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  1. dbrenda1510

    How I passed the NCLEX

    Congratulations Franku. You are very much needed in a private group of nclex registers. We could really use your helpful hints and insight. Message me and I will give you additional information and web address. Thanks
  2. dbrenda1510


    I'd like to know what study plan worked for you. I've just fail my 4th time and don't know what's next. Doodle.rn@gmail.com ty
  3. dbrenda1510

    So I couldn't take it anymore and I did PVT

    I want do the pvt with the visa gift card but what do I put in when the form asks for the name on the card? There is no name on it. HELP please.
  4. dbrenda1510

    Passed nclex with 197 questions 2014

    I am Testing in just a few days and want you to know you are an inspiration! Congrats to you!
  5. dbrenda1510

    Help i'm anxious , sob...(nclex in 2 days)

    You are going to pass tomorrow. Rest, relax and trust that God and you are in this together. Believe in yourself. You are already a RN you just need the NCLEX to be marked PASSED so you can work in the USA. I will send prayers up for you. Good luck.
  6. dbrenda1510

    NCBSN prorgam any idea?

    So sorry you didn't succeed the second time but love that you have a positive attitude and are back to work on passing NCLEX #3!!! I test Thursday. Please say a prayer for me. Hold off buying any more review materials. I have so many and I will...
  7. dbrenda1510

    Nclex exams: My experience

    If it took your payment you probably didn't pass. I'm sorry.
  8. dbrenda1510

    Feel like I'm forgetting everything :(

    What about a study group or study buddy? I have taken the NCLEX multiple times as well and like you, studying this time has been very difficult. I am thinking I could benefit from the perspective of another using Skype 2 to 3 times a week for hour st...
  9. dbrenda1510

    Need help with HOW not "what" to study

    hmahdoui if you took Strategy 1 and/or 2 the SATA is a workshop just like those are. You can go to the website (Nurse Project NCLEX) and look up the calendar for October. It lists the dates and times of each workshop offered for the month. She also h...
  10. dbrenda1510

    Need help with HOW not "what" to study

    hmahdoui It is a social media group listed under nurseprojectnclex.com Or you can websearch Joan Palmeri and it will bring it up as well. She also has another site called "NCLEX" and it is ONLY NCLEX questions and answers posted by individual...
  11. dbrenda1510

    Need help with HOW not "what" to study

    Thank you nic1118 and congrats on passing the NCLEX. I have exactly one month to study before testing for a 4th time. I'm determined to make it this time and be working as a RN before Thanksgiving! Thank you for your well wishes, recommendations an...
  12. dbrenda1510

    Need help with HOW not "what" to study

    Choua, There is a Nurse website called Nurse Project ran by Joan Palmeri (you can look her up on the web) that is a great resource. Email Joan as ask her to allow you to become a member. You can then access the nursing site via facebook. When you go ...
  13. dbrenda1510

    NCLEX anxiety really bad. I want to cry.

    romioust, I am so very sorry. I know it's depressing and heartbreaking. Take some time to grieve and regroup, just don't give up. You will become a RN it's just going to be a little bit later than you wanted. God has a plan for each of us. It will ha...
  14. dbrenda1510

    NCLEX anxiety really bad. I want to cry.

    I will be taking it a 4th time on 11/06. With the Lord's help it will be the test I pass and become a RN. I am pouring everything I have into passing it this time. It is going to happen. This time it's my time! :)
  15. dbrenda1510

    NCLEX anxiety really bad. I want to cry.

    If you can afford it, go get a massage. You could just meditate for a little bit and visualize your new name plate with RN following your name. You know this stuff. You cannot but two years of knowledge into a 4 or 5 week study session. You know it....