New Grad willing to work ANYWHERE! Where's hiring and doesn't have 1000's of apps???


I don't care what state, rural or city, day or night or both, what department. If there's a hospital on the dark side of the moon that'll hire me, when's the next flight? I am really terrified of being unemployed and remaining so and am willing to go ANYWHERE. Is there somewhere left in the US that doesn't have a huge glut of new grads? I unfortunately live in the bay area in CA which appears to have the worst new grad to new grad job ratio in the country, and southern california isn't looking much better. Can someone please direct me to either specific regions, states, or hospitals that would likely hire a new grad?? Pay doesn't matter, as long as I have enough for food & shelter. Honestly, at this point I'd consider working for free just to get some experience. Thanks in advance :)


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ARE you a new RN or LPN?


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There was a recruiter that came to our school from Bronsville, Texas and he said that there are tons of new grad openings. I am not sure what hospital it was at but call around and ask. There are a few of my classmates that are getting paid to fly down there for an interview. They are even giving huge sign on bonuses with relocation packages. Brownsville is literally right on the border of Mexico and Texas so that might be why they have so many openings. They offer free spanish classes as well. Hope that helps. Good luck:)


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Someone posted something about working in Indiana but I just got done with my school in northern Indiana and alot of the hospitals are on hiring freezes. You can try but I am not sure if they are hiring right now.


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I live in North Dakota and there are not many nurses in the state without a job. There are many rural hospitals that are desperate for nurses and are giving sign on bonuses. The hospitals in the larger towns are also in need of help. So, there are options! Good luck!

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You should look at Reno Nevada, its not too far from the bay area right? 4 hours or so? I did some travel out there years ago and I keep getting emails about all the open positions offering me some relocation package.

The 2 hospitals I worked at out there were pretty nice, used to be called Washoe, but now is Renown I believe.

Anyways heres a link to their openings-currently about 62 or so. I think they offer relocation packages:

Good luck!!


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Texas has quite a few grad positions especially in the dallas area that ive seen lately.

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I'm in upstate NY near the Finger Lakes, and am graduating in a couple of weeks. Most of my classmates and I were snapped up by several facilities in the southern tier of NY and the northern tier of PA. In fact I think only three or four of my classmates are not with offers only because they haven't applied anywhere. Our class was recruited heavily. I'm told that nurses who want to work aren't having any difficulty finding positions.

I wish you lots of good luck.


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Well I am a new grad. in VA, willing to work AND I have two degrees... and no luck. I have had some interviews and all went well, but the hospitals tell me that they have NOTHING for new grads. There are TONS of jobs in my area for experienced nurses, but none for new grads. It's bad. So I am willing to work, but no luck. :crying2:


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Wichita Ks,,, come to the land if Oz.... seriously!!

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