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first of all to god and jesus christ be the glory!

lots of thanks to this site, the staff, ujones and lilkrngrl

now my story:

self review for both tests

i sat my first rn exam last june and failed with the maximum number of questions. (265)

i prepared for a month using one book (saunders comprehensive 3rd edition). i also just did the saunders cd and took 100 items per each sitting which i had scored 73/100 most of the time.

after which i have to read the chapters of the book. i felt like i needed to rush and finish it before my exam date. i wanted to reschedule the test but i needed to pass asap since i needed to work as soon as possible. (life's pressures + bad economy)

i received the fail letter along with the reapplication forms a week later and i was devastated.

i spent a week thinking and sometimes even crying uncontrollably, i was thinking of how dumb or stupid i was, i was experiencing anhedonia and did not even want to go out the house and forced myself to study and pass. i realized that blaming yourself wouldn't do good or change the result of the test. so i started to read another book cover to cover (davis nclex rn success).

since i am not working, i was studying for 5 hours a day. bought the prio book by la charity, plus made a compilation of my notes, everytime i got a question wrong i would write the ratio in my notes, plus reread my notes a week before my test. i finished the prio book in 2 weeks.

the whole time i was focusing on the part where i scored below passing and made it my strongest asset. i also got mosby's pharma memory notecards which helped me a lot for meds. also, the davis book had a good format for reviewing meds.

i answered 100 questions per/day for about a month + ratio using prentice hall comprehensive (hogan).

a week before my test.

i was planning to answer my kaplan qtrainers 1-7 but i only managed to finish 1-5.

my scores were:

qt 1- 76%

qt 2- 80%

qt 3- 64%

qt 4- 59%

qt 5- 53%

i got frustrated after seeing the decline and just decided to do 265 items from prentice hall. (got 69% out of 265)

before going to sleep i would also take a peek on my meds and my normal labs.

the night before my test i can't sleep so i put on my earphones and listened to songs that would pump me up for the morning. i slept for a good 6 hours and woke up early to make myself breakfast. i played "lead me lord" on the way to the testing center.

prayed before i started my test and prepared myself to go another 265 items. to my surprise the screen turned blue after 75. i felt good after my test.

just found out today thru quick results that i passed.

i know it's hard to fail the first time or even another, but keep on trying and studying and eventually reach your goal. stay away from negative vibes and pray.

+one, bsn, rn

books that i used:

illustrated study guide for nclex rn exam 6th ed (zerwekh)

davis nclex rn success 2nd ed (lagerquist) finished

saunders comprehensive review for nclex rn 3rd ed (silvestri) finished

mosby's pharmacology memory note cards (zerwekh) finished

prioritization, delegation & assignment (la charity) finished


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Such an encouraging post.

Like I said before, Congratulations!

Angel love

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Congratulations God is good :D


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Congratulations! Job well done!


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thanks guys :)

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:ancong!: god is good!!! you should be extremely proud of yourself*wine. I wish you the best of luck in your nursing career!!!!!


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Thanks 4 sharing your SUCCESS story with us!

Congratulations! once again


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congrats! :yeah:


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CONGRATS!!!!!!! Why didnt you tell me you PASSED!!!! I am so glad I could help!!!:dncgcpd::dncgcpd::dncgcpd::dncgcpd:

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