man is that bad - it takes weeks to get it out of a room if the pt is getting regular nebs... I don't know how they take it PO - :uhoh21: juice just doesn't cut it.
  14. Room service anyone?

    One thing on the plus side.... It would save me from the frequent flyer, handwritten menu, I need this now pt. Sometimes a couple of folks like this on a shift with a super busy aide can put me in the weeds.
  15. really worried........

    As my midwife explained and showed me.... when you deliver a baby face up the presenting part of the head is not the crown it is the front of the forehead and the top of the skull...which is a bit in larger diameter - hence a 6 1/2 # baby "feels" lik...