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Mwillis3's Latest Activity

  1. Mwillis3

    D&D Nclex Review

    Hey Djays!! I was just stopping to say hi and I hope every thing is going good for you!! --When you feel like you've done all you can, YOU JUST STAND!!í ½í¸Š
  2. Mwillis3

    Virtual ATI Comprehensive Predictor for NCLEX

    My school is also big on ATI. I took the 2011 predictor and got 96% and 92% on the 2014 predictor.....But i know that i still have to study.... I paln on using ATI also. Congratulations!!
  3. Mwillis3

    How Many people did your program start out with?

    We started on aug 19 with 30.......hopefully we all will be graduating in June 2014!!
  4. Mwillis3

    First week what you may want to prepare for!

    ^^^^^^what she said!! Good luck!
  5. Mwillis3

    Start lpn school monday! July8

    Congrats!! I start in August too!! {AUGUST 19} I think it's the best birthday gift ever!!!
  6. Mwillis3

    Officially Excepted!!!

    Class starts Aug 19(my birthday)!!!!! What a wonderful gif!!! All praises to the man up above!! He is definitely WORTHY!!
  7. Mwillis3

    Congratulations! you've been accepted

    I just had orientation at Holmes!! Congrats to you!!
  8. Mwillis3

    Roll Call 2013?

    Mary (mom of 4, wife, shift leader @ BK Lpn Holmes Community College August 19, 2013 (my bday!!) 3 semesters Graduation: June 2014 Anxious, nervous but ready to get started!! Good luck everyone!!!
  9. Mwillis3

    Holmes LPN Entrance Exam Question!

    @jg24 hello. I have a question. What should we expect during orientation?
  10. Sorry to hear that. I recieved my acceptance lettter Monday.
  11. Mwillis3

    Officially Excepted!!!

    Congrats! I got accepted to Holmes in Goodman!