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  1. Jmsimpson10

    Does CCBC ATB have a spring option?

    Yes they have spring and fall
  2. Jmsimpson10

    Any job suggestions

    I'm a new Lpn lookin for job in md ! Help
  3. Jmsimpson10

    Passed 3rd time after graduating 4 yrs ago

    Oh & I waited a whole week cause delaware doesn't do quick results && I had to call cause my thing said pending . Come to find out they needed a new license , they still had the one from before I turned 21 😩
  4. Jmsimpson10

    Passed 3rd time after graduating 4 yrs ago

    Hello all ! I'll try to keep this short & sweet : ) . I read so many inspiring post , I hope I inspire someone : ). I graduated my Lpn program 2010 in high school yes at 18 yrs . I first took my boards 2011 then again 2012 failing them , not even knowing what the test was talking about . After talking to one of my nurses at my job , she encouraged me to try again , she had did Lpn , Rn , then BSN , wl kids ! So I knew I could . I tried soooo many things , hurst , Kaplan qbank , prepu 5000, Saunders , ati virtual ( honestly not much help Frm ati ) and I hired a wonderful tutor. What I think help me the most was my tutor , Kaplan ,prep u & some hurst . Honestly I didn't do questions daily , but I did what I could while working 64 hours biweekly & at times I had class ( going for BSN ) darn I got wordy 😩 sorry lol . Anywho , PRAYER WORKS. Idc what no one said if I didn't pray id be studying for attempt 4 . Oh & my test shut off 85-86 ( stop looking after 82 ) . I found out by looking on Delaware board of nursing , to all those who wanna give up , DONT , you can do anything you set your mind to, sometimes it cost to be the boss lol
  5. Jmsimpson10

    Passed nclex pn 5 years after graduating

    OMG yay ! Go you ! I hope my story is like yours! Waiting for my results , graduated 2010 , failed twice , hope 3rd time is a charm 😊
  6. Jmsimpson10

    Question about Bon

    Oh gosh . Thank you !
  7. Jmsimpson10

    is there anyone failed nclex-pn with 85 questions only?

    Hey , FYI , there's a new pvt trick
  8. Jmsimpson10

    Question about Bon

    When you name shows up on your states page you passed ? I mean if makes sense , I know they prolly wouldn't put inactive next to my name , just wondering before I get happy
  9. Jmsimpson10

    Encouragement for if you failed the NCLEX

    : ) thank you times a trillion for your post . I test the 27th after failing twice , I pray & study , pray & study . Your post touched my heart && made me feel wayyyy better . Thanks
  10. Jmsimpson10

    Coppin State University transfer student

    I understand that each school transcript should be sent, however are those GPAs calculated into your gpa for admission? Are only schools you attended calculated. For example i took classes at a community college as a visiting student.
  11. Jmsimpson10


    How many got questions on children milestones
  12. Jmsimpson10

    I've passed the NCLEX-RN and you can too!

    Awww congrats , you made me feel confident : )
  13. Jmsimpson10

    Unsure if I passed

    Hope you did too ! Think positive !
  14. Jmsimpson10

    Nclex Tomorrow

    Best wishes !
  15. Jmsimpson10

    Took the NCLEX twice, passed the second time;)

    Congrats , your inspirational
  16. Jmsimpson10

    Anyone , ATI tutor

    For anyone who did ati tutor ? Who was your tutor and how did you do