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  1. Took the Beast today

    So he good news is... I passed/ :pumpiron: Now I need to find anew hobby. Good luck to the rest of you. dave
  2. Took the Beast today

    So here it goes... 108 questions, the machine shuts off and I want the question back...Time out I think I said...but the blue screen of death was staring me in the face. Then they have the gall to ask me to fill out a survey...:trout: No calculatio...
  3. NCLEX Wednesday Morning

    So to those of you who took the exam, what did you think? Harder than school exams? Easier? I am taking it in two days and just want to get it over with. I graduated top in my class and am tired of studying at this point. When I do the review que...
  4. Finally made it!!!

    Pinning was last Wednesday and Nursing School is over... Sold my business and will be wrapping things up during June and July. I hope to take the NCLEX exam in July. Then I am taking August completely off and starting at Montefiore Hospital Emerg...
  5. Attention May 2006 Graduates

    I have started the interview process. I want ER in a big Medical Center which we have a few of in the NYC area. Never realized my GPA and my outside interests would matter so much. For ER positions in these places it is very competitive for new g...
  6. Frustration in lab

    Ditto...I said Foley in female PATIENT.
  7. Frustration in lab

    We have had many discussions about this type of thing. The answer to your question is NO, we can not all be adults all the time. If you look at the wrong person the wrong way you will be accused of being a pervert. There was a recent thread about ...
  8. What is your program's grading system?

    Clinical pass/fail lecture 75% to pass some classes have 2 unit exams worth 25% of grade each and a cummulative final worth 50%. Other classes have 3 unit exams worth 17% each and a final worth 50%. Either way the final can make or break you.
  9. 3 down...1 to go!!!

    Last exam of the semester was last night. 3 semesters down, and 1 to go. I hope everyone has a very Happy Holiday Season and a Great New Year!!! :biggringi :balloons: :cheers: :smiley_aa Dave :icon_cool
  10. "I didn't know you were gay"

    Marc. dont rally your cause at my expense. Personally I don't know any gay male nurses. i know a few gay male hair dressers, anitique dealers and I employ a gay graphic designer. I just wish...perhaps with rose colored glasses...that we could stop...
  11. "I didn't know you were gay"

    ZASH.. I agree with everything you say except the part about stereotypes. We have become a very multicultural, politically correct society that does not live by stereotypes. And I hate when people who are fighting to avoid being stereotyped single ...
  12. NJNURSING... We are just not going to let YOU have the last word.:chuckle
  13. "I didn't know you were gay"

    All I can say is... Who the heck cares if you are gay or straight. And your comment . "I think it is still more acceptable for gay men to enter nusing compared to straight men because we don't have to worry all that much about people thinking we'r...
  14. Thank You :)
  15. I said in my first post I did not want to start a war here and I did not mean to do that. As I said in my first post, my second post, my third post and now this post if the guy is a perv than fry his behind. I have complimented the original poster fo...