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XingtheBBB has 20 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in OR, peds, PALS, ICU, camp, school.

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  1. XingtheBBB

    Neosporin, Cough Drops, & Crutches

    I work with a nurse (cover her building) who gives out crutches for use at school. They are to be returned at the end of the day. We have students who specifically ask for them during the day (the ultimate badge of pity?) Personally, I feel that injuries fall into two categories- 1. Those that can continue to bear weight although it doesn't feel awesome and 2. Those who cannot fully WB and need to be picked up to be checked out by a doctor. If they would fall under #2 and a parent is unable to pick them up and wants them to stay for the day despite severity then fine, crutches for ONE day. After being seen, the doctor either tells them to use them and provides them or doesn't. We decided at an admin level that it's a liability to provide them if not ordered. Right now, I'm on crutches and my co-ordination is terrible! I can definitely see the possibility of a kid who doesn't NEED them becoming more hurt because of them. Then it's my fault? Not happening.
  2. XingtheBBB

    Summer conference suggestions, please?

    Penn State Hershey has one in the end of June with several peds tracks.
  3. XingtheBBB

    End of the year new entrants

    I had a senior student transfer to another high school. The request from the new school nurse for his records arrived was the day after our seniors completed their last day of finals, the day before their grades were due. Are you kidding me? The new school runs two weeks longer.
  4. XingtheBBB

    School Nurse Emergency Course

    Mostly concussions and seizures/ r/o new seizure. My most unexpected was a TIA. It was in the first week or two of school and because of our switch to a new computer program (instead of health cards) we were not aware that the child had a dx of AVM over the summer. In the HS, its ODs, fainting disorders (POTS), and mental health emergencies.
  5. XingtheBBB

    Allergy Concerns

    We have one student with these precautions except for the mask, and from what I've gathered one parent does keep the child in a bubble at home but the other parent takes the child out to restaurants that are not allergy safe when that parent is out of town- risks I would not take with that kid but I'm glad that the child gets some exposure to the real world and learning how to be as safe as practical there!
  6. XingtheBBB

    C'Mon Now!

    I used to use a big chunky diaper pin through my daughter's laces. We had duckies, crayons, and plain colors with locking heads.
  7. XingtheBBB

    College campus RNs?

    Often, they function like a Drs office with some ready care hours. Usually there is a provider and then an office staff- MA's/LPN's, RN for triage, organizing screenings, some direct care. Depending on the clinic. Sometimes they do more ready-care services like Xrays. Usually they do phlebotomy. I think an RN with your background is helpful. There is STD counseling and screening, pregnancy testing, pregnancy counseling, and you may be needed to do some monitoring along with a students OB- weight, BP, etc.
  8. XingtheBBB

    A little Smile for your day

    That reminds me of a kid who said "I have an inhaler but I haven't needed it in about 10 years!" But Sweetie... you're 6.
  9. XingtheBBB

    Lead poisoning!

    OK, lets assume for a moment that at some point (haha) in the history of pencils, they contained lead in the writing core... Do they not know the first thing about how lead poisoning works? What rock do they live under? I'm honestly obnoxious enough that I would put a collection box in my office, addressed to the Flint Water Fund, and make them donate $5 every time they insist on being ignorant.
  10. XingtheBBB

    PA school nurses?

    You'll have to take post-BSN coursework in school nursing to be certified. Otherwise you can work as an aide, not as a school nurse. Several PA school offer the course.
  11. XingtheBBB

    Staff Shots?

    Ugh. I'll give allergy shots to staff at camp because they have to be onsite pretty much 24/6 and should not be wasting their 2 hours a day or Saturday off trying to get into the Dr office but it's rude that it was assumed you'd give shots and she declined teaching for that reason!
  12. XingtheBBB

    Standardized test time

    I usually just have them hold their nose with pressure. Ice if we need to. Afrin would be great if it was a frequent offender although one of our frequent nosebleed kids does great with just saline gel. It wasn't a crazy bleed worthy of any packing but in the 10 minutes that the kid was here (including the time to wipe his face and wash his hands) I got three panicked reminders that there is a test today and I need to hurry.
  13. XingtheBBB

    Standardized test time

    Does anyone know how to make nosebleeds stop faster when it's standardized test time and students are supposed to be participating so the whole class is waiting for them to return? Because, apparently, I'm supposed to?
  14. XingtheBBB

    Camp Nurse?

    It likely either reflects their ability to plan and implement an orientation program or just a mismatch of job and nurse. There are hundreds of specialites and sub-specialties, it's not one job fits most. I saw that you posted in a New Jersey forum. If you happen to have a passion for the LGBT+ community, I can point you towards my camp held in PA, HQ in NYC. It's a one week, 2 nurses onsite all the time.
  15. XingtheBBB

    what's your favorite...

    I give in to power naps, too! Their schedules are a bit crazy. Why go to class and zone out if a pick-me-up helps. And the lack of long stories detailing questionable symptoms is refreshing!
  16. XingtheBBB

    what's your favorite...

    I actually have some band aids at home that say "tiny unicorns will kiss you better"