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  1. icyounurse

    Are You Popular At Work?

    I am pretty popular:spin: But I think it has less to do with my stunning personality and good lucks (haha) and more to do with the fact that I am in the staffing pool and keep whatever floor I am sent to from being quite so short staffed:specs:
  2. It seems like it could be possible, but there is no way to know how your individual experience is going to go. And honestly, I seriously doubt you are going to want to work after 2 weeks with a newborn AND major abdominal surgery?? My OB told me it would be 6-8 weeks before they will give me a release to work form if I have to get a section. Also, just FYI you will not find a day care to take a 2 week old baby (rightfully so, their immune function is not up to snuff) and it is highly unlikely that breast feeding will be well established enough to be able to continue it if you try to work such long shifts. I make more $$ than hubby and we had to scrimp and save to be able for me to stay home for a decent maternity leave (my job has no benefits as its a pool position), but I think its really necessary. You may want to look into other options financially besides counting on the fact that you will be able to work 2 weeks after a section.
  3. icyounurse

    MRSA again- Are You Kidding Me???

    Umm, if there is no isolation equipment available- why even bother with "precautions"?? Wear a resident gown, really?? Granted I do think that sometimes precautions arent necessary as the previous poster stated when they have been on Vanc and are on them for previous colonizations that arent active, but if they place someone on precautions with no supplies.......that just seems kinda pointless. Most places I have worked its the opposite problem-its an act of congress to get them taken away, only infection control can remove the precautions once they have been ordered and thats only after 3 negative cultures at least 3 days apart....meanwhile no one really worries about the massive supplies being wasted.
  4. icyounurse

    Follow up on CALSTAR airway incident

    Really sad, but thats what I was thinking. Again without knowing the whole story I can only speculate, but I get the impression the patient was probably doomed no matter what the nurses did or did not do.
  5. icyounurse


    I know from personal experience if you have lived in multiple states (I have) it really adds alot of time to the background check process, so maybe could be part of the problem. I would not hesitate to call hr. Who cares if they think you are nagging?? You will never see those people again once you start anyways. Not that I think your situation would constitute nagging, I am sure they are used to much more annoying people and would not take it that way.
  6. icyounurse

    floating between departments ie med/surg to nicu

    oops misread a post
  7. I did mine at the local University here: University of South Alabama. The online part is 3 semesters (1 year) and its pretty affordable since its a state school. There are some prereqs and clinicals required however, but overall I was satisfied.
  8. icyounurse

    Decided to go Medical Assistant and discouraged

    Same here. In fact, CNA's make a little bit more even if they work in hospitals in my area and not a nursing home.
  9. icyounurse

    License endorsements..pls help

    I have personally never worked one, but when I was travel nursing they told us about certain states that offer immediate licensure as an RN if you have all your paperwork when you arrive. I will copy and paste some info here from a website I found regarding this: "Provided all paperwork is in order--and an applicant has a current, active license and no encumbrances--a temporary license can be acquired by walk through or in as little as one day in California, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Vermont. Depending on each of these state's individual policies, fees vary and temporary licensure may be valid for as little as eight weeks or as long as six months. Keep in mind, too, that there may be additional requirements to meet. For instance, a nurse must make an appointment with the Board of Nursing in North Carolina to obtain a temporary license, even though it's recognized as a "walk through" state. Other states give nurses similar opportunities. Those who are interested in practicing in the Last Frontier, for example, can contact the Alaska Board of Nursing to schedule an appointment for a walk through. And while temporary licensure is not issued in Virginia, RNs who wish to practice there are able to work under any current license for up to 30 days, the maximum length of time to process a permanent license in the Old Dominion State. " Hope this helps!!
  10. icyounurse

    License endorsements..pls help

    When I got my Florida license by endorsement it took 2 months....... But I have heard about states like California that are "walk-through" states. Maybe you should look into that.
  11. icyounurse

    ER's Turn Non-Emergencies Away?

    I have to agree that using an ER for non-emergencies is just plain fiscally irresponsible. If you dont have insurance and cant afford a doctor, how can you afford an ER bill?? Geez. I do think that in order for this to be successful, there should be a list of urgent care clinics, free clinics, doctors offices that do sliding scales ect in the immediate area to be provided to these folks, with a handy map,as they apparently dont have the resources to research it on their own often times. Many of these people may just need some education.
  12. icyounurse

    Alabama to Florida

    No, just go to the Florida board of nursing's website and search for "liscensure by endorsement". You dont retake the boards to get a license in another state, but you do have to fill out a bunch of paperwork and send in fingerprints and about 200 bucks if memory serves me correctly. It can take a couple of months to get it. Good luck!!
  13. icyounurse

    End-of-Life Education for the family?

    I dont know what the official answer here is, but as an ICU nurse who has been placed in that position often I think it really just depends on the situation. However, I always tell them they need to discuss their wishes with the docs. Sometimes with certain families I dont breech this type of discussion at all if the situation isnt right. But if a family member asks me specific questions about their end of life options, I always answer honestly and simply. I have never had a doctor be upset at me for it. Quite the opposite- many are more than relieved to have that DNR order as it is more appropriate for so many of our elderly frail terminal patients.
  14. icyounurse

    Pt./Family Comments that Leave You Speechless

    LOL, no you can't. I went on maternity leave before he passed, so I am still not sure what happened there. I am sure it was pretty bad...........