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  1. Mwillis3

    D&D Nclex Review

    Hey Djays!! I was just stopping to say hi and I hope every thing is going good for you!! --When you feel like you've done all you can, YOU JUST STAND!!í ½í¸Š
  2. Mwillis3

    Nclex Tomorrow

    Congrats medlove!!!
  3. Mwillis3

    Nclex Tomorrow

    Medlove I watched movies all day....i had to get my thoughts together....I didnt do any questions!
  4. Mwillis3

    Nclex Tomorrow

    I passed!!! Thanks for all the encouragement!!
  5. Mwillis3

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    The pvt is alive and well!!!
  6. Mwillis3

    Today I took the NCLEX PN...

  7. Mwillis3

    Just took the NCLEX today...

    I feel the same way.....I did get the good pop up but I will be relieved when I see he official results.
  8. Mwillis3

    Today I took the NCLEX PN...

    Congrats! I received the good pop us also! Now it the waiting game for the official results!
  9. Mwillis3

    Nclex Tomorrow

    The questions were long with 4 choices. The drag and drops were easy....like steps to follow during catheterization and the drugs did have both names.
  10. Mwillis3

    Nclex Tomorrow

    DJAYS It was the PN.....I must say if was hard to me...I had 130 questions with about 20 sata, 3 drag and drops, and 3 pictures. Basically when I came to a topic that I didnt know about, I read the answers and picked the one that KEPT THE PATIENT SAFE and related to what was being asked in the stem! Now its the dreaded waiting game of the official results. I pray the PVC trick worked for me!! This site was a blessing to me....and DJAYS, when i first came to this site....your post from a couple years ago gave me plenty of information...Lol...I am thinking they were posts from where i graduated...
  11. Mwillis3

    Nclex Tomorrow

    I just finished! 130 questions with the good pop up! I hope it didn't stop working today!!!
  12. Mwillis3

    Nclex Tomorrow

    in the search bar enter nclex study guide.....it should pull up a link.
  13. Mwillis3

    Nclex Tomorrow

    Hey everybody!! Tomorrow is the big day!! In less than 24 hours I will be sitting for the NCLEX! I really cant describe the way that I am feeling right now......I have been studying since I graduated June 20......I have answered and read a ton of questions from my exam cram book and disk, NCLEX PN 3500, and reviewed back over the ATI'S that we had to do in school. I have also read the study guide floating around on here several times. I feel like I am prepared but then again I dont. All I know is that I am ready and I am claiming success in Jesus name!! Tomorrow starts the beginning of a new chapter for me!! I will let yall know what happens! Say a prayer for me you guys!!
  14. Mwillis3

    Virginia college lpn program concerns

    I know a couple of ladies who ate getting ready to take their NCLEX in a few days that graduated from there in March.
  15. Mwillis3

    Problems with Prioritization Concept

    I saw on a post to look at it like which patient will die first if the nurse does not intervene.....Does anyone think that this concept will work?