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  1. dbrenda1510

    How I passed the NCLEX

    Congratulations Franku. You are very much needed in a private group of nclex registers. We could really use your helpful hints and insight. Message me and I will give you additional information and web address. Thanks
  2. dbrenda1510


    I'd like to know what study plan worked for you. I've just fail my 4th time and don't know what's next. Doodle.rn@gmail.com ty
  3. dbrenda1510

    So I couldn't take it anymore and I did PVT

    I want do the pvt with the visa gift card but what do I put in when the form asks for the name on the card? There is no name on it. HELP please.
  4. dbrenda1510

    Passed nclex with 197 questions 2014

    I am Testing in just a few days and want you to know you are an inspiration! Congrats to you!
  5. dbrenda1510

    Help i'm anxious , sob...(nclex in 2 days)

    You are going to pass tomorrow. Rest, relax and trust that God and you are in this together. Believe in yourself. You are already a RN you just need the NCLEX to be marked PASSED so you can work in the USA. I will send prayers up for you. Good luck.
  6. dbrenda1510

    NCBSN prorgam any idea?

    So sorry you didn't succeed the second time but love that you have a positive attitude and are back to work on passing NCLEX #3!!! I test Thursday. Please say a prayer for me. Hold off buying any more review materials. I have so many and I will share what I have with you. Email me, I messaged you with my email address. You are going to be a RN. It will happen!
  7. dbrenda1510

    Nclex exams: My experience

    If it took your payment you probably didn't pass. I'm sorry.
  8. dbrenda1510

    Average Review Scores Please

    Congrats, very happy you passed and to hear about your experience with Prep U. I am also using it and getting 8.0 mastery level on exams.
  9. dbrenda1510

    Feel like I'm forgetting everything :(

    kuki.rn I don't have a study session or study group. I tried to get one started but only a few people began and dropped out shortly after. There is a group on FB called Nurses that I really recommend. The creator/admin is Joan Palmeria does online workgroups that are very helpful. You don't have to take a certain amount either. If you only need one you only buy one. Each one is 90 minutes long. I test for the 4th time soon and I believe I am going to pass this time because of the workshops she has provided and because of the group's encouragement and caring. If you would like to join send me an email and I will send you the information. It is a secret group so you must be invited to join. Good luck on studying.
  10. dbrenda1510

    7th Time NCLEX Taker- Finally Passed

    Tutoring was with Annaliese Garrison at Caring4You.net. You can also set group tutoring by others that is less expensive. I loved Caring4You but to be honest, she uses so many different methods/references that it is overwhelming. For me, simplier is better. Check out others and pick the one that is best for the way you learn. There is also a great website that is free for 2 weeks. It's called PrepU from Lippincott. It grades the same as NCLEX so you can do a 265 question test and once its graded you can calculate where your weak spots are and then put more study time in those. Good luck! I test for the 4th time in early Dec. Hoping I get it right this time!
  11. dbrenda1510

    Free lippinicott access

    Do the free 2 weeks of lippincott PrepU. If nothing else it helps build your confidence up before testing the NCLEX. it's the one company product worth the price...Lol..free!!
  12. dbrenda1510

    Near passing Means?

    They should post a graph and show where we ended and where it would of been if it was passing. We should all team up and ask for official calculations data and a key card to read it.
  13. dbrenda1510

    7th Time NCLEX Taker- Finally Passed

    I am very happy you achieved success and are now the RN you dreamed of being! Your story is similar to my own. I graduated in 2013 and have since taken the NCLEX RN 3 times. I feel I am better prepared this time than the other 3 because I have come to realize it's not going to kill me if I fail the test. It does not alter who I am in any way. It only means I will have to repeat the test. I have done Hurst, Kaplan, LaCharity PDA, Lippincott... and so many others. I also had 4 sessions with Ms. Garrison and I have been saying one of the 2 prayers you listed. My 4th test is coming up in a few weeks. I believe this time I am passing. From others who have passed, including yourself, I am hearing that one must believe in yourself and have faith in your knowledge and in God's guidance. I have that this time. I'm glad you didn't give up. You are going to be one super fine RN and help many people. God bless you as you go on your journey and please continue to share your story. It is one many need to hear.
  14. dbrenda1510

    My schedule for next 3weeks

    I did not do the HELP session but I did the other 3. She has also started a group for those of us who have been unsuccessful on previous tests. It's just started so we will see how it goes. If you are interested just email Joan and ask her about it. I admire you for sticking to a study plan. Some days I just can't make myself study very long at all. I think I am very close to burnout. That is one reason Joan recommends just doing questions for the last month before retesting. I wish I had Kaplan to do the q trainer exams but I do have several books online that I am using instead. Stay in-touch.
  15. dbrenda1510

    My schedule for next 3weeks

    Yes that is right. Two 90minute sessions per day including rationales. It was difficult not to reach for a book today but I did it. I don't know if I will have enough online q' s to last until I test next month.
  16. dbrenda1510

    My schedule for next 3weeks

    I had one of Joans workshops today. She advised 1 month prior to testing (only applies to multi testers) pack up all study books and only do questions until your test. Do two 90minute sessions a day. Eat well, exercise at least 30 minutes a day, get enough sleep. Visualize yourself as a RN. Own it. Believe it. Speak it and the universe will help it manifest. (Sounds good but I trust on God and prayer more than universe). My new motto is HAVE FAITH NOT FEAR. It is just a test and we will pass it.