Nclex Tomorrow


Hey everybody!! Tomorrow is the big day!! In less than 24 hours I will be sitting for the NCLEX! I really cant describe the way that I am feeling right now......I have been studying since I graduated June 20......I have answered and read a ton of questions from my exam cram book and disk, NCLEX PN 3500, and reviewed back over the ATI'S that we had to do in school. I have also read the study guide floating around on here several times. I feel like I am prepared but then again I dont.

All I know is that I am ready and I am claiming success in Jesus name!!

Tomorrow starts the beginning of a new chapter for me!! I will let yall know what happens!

Say a prayer for me you guys!!


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Goodluck, can you tell me how to get the study guide, i really need it thanks.


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in the search bar enter nclex study should pull up a link.

Good Luck!

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Best of luck to you! I know you will do great. Let us know how it goes and what you thought. Hugs!


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Good luck sweetly. Go rock this test!


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Mwillis3 be confident and believe in yourself! you can do this! I will pray for you!


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I will be thinking very positive thoughts for you. Best of luck. You've got this!


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Good luck!


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I just finished! 130 questions with the good pop up! I hope it didn't stop working today!!!