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Well here's the deal......I was asked to speak to a group of headstart kids about being a nurse. Its in about two weeks, they are having a community helpers day. It will be me, a doc, a cop, etc. The kids are 3-5 yo!! I just don't know what to tell to such little ones. I figure I will talk germs and show them how to wash hands.

Any suggestions yall!!

Thanks :kiss


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Many moons ago I went to a elementary school career day for this exact thing. Had to do things for kindergarten, first grade, fourth and fifth grade. Had to "wing" it!

For that age group with the very short attention spans, I'd recommend talking about germs. Might help to bring something visual, like a germy looking stuffed animal to illustrate how to "wash" them away. I used some brightly colored bandaids to pass out to teach them that nurses help them to feel better. Ask them what bandaids are for. The five year olds were absolutely amazed to be able to find their pulses in their wrists and listen to each other's hearts with a stethescope (bring a cheapie one and stuff to clean the ear pieces - you wouldn't believe how much ear wax kids have at that age!!)

If I think of some more, I'll come back!


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at this age, i would let them be directly involved as possible. let us know how it goes.

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Misti - you are going to have so much fun with them :).

I agree - let them listen and find stuff on themselves. It's amazing how concrete little kids are - that kind of thing blows them away.

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One time I volunteered at the Teddy Bear Clinic, the little kids loved to hear their heart beat, bring extra stethoscopes if you can and plenty of alcohol wipes to clean them. Have fun!!!


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I did a presentation like that at my son's preschool when I was in nursing school. It was my community health project.

We read a book ("I Know Hot To Fight Germs" by Kate Rowan) and used something I believe was called GloGerm. The kids could rub it in their hands, then wash. It laft a "germ" residue that could be seen under a black light. Very cool effect for showing them how long they need to wash their hands.

When their hands were clean, they got a sucker :D



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It's simple. Bring "tools of your trade" a clean stethoscope, jackets to try on, tongue blades that you hold FOR creative. Let them touch and try the things you bring. At 3 that is the most fun way to get it across. They LOVE to listen to each others' heartbeats and breathsounds and try on the uniforms. I have done this for my kids' classes and they loved it. have FUN with this; it's a great age group. just remember their attention spans are about 1 the "toys" to play with! Good luck.


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Here's the link for the GloGerm copany. They even have their own books and worksheets.




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Hi Misti,

Check with your ER to see if they can spare some coloring books. Many ERs have coloring books that are educational regarding visits to the hospital. It might be a good parting gift, otherwise they may want to go right to the coloring.



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Give them all a shot!

Isn't it booster time anyway?



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Originally posted by Rustyhammer

Give them all a shot!

Isn't it booster time anyway?


:chuckle You are so bad! :lol2:


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We had to go to a grade school and do a presentation. We did proper hand-washing and supplied them all with toothbrushes and little toothpastes. One of the dentists here in town gave us those pink tablets that you chew after brushing to see what a crappy job you did.

They loved it!


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