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So do school nurses out there give use Neosporin for small cuts? Is is the same as cough drops. I understand both are medications and I thought we could not provide these with a Dr order.

Also, do school nurses give out crutches? Like if a student has a sprained/strained ankle and they need assistance to the car? We have a wheelchair to do this in the Health Office but I have another counterpart who actually lets the families take crutches and use at home and school. Its a big no-no for me unless there is a dr order for crutches.

It really is State/District specific. I do not use any type of topical antibiotic because of all the potential drug allergies. I have a standing order from our school MD for: Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Diphenhydramine HCL, TUMS (which I do not use here), and Hydrocortisone 1% ointment. We have no "equipment", so no wheelchair, crutches, etc.

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I work with a nurse (cover her building) who gives out crutches for use at school. They are to be returned at the end of the day. We have students who specifically ask for them during the day (the ultimate badge of pity?) Personally, I feel that injuries fall into two categories- 1. Those that can continue to bear weight although it doesn't feel awesome and 2. Those who cannot fully WB and need to be picked up to be checked out by a doctor. If they would fall under #2 and a parent is unable to pick them up and wants them to stay for the day despite severity then fine, crutches for ONE day. After being seen, the doctor either tells them to use them and provides them or doesn't. We decided at an admin level that it's a liability to provide them if not ordered. Right now, I'm on crutches and my co-ordination is terrible! I can definitely see the possibility of a kid who doesn't NEED them becoming more hurt because of them. Then it's my fault? Not happening.

Our standing orders include neosporin and cough drops. I'll let a student borrow crutches to get to the car, (but I'd rather wheel them out) but our policy does not allow me to give out crutches/WC without a dr order for use in the school.

Do you have policies regarding what you can and can not give? I would check there first. Our district does not use Neosporin or any type of antibiotic ointments unless provided by parent with a doctors note. I use plain ole soap and water for the most part, if unable to use soap and water we can use bactine to clean wounds.

Cough drops - we can administer if parent provides them.

Crutches - Nope...I do not have them. I have a wheelchair available if I need to get a student out to the car otherwise parents are responsible for getting their child crutches or a wheelchair if they need that during school hours.

There is a policy for us for Neosporin, cough drops, and crutches. We don't provide them. Parent has to provide them with Dr. Orders. But unfortunately, are counterparts (athletic trainers) do use Neosporin & crutches without Dr. orders. So it makes it a little difficult. Wish we both groups were delivering the same message to families lol

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I trashed ALL the crutches my predecessor left (a crazy amount of ones that looked like half were from the 70s). I have a wheelchair if LD needs to go home and having trouble getting out of office. Although, I'm elementary so parents opt to carry most.

I'll note that I am in a wealthier socioeconomic class. I probably would have kept a couple for those who couldn't afford them if needed.

I have orders for Neosporin but rarely use it. Basically only use it for cuticles that are getting puffy or something that is already starting to show the s/s of infection. Soap and water should do the trick for most school-based cuts.

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DeadSea's situation is similar to mine. No crutches. If the child is sufficiently injured that they need them, then the parents are called to take the kid home or to a medical provider. Yes, I have a wheelchair and like DS's situation, it's primarily just used for transport (moving a kid TO the clinic or FROM the clinic to the parent's car).

Never use neosporin though I've suggested that parents may wish to try that on their own.

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I use vaseline 90% of the time as opposed to any kind of antibiotic ointment.

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Rules are no medications unless signed by a parent and provided by a parent. That being said vaseline may be used on some cuts if necessary, but nothing with actual medicine in it. Cough drops are a no go also unless paperwork and provided.

We just got a wheelchair to use around the school for students who may be on crutches since our school has 2 buildings. Otherwise no equipment is given out.

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Neosporin & triple antibiotic cream has sulfa in it so some students may have an allergic reaction. Soap & water is the standard for basic first aid. No crutches - parents provide. Cough drops are just not effective.

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I have an order for neosporin, but I don't use it often unless I can confirm no sulfa allergy and wound might warrant it. Otherwise, I cleanse with alcohol and/or soap and water.

I do have an order for cough drops. I have parents sign off on my use of either.

I have crutches in my office. They have been here FOREVER. I am finally thinking of dumping them this year. I never use them, do not give them out to students. If student needs help to car, I do a two person assist or use my wheelchair. If they need crutches, they need a doctor's order and to provide them for the student. I can assist with getting them to a resource that will provide them free of charge with doctor's orders if needed.

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