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Prettyladie specializes in Emergency.

Proud Mother. New Grad RN in T-minus 10 days :)

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  1. Prettyladie

    Parkland Residency's for January 2013

    Parkland just sent me the sample contract and info about ED residency. There was 20+ people cc in the email. I just declined my spot in the reply of the email so keep up the hopes that might be called! Good luck!
  2. When I had my interview they didn't ask me any clinical questions and I still got the job. So don't feel bad. My interview was very laxed, we talked about when I lived in Europe, and Kate and William, very casual.
  3. I heard that there was such a high turn over rate with people leaving during and after the internship before contract was up, and they were losing money. I'm not sure how true that is though.
  4. Prettyladie

    What's your patient load?

    Level 1 in Texas at my facility 4:1 with no trauma room. 3:1, if you are assigned to trauma that day.
  5. Prettyladie

    Should I Stay or Should I Go?

    Not to cause a riot between you and your husband, but I think that's a terrible decision. You wil essentially hate our job. I only wanted ER when I graduated, and at all costs, so ultimately I ended up having to move outside of Dallas for a year, and now I'm coming back actually next week! So if Peds is what you want stay with it. I think you should stay, and wait until you hear back, if essentially you are ot burned out. Trust and assure, you will be burned out quicker in a specialty you don't want before you will staying with your job which essentially is evolved around pediatrics. Just my opinion.
  6. Was yours June 2012? Or June 11. Mine was Jan 2012, so if those were the rates that you were given then it went up, but if it was the year before then yeah it did go down..
  7. Those rates were for us in January, so it may have changed! It was 18, for GN, then when we passed boards it was 20, then 24.90 when we got off. Who knows, at least they know base is 24.90 :)
  8. Prettyladie

    I need advice. Switching ERs.

    Thank you so much for that! I'm just nervous!
  9. Anytime. Any other questions just DM me.
  10. My friend's was 8 weeks. Mine was 16, but I was in the ED. And yes there is a contract. I believe Med-Surg is a year. Mine was 18 months.
  11. Prettyladie

    First interview for the ED, help!

    Ask how you will be evaluated in your program, will you have more than one preceptor. Will you have an opportunity to rate them. Ask if you feel uncomfortable at the end of the residency, can it be extended.
  12. Prettyladie

    First interview for the ED, help!

    I've had several panel interviews. All ethical based questions. Tell me about a time when you had a difficult patient, how dd you handle it. Tell me about a time you were an advocate for a patient. Tell me about a time you had a difficult situation with a coworker. It' wasn't until I graduated and had some experience did I start getting questions like, your patient is exhibiting these symptoms what is this indicaive of, and what do you as a RN do, what is your order of priority, or what rhythm is this, what s/s would your patient have and what med and what dosage would you give? But usually, new grad, or new RN, I've been asked, Why such and such hospital, tell me what you know about our facility. Hope this helps!
  13. Prettyladie

    I need advice. Switching ERs.

    I have been a RN right around a year at another Level 1 facility in the ER. Went through an internship, 16 weeks, and all that jazz, and now I'm moving back to the City, and will be working in another Level 1 ER. I don't know what it is, but I'm nervous. The the acuity will be different, as far as patient population, and the amount of patient's seen in a day. My facility is right around 50 beds, and the one I am going to is 80. The nurse patient ratio is still 4:1, but I feel like due to the patient volume, my prioritization will be slower. I don't know maybe I'm getting too worked up. If any of you have changed facilities, what did you do to prepare, so you can be on top of the game and be able to pick up where you left off? I'm still a fairly new nurse, and hopefully I don't freeze up. Luckily, they use the exact same charting system as the hospital I'm coming from, so that's a plus, but I've not been "precepted", except while being in the internship, so I guess my question is, what should I expect while being oriented at a new facility? What is the ideal goal of the RN that I will be with? Just showing me the workings of that hospital, and how they operate, or will she actually "precept" me, because I'm only one year out. If any of you have taken on a new employee from another hospital, how did you go about it? Any pointers, much appreciated. Job starts Dec 17! Thanks AN.
  14. If you are a GN pay is 18, if you are a RN, the pay is 20, until you get off of internship, then it goes to 24.90, which is base for Staff nurse.
  15. Prettyladie

    Parkland Residency's for January 2013

    Hopefully you will hear something soon. I wish the opportunity would work out with my schedule, but it just doesnt. Good luck to everyone. I was so excited to know at least this time they wanted me! But on the other hand, I start my new job Dec 17! :))
  16. Prettyladie

    Parkland Residency's for January 2013

    After CAREFUL CAREFUL consideration. I will be giving up my spot in the ED residency. I have decided to pursue other opportunities. Good luck to the rest of you and your career goals.