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  1. rebelwaclause

    New Staffing ratios

    *GASP* Ahhh-HAAAAAA! Its true! A plight against the LVN! Hahahaha....Thanks for vindication, Space!
  2. rebelwaclause

    New Staffing ratios

    ....Ahhh Ha!...you DO understand! Thanks for listening. You're alright with me!
  3. rebelwaclause

    Does your hospital have a morgue?

    We do...However it only holds two. I guess the design engineers didn't think more people could die at any given time...
  4. rebelwaclause

    New Staffing ratios

    hey spacenurse...thanks for the post. yes, i do keep myself abreast on issues by a number of articles i receive via email and by listenning/learning right here at "home" :) that is so sad about the situation between you and the traveler. but i say, know yourself - your skill level, weaknesses and strengths before accepting an assignment - or any other job for that matter. no one will be fooled when the moment of truth comes, and you're stuck in the narc room crying because you didn't say "no...i cannot do it" then again, i can't judge without walking in her shoes...so i'll hope for something better for you and her next time my views have not always been as rn "fair", i know. probably because i haven't been made to feel that my profession is respected in the industry. a knowledgable lvn is an asset to the team, not a hinderance. i know if there's a slew of iv abx's and other things out of my scope, that person may be better off assigned to an rn, based on accuity. unfortunately, fighting tooth-and-nail with rn's who make patient assignments - who assign based on "hooking up" their buddies who are coming on shift, or by getting back at me for voicing my opinion the night before is a common practice. sigh...i say sigh. acuity and patient safety fall short full circle. oh...and regarding "if you report to the rn your legal obligation is discharged."...i know you are kidding...right? my license can be snatched and probably even more so. i have heard of rn's saying they where not informed of a patients condition, and the lvn getting flogged for it. or its the lvn's fault for not fillowing up with the rn on any given patient care issue. this is when teamwork, trust and personal dedication to being up on changes and advances in nursing and your own scope comes to light. i've worked with excellent rn's and others who i wouldn't let touch me on the side of the road. same with lvn's. i've witnessed lvn's in the hospital setting get it bad for things that was clearly an rn's responsiblity, but the rn wiggled out of it, and managment pursued the lvn instead. i guess rn's are harder to come by. ...sorry.....i know that's a whole "nutha" arguement thanks again!
  5. rebelwaclause

    New Staffing ratios

    I agree with most of your statements above. But even so, The ratios are for RN's AND LVN's...Licecensed nursing staff. http://www.dhs.ca.gov/lnc/pubnotice/NTPR/R-37-01_Regulation_Text.pdf The argument I've faced is getting management to understand that we DO need more RN's on the floor when LVN's are scheduled to work. To make the ratio's work FOR BOTH RN'S AND LVN'S, there has to be adequate RN staffing. Poor decisions have been made to max LVN's with a higher ratio of patients (1:6), while RN's have lower ratio's (1:2 or 3) to accommodate lack of RN staffing. This does not resolve the ratio problem, it only makes it worse when RN's DO NOT accept the responsibility for whatever reasons and simply "sign-off" the work an LVN has done at the end of the shift. Is that really "covering" an LVN? Is that responsible patient care? By the way, regarding "Many RNs are very happy to work as a team with those LVNs whose abilities they are familiar with"... All hospitals do not "team" nurse. Mine does not. I have an individual patient assignment, with several different RN's assigned to "cover" each individual patient as the state mandates. Whether or not an RN personally likes an LVN's abilities is not an issue if that LVN is hired staff and is scheduled to work. I'm here and not going anywhere, so let's deal with it fairly. Myself personally, I'd never work in an ICU/CCU or highly specialized department because I realize my scope of practice limits me from performing certain vital, life saving tasks. I feel it is better for a patient to have a COMPETENT and skill trained RN to care for them. My opinion is I could only be a "reporter", and could potentially slow down vital patient care. Just my opinion.
  6. rebelwaclause

    New Staffing ratios

    Just an FYI...It is my understanding that LVN's are INCLUDED in the nurse-staff ratio's. Seems there has been a HUGE misunderstanding that LVN's are NOT licensed nurses, therefore LVN's ratio's can be, well, anything. DHS R-37-01 clearly states who licensed nurses are, and how ratios are applied to licensed nurses, but news articles especially California Nurses Assoc literature would lead to believe these staffing ratio's are reserved for RN's only.
  7. rebelwaclause

    sleeping staff

    ^5 Good_Queen_Bess. People who have posted saying sleepers are negligent and irresponsible are just trying to be martyrs of some sort. If my eyeball's are to be on each one of my patients the entire shift, then every nurse out there has failed. Why not ban reading, chatting to a co-worker, going to smoke (NO POSTER has touched that one yet...MAYUN...Going to the other side of the hospital to smoke and me having to find you is waaaaayyy worse than me having to nudge you to wake you up!) and eating too? What I do on my break is my business. Break = Time away from work. I guess I might add that I would not sleep at the nurses station while NOT on break. At least I try not to while occasionally nodding.
  8. rebelwaclause

    sleeping staff

    ^5. Why is this a issue? Because those who aren't doing something bad..."sleeping" for the topic of this discussion, want to feel as though they are better than those who sleep and/or just want to have something to gripe about. If I asked you to watch my patients while I took a break and went to the other side of the hospital to smoke...Would you be pissed at that? Are you pissed when I take a break? (Grrrr....Why is this even an issue?)
  9. rebelwaclause

    Low rider pants on nurses

    I'd rather have a nurse that knows what the heck she's doing in a leotard and psychedelic hip hugger scrubs than a conservatively/traditionally dressed idiot. Why split hairs over personal taste?....I could careless what he/she has on - Just know your stuff upstairs!
  10. rebelwaclause

    Public and Private Hospitals - whats best?

    Private hospitals tend to have more $loot$, more "new" stuff and more snobbery. Public hospitals are overlooked and under-funded, but have spunk and intellect because of the deficit AND dedicated people who are there. That's about it in a nutshell.
  11. rebelwaclause

    New breed of bullies!

    Every bully gets their day in hell, if they aren't already there daily anyway. Continue to stay to yourself, smile, and be cordial - unless you want to be their best friends. Then you'll have to suck up to them and be like them and leave yourself behind. Why not bake them an ex-lax chocolate cake?
  12. rebelwaclause

    Roaches are going to drive me out of home care!!!

    I'm feeling faint reading this..... I'd have to go on pysch meds to visit roach infested homes. Or be heavily sedated. Either way - I'd be fired because my charting would look like childs play. Hang in there Hoolie....!
  13. rebelwaclause

    Anyone work for Tenet Hospitals?

    When I worked there as an orderly back in 97, the major share holder and might-as-well-be owner was none other than Ross Perot. Go figure...
  14. rebelwaclause

    Night Shift And Cancer

    The links aren't working. I get an error message.
  15. rebelwaclause

    DUI's & Licensure

    (Psssst....I think this thread was started to shake-up our feathers. This Grand Puba of DUI's CANNOT be serious!)