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Hey everyone, i just had to vent about being nervous and scared as tonight will be my first night off orientation and on my own!! i guess all i can do is hope for the best!! thanks for listening!!


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what make you feel nervous and scared ?


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New jobs are always stressful!

When I start getting nervous, I try to nail down what is making me feel that way. Am I worried I'll make a mistake? Worried I won't measure up? Unsure of myself? What? When you can get it into a sentence, it is easier to deal with. "I am nervous because . . ."

Give yourself a big hug. I'll bet you will do just great! :nurse: :blushkiss

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((((((((((Amanda,RN)))))))))))) There is nothing at all unusual about the way you are feeling, so relax as much as you can....remember to keep breathing so you don't faint on your first night off orientation.......and smile before your patients while holding your chin up.....walking tall...and carry that look of confidence in every patient room you enter. Bet you'll do just fine! :kiss :nurse:


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It WILL be ok.....we all went thru this and from what you see here, we all survived. As you know, your learning is far from over. Don't be afraid to ask what you don't know and seek help where you feel you are sinking. Don't let the naysayers get you down and believe in yourself. I have confidence you will do very well; just give it time. We are here for you!:)

Amanda, hang in there, you will do great! I vividly recall being off my orientation and "flying solo" 4 years ago. Oh the jitters! LOL!

What my precepetors told me then, and I what I tell the new RNs now is this,"You never stop learning with nursing. Anytime you are unsure or have a question, just ask another nurse for help."

I have always felt that the best nurses are those that ask for help! So, even though you are off orientation, there are still resources there to guide you. You are never alone. Nursing is a team effort. There are RNs with 20+ years experience who still bounce ideas and questions off eachother. True, those first few months can be hard, because it's all new. But you will learn something new each day. And each time you learn something new, it gets just a little bit easier for the next time!

;-) Good luck! I'm sure you will do fantastic! :)


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Hi Amanda,

Good Luck!!!! First days on the job are always stressful.

Just keep thinking to yourself that after a few weeks you'll be an ol' pro at it!

You'll do fine. All that theory (well, most of it anyway!) will start to come together and you'll understand the reason behind practice.

Good luck!

"It's all about the patient"


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amanda, i do wish you well.

Cheerfuldoer hit it rigt on the head, keep breathing. Breathing makes everything go better. Focus on breathing. Keep everyone breathing, includng yourself, and you'll all make it.

Good luck. It does get easier. And that's the truth.


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I feel sorry for you amanrn. Everyone has a first time, in reality. Welcome and embrace it. It's your ONLY friend that will ALWAYS tell the truth. Amen :-(


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If you're lucky, you have the kind of nurses on your unit that will continue to nurture you and answer questions. I was lucky my unit did. :D

There is no magic day that suddenly you know everything. You're always learning as you go, so treat it like any other day.

Good luck!


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