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  1. nurse901

    CO. Springs Experienced RN pay?

    Hello, I'm a Colorado resident moving to the Springs next year . I've been told the pay is lower in the Springs . How low is it ? I'm a Critical Care Nurse with 7 years experience. In addition to the pay I'm interested in benefits offered and hearing personal experiences in the hospitals . I will be close to Memorial North and St. Francis. Opinions please. Thanks so much !
  2. nurse901

    Magnet status

    Oh and to add to the above the Magnet hospitals hire primarily BSN prepared nurses . The only difference of an ADN vs. BSN are just a few management classes and community health . There are no major RN classes /clinicals being taken out of the ADN curriculum . I have my BSN and some of the best nurses I work with are ADN . It boggles my mind when a hospital turns down an exceptional RN who has great experience just because he/she has an ADN. Then they hire a new grad BSN instead just because they have a BSN. Experience is more valuable then the letters . Nothing against new grads at all (I recently was one and it's tough out there.) My venting comes from very experienced nurses voicing their frustration over not being hired because of their degree , even with many years of great experience .
  3. nurse901

    Magnet status

    I took a job at another hospital because it was Magnet . Previous hospital was not Magnet. Honestly , after working at a Magnet for 4 years now I do believe it's just for show . I really enjoy my job , especially cause of my co -workers but in terms of increased RN satisfaction, pay etc... I would say it really lacks . Our turn over is very high! If Magnet really is what the hospital says it is then I certainly would see a way better staff retention or at least a plan for it .
  4. nurse901

    Frustrated new grad...Jobless in Miami =(

    Hi Crystal , I just logged in today and saw your post . Reading about your current situation brought me back to 2009 post graduation . I remember the many months of frustration and frankly feeling depressed because of no places hiring new grads and nurse being laid off. 200+ apps and 5 months later I finally got a job . We barely were making it month to month but some how we did . I say this to you cause there is hope . I know it may not seem like it but keep plugging away and eventually you will get something . In the meantime spend as much time with your family and try to do fun things too . Hang in there! Good luck and God Bless. I'm here to give you encouragement and support .
  5. Hey everyone , We are planning on moving to the Springs from the Denver area . I don't know much about the hospitals in that area so any info would be helpful . I have 6 years of RN experience and 4 in ICU. My desire is to stay in the ICU. Thx for any info .
  6. nurse901

    Info about P/SL and St. Josephs in Denver

    Hi Franco81, I worked at PSL for a few years 2009-2011. Hopefully I can give you some helpful information. If you are considering NICU then PSL is the best in the Denver area. PSL has a good reputation in the community for their NICU. Now granted I haven't been at PSL since 2011 but at that time most of the nurses were not too fond of the administration there. That being said, I found that the majority of the nursing staff were very friendly and helpful. I started as a new grad so that says alot. One of my friends recently had a baby on the L&D unit there. The unit is very sterile looking, non-inviting. They take high risk so you get good experience but the unit needs a major update. Swedish Hospital on the other hand was just recently renovated and is a beautiful unit. They also take high risk. I had my daughter there recently and had EXCELLENT care. The nurses that I had were fantastic. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  7. nurse901

    Vanderbilt's Nurse Residency Program

    Angel-RN1, I am not sure if you will get this message because it's about a month late. You wrote me a message regarding an offer you received from Vanderbilt after being placed on the waitlist. I wanted to Congratulate you on the news. That is fantastic. I just looked on this website because I was curious if someone had received an offer because I declined the position. I am so happy to hear the great news. It seems to have worked out for the both of us. YAY!!!!!!!! Good luck at Vanderbilt. I am sure you will love it.
  8. nurse901

    Vanderbilt's Nurse Residency Program

    Hello everyone..thanks for all your comments. This is such a great supportive thread we have going here. I wish you all good luck on your future careers. Please keep us all updated.
  9. nurse901

    Vanderbilt's Nurse Residency Program

    Hey Everyone, I received a job offer for the Critical Care track at Vanderbilt on Tuesday:)It was a true blessing to receive this e-mail. I am writing this to the people that were placed on a waiting list to give you all some hope. I understand how discouraging it can be to go through this process but to not be selected. I just received a job offer elsewhere (a few weeks ago) and therefore will not be accepting the position for the job at Vanderbilt. This means that I am giving up my spot so therefore someone on the waiting list will be able to take it. I hope that gives someone a glimmer of hope. I am sorry for all the people that were denied a spot for the residency program or will not be asked to be placed from the wait list into the program. I want to give you all encouragement during this difficult time. I was one of the last people from my graduating class to actually get a job so I understand how depressing and frustrating it can be when it feels like everyone is getting a job but you. Good luck to all of you and remember to keep up the hope.
  10. nurse901

    My First Code

    That was great to read that. It seems like you handled the situation in the best way possible considering you are a new grad and it was your first code. Thank you for sharing that with us. It is amazing how you can have an adrenaline rush during situations like this and then when it's all over you feel alot of emotions. I remember when I first experienced a death in the hospital. It did not get to me until I got into my car to leave. I just started crying and could not believe that the patient I cared for all day had just passed away. You def look at life differently after you see something like you experienced. Thank you for posting this. I am a new grad and it was nice to hear stories like this. Good luck to you:)
  11. nurse901

    Seton New Grad Residency Program?

    Can someone tell me about the Seton New Grad program in Austin?? I just applied to it today and was curious on how competitive it is for the October program??? I really hope I get a call because it seems like a GREAT program. Thank you!!!
  12. nurse901

    job interview coming up

    Definitely dress up professionally for the interview. This will show that you really want the job.
  13. It def is not just you. I am a new grad and I am having a heck of a time trying to find a job. I am trying not to get upset about it but it really takes a toll on you after a while. Good luck!!! I really hope you can find something.
  14. nurse901

    New Grad's and Jobs - HELP!!

    Hang in there Jellyfish111:D. I am in the same boat and have found myself getting extremely frustrated by the entire situation. However, I would like to pass on some info that I have received from nursing recruiters from many Denver area hospitals. I graduated in May (as many new grads did) and now unfortunatly there is a major influx of new grads. When talking with the recruiters they said that there should be openings this Fall. I know that is probably too long to wait but it feels as if that is the only clear answer I am receiving right now. I was looking for jobs even before I passed the NCLEX and still have not had any luck. I have now applied to about 50 jobs and have not had one interview. I have my BSN and have at least four years of CNA experience but still nothing. I know how frustrating it is so try to just hang in there for the meantime. Are you being broad with your search or are you just applying to a certain area within the hospital? I am interested in ICU but I came to the conclusion that in a time like this I may have to work in Med/surg unit to start with, which I am fine with. Keep your options open and keep the faith. You will get a job but it may just take a little time. If you decide to work as a CNA (in order to get your foot in the door) just make sure you are covered by laws that protect you in case something happens in your presence. Basically protect your nursing license because even though you are under a CNA status you could be charged for malpractice if you do something incorrect. They may be able to come back and say that you are an RN and therefore you should have known what to do. I have no idea if this is 100% correct but you have to be really careful these days. Check with the hospital and nursing state board first before you choose to go the direction of a CNA with an RN license. You worked hard for that so protect it as much as you can. You can do it. Good luck. So sorry for the long message. I hope this helped you.
  15. nurse901

    New Grad...No job and have no clue what to do

    Thanks tutored:) That is very helpful. I am actually getting alot of job leads now. Not sure if one will stick but I am definitely seeing a better market than a month ago. I hope that you can find a job back in Colorado. I just love this state. I am sure you won't have a problem since you already have nursing experience. Have a great day and thanks again for your reply. I appreciate the time you took to write it.
  16. nurse901

    New Grad...No job and have no clue what to do

    Thanks nattrgrl!!! That is very encouraging. Yeh it is definitely a tough market out there. I have considered moving to Texas as well because I have heard that there are openings down there. Hopefully we can both nail a job soon. I am so sorry that you are going through the same thing. I know how frustrating it is but I am sure you will get a job soon enough. Good luck and thanks again for the note. I really appreciate it:D.