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  1. cbs3143

    This is my first time here

    Hi Gracie :) Welcome to Allnurses. Chuck
  2. cbs3143

    2 Nurses needed???

    There are reasons for these policies. Part of being a "good and competent" nurse is not being afraid to ask a co-worker to double check you, especially with medication doses. If a hospital has a policy that a nurse doesn't feel is worth following, and something bad happens, they'd better hold onto their a$$ because it's going to get rough. My facility used to require a double check of Heparin doses, and still does require double-checking of insulin doses. We often ask another nurse to double check other drug calculations. It is not a sign of being incompetent, it is a sign of caring, making sure you get the correct dose for your patients. I have double checked other nurses when they've had a question or felt uncomfortable with a dose calculation, and they have double checked me. It's just good nursing care. Chuck
  3. cbs3143

    Hello To All

    Welcome JENZEL75 :) If I may make a suggestion, your posts will be more readable if you do not type in all capital letters. Use all capital letters only to emphasize important words. Typing in all capitals is the equivalent to shouting online. You may want to read the FAQ (frequently asked questions) section of the bulletin board to get acclimated easier. Again, welcome to the board and we look forward to getting to know you better. Chuck
  4. cbs3143

    This is a very good forum

    Hi John, Always room for one more :) Welcome aboard. Chuck
  5. cbs3143

    woooo HOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!

    :D Congratulations jnette! :nurse: Chuck
  6. cbs3143

    Double entendres

    Thanks ayemmeff, I've seen some similar double entendres. :rotfl: Chuck
  7. cbs3143

    Positive thoughts needed for my brother!

    Kathy, Sorry to hear that your brother has been having problems. Post-op infections do unfortunately occur, even with "good" surgeons. Warm thoughts headed your way and to your brother. I hope that he has a speedy and complete recovery. And don't worry about any jargon problems. I think that we try to speak as normally as possible here. The posters who use a lot of medical terminology and jargon make me wonder, "who are you trying to impress?" If there's ever any question as to what a term means, just ask and it'll get answered. Chuck
  8. MIL was an LPN for many years and went back to school when an ADN program opened up, graduating in their first class. My wife and I graduated one year later from a diploma program. My youngest brother and his wife graduated from the same diploma program. They met and married during school. My SIL is an LPN. We've worked in a variety of settings from med-surg, psych, OB, ER, ICU, and home health. Holiday dinners can get interesting, at least for those who aren't working at the time :) Chuck
  9. cbs3143

    I need an online nurse!!

    You can PM me too if you'd like. Student from nursing schools and high schools would sometimes come to the ER to ask me if they could interview a male nurse. I think that personal interviews are generally more beneficial for the student, but they may also be more intimidating. Chuck
  10. cbs3143

    Hello to all...

    Welcome to the board HerEyes73, You didn't mention whether there was any pitting with palpation or whether it was firm to the touch. That would help determine if it is a fluid collection or a tumor, lipoma or whatever. I'm not familiar with CSF leaks, but would suspect one that large would have postural headaches asociated with it. Jus t a thought. As I said, I'm not a neuro nurse. It'll be interesting to hear what the physician thinks. Looking forward to meeting you on the board. Chuck
  11. cbs3143

    If you worked while in school, what did you do?

    Hey RNLou, not to change the subject, but how are you doing these days? Still under house arrest? Uncle Sam helped me through school with the GI Bill. He paid for my schooling, plus gave me $140 a month. I did work at a meat-packing plant between school years, and worked as an orderly in a local ER during my senior year. My wife and I were attending school together, and also took out loans to pay for her tuition and our living expenses. I also joined the national guard. Chuck
  12. Hmmmm......so that's how it happened. Thanks Karen, there's more than a grain of truth in that one. Chuck
  13. cbs3143

    how is your aim?

    Hanging my head in shame, only 46,692. It's a good thing that I've never been "chemically enhanced" like on the game:D Second try was 57,646, but I think I've done enough damage in there. Chuck
  14. cbs3143

    Family friend gone-transplant rejection

    {{{{{{{{Sally}}}}}}}} So sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family as well as your friend's son. Chuck
  15. cbs3143

    Duke's Letter About the Transplant Error

    Thank you Melinda for posting this here. Yes, in this case it is too late to prevent any problems, but this facility and hopefully all other transplanting facilities will be more cognizant of the safeties and doublechecks to prevent errors of this type. There have been, and continue to be, instances of medical and nursing errors throughout the medical community. These errors and complications are becoming less common, and continuing vigilance and dilligence with regard to following established policies and procedures will continue to prevent tragedies like this. I applaud Duke's courage and integrity to address this matter in such a public forum. Was this type of introspection publicized when the neurosurgeon operated on the wrong side of the brain several years ago? Or when wrong legs have been amputated. Think of the changes in your facilities in response to these incidents. Yes, it was a big screwup, but lets fix the system and do our best to make sure that it doesn't happen again. We owe that to our patients and to each other. Chuck
  16. cbs3143

    another newbie here

    Welcome Brian, It's nice to meet you Looking forward to reading some posts from you. Chuck