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  1. Proton

    Study tips for microbiology?

    I found that my anxiety stemmed from not feeling prepared. I found that I was much more calm when I felt I knew the material well. I am all for study groups. It has helped me to test my knowledge whenever I had to explain to someone else. The user who mentioned office hours and tutoring was absolutely right. Sometimes the tutors have taken the course with the same professor and can help you narrow down your focus. If your professor sees you're making an effort to work on your grade maybe they would be willing to provide a study guide to the class? I also mark allllllll over the test/exam underlining and circling to make sure I understand the question. I give myself 30 seconds to a minute depending on the time we have allotted and then I star it and move on if I have an unable to answer. I don't want to feel overwhelmed or trigger anxiety.
  2. Proton


    These are all valid questions as they will help you to determine if the workload has the potential to be overwhelming. In addition, will you be working while completing these courses?
  3. Proton

    I finally quit smoking!

    I'm not a smoker, but I am a family member of someone who has had lots of difficulty in doing so. Just wanted to extend a congratulations and sounds like you're kicking butt this year! [emoji322][emoji119]
  4. Proton

    Skeletal system

    Yes, I'm so appreciative of that! I'll be utilizing them quite soon. I'm sure it will help me to achieve similar success!
  5. This thread may offer some insight: https://allnurses.com/pre-nursing-student/not-working-during-997480.html
  6. @erpeters19! I ended up receiving your original message and responded -- were you able to receive that one? If not I can re-write here!
  7. You can search "4 Your CNA" in google or YouTube. These videos were quite helpful! Different states have slightly different skills testing, try to get the Pearson Vue Manual (often available in PDF), from your BON! Good Luck!
  8. Proton

    Nursing Prerequisites

    This is absolutely correct. There are a few schools I am hoping to apply to, each required slightly different pre-requisites. It was important (to me) to be in the position to apply to all. So I spoke to admissions counsellors, academic advisors and head of departments to figure out the best course of action. It's better to do your research and hear straight from the horses mouth, than to guess.
  9. Proton

    14 year old boy wants to become a nurse(my story)

    Hi there! Not a male or a nurse (yet), but saw your post. I have to say that it's wonderful you are excited about this profession. My only advice is to keep your grades up. It's a competitive field , in general. So strive for academic success. Use your summers to make your application more rounded. Maybe find hospital volunteer positions or take a CNA course (you'll have to find out the age requirements for your state -- some high schools offer it as an option). Good luck! Maybe you'll help pave the way for other, potential, male nurses!
  10. Proton

    CNA classes

    I also had a workbook during my class. We completed it at home -- it didn't count toward anything points wise, but it was pretty close to the questions on our daily test.
  11. Proton

    I Love Night Shift

    I am a 2nd shift worker but I have been working a lot of doubles. Night shift is pretty awesome -- lot's team work and I have learned a lot from the nurses. I think every shift has it's ups and downs, but night shift is great for the introverted.
  12. Proton

    WWI / WW2 Nursing dress

    I also saw one on eBay if you search WWII U.S Cadet Nurse Corps.
  13. Proton

    WWI / WW2 Nursing dress

    Hi there, this is a long blog but found it searching for 'Call the Midwife' WWII era: Just Another Crafting Blog: DRESS-OF-THE-DAY 9: Nurse Uniform (via Call The Midwife)
  14. Proton

    only guy in my class

    There was one male in my class but at my current place of employment, there are about 7 male CNA's just on my floor and a male RN. It's a pretty even ratio.
  15. Proton

    Being a CNA in Chicago/suburbs

    This advice may be rubbish, as I'm not too familiar with the cost of living and wages in the Chicago area. I do think that if this is a priority to you and your boyfriend, it's possible. You'll have to take a serious look at your finances and be realistic about what you can and can't afford. Start by making a list of your bills and find out what you'll need to make collectively to stay up to date with payments and then add in cost of living, groceries, gas or public transportation passes. Maybe his school will offer a discount on public transportation. http://www.indeed.com/salary/q-CNA-l-Chicago,-IL.html Good luck! Sounds exciting
  16. Proton


    Hi there, I would suggest checking your states rules and regulations for becoming a CNA. It's possible that you will only need to take the prometric test again. But there's a chance too much time has passed between completing your state approved course -- in this case you may have to begin another program. Some LTC facilities will hire you as a 'nurse aide' without a certification and may either train you there and pay for your exam. Again, you'll have to check your states website for approved programs.

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