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  1. mollysaunt

    student nurse jobs in psych

    Hi Everyone, I am interested in pursuing a student nurse job on a psych unit. Do psych units typically hire student nurses? I am seeing positions for mental health associates, but not student nurse/CNA/tech positions on psych units. The upshot is...
  2. Great advice about not getting nervous. One of the nurses at clinical suggested to be confident with patients/nurses/techs/residents/doctors, etc even as a student because as soon as you don't some people will pick up on it and run with it in a poss...
  3. mollysaunt

    L'Shana Tova

    Happy New Year!
  4. Wow, everyone, thanks for all of your amazing advice and anecdotes about caring for physicians. Definitely reduced my anxiety going into the experience. As you all predicted, I had a great experience working with the physician-patient. He expressed...
  5. Great point. That would be wonderful.
  6. Here I go again with my pre-clinical jitters. . . Today I went in to my site to look up info on my patient only to find out that he is a physician. I am on the third day of my first real clinical so, of course, I am still pretty clueless. This gent...
  7. Thanks so much for the tips.. again, the support on allnurses is so helpful!